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I'm not sure how much interest there is in this

This belly section is a great success. Though I wonder if there would be a armpit section?
This belly section is a great success. Though I wonder if there would be a armpit section?

At this point probably not, because I'm about the only person posting in the feet and belly sections, aside from the occasional random post. If there was an active community of people sharing armpit pictures already in the non-tickling images subforum, I'd definitely give them a home here, but I don't want to be the driving force behind it because I'm already carrying two barely-thriving subs.
I honestly and personally prefer this forum over any forum that is related to feet, though it would be nice if more plus sized models' bellies were shown, but that is all I can say. Not much into celeb. culture (specifically these ones), but I'll take what I get
hopefully this thread/forum keeps up
To be fair, I’m happy to contribute to both sections if they’re stagnating a little
Does this forum apply strictly American celebrities? Only because I have entire albums of Japanese actresses who are somewhat known in this country. lol
I honestly prefer this over the foot ones. I need to be a daily visitor. Wish there was more body types other than thin, though. As a plus size person, I enjoy seeing some representation for the plus size community
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