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"Just One A, Please?" - a Tales of Symphonia fanfic


TMF Master
Jun 13, 2003
This was supposed to be the sequel to Colette's Wake-Up Call, but I decided to change it into a prequel to the events of the game altogether, seeing as how this fits more within that timeline. That and it's more focused on Raine Sage than anyone else. Enjoy!

This story can also be found on my dA account.

"No means no, Lloyd. I'm not changing your grade, and that's final."

"Oh c'mon Raine! I really need this A or my dad will kill me!"

"Not until you earn it. Now go!"

Another day, another failed test for Lloyd Irving. He didn't get a chance to study last night due to helping his dad gather firewood, and because of it he completely failed his test. He knew his father would be ticked to hear about this, but what other choice did he have? He couldn't go to another school, since that would require moving to a completely different town, and that's way too far a distance from Iselia. Not to mention he's already made so many friends here. He was running out of options, and rather quickly.

"Hey Lloyd!" said a young boy about half Lloyd's size as he came out of the school. The boy had gray spiky hair, kind of resembling a wild bush, however this hairstyle was just a family trait, as he just so happens to be the teacher's young brother. "How'd you do on the test?"

Lloyd merely sighed. "Not so good, Genis.. I got a 30 out of 100."

"Man…" Genis said in reaction, "That's a harsh grade to give, even if it's from my sister… You sure that's right?"

"Quite positive.."

"Lemme see." Genis quickly snatched Lloyd's test and compared it to his own. As he was checking, he happened to notice something quite out of place. "Wait a minute…" he said, "Half of these answers are supposed to be right!"

"Huh? Really?"

"Yeah! Why she marked them as wrong for you and not me, I have no idea… She might've been in a rush or something.."

This made Lloyd quite steamed. He was very sure he had failed the test like he usually does. However, hearing from Genis, his best friend and also one of the best students in the class, say his test was graded wrong REALLY got on his nerves.

"Okay, that's the last straw!" Lloyd exclaimed, "It's one thing when I get wrong answers, but it's a complete different story when I get the right answers and they're somehow still wrong!"

"Agreed.." said Genis, as his brain began to tick, "and I think I have an idea on how to get her back for it…"

Meanwhile, inside of the school, Raine Sage was busy packing up her things as she sighed. "This whole week has been quite a hassle…" she said to herself, "All these parent-teacher conferences, not to mention the student's break week coming up.. I'm just glad I managed to get those tests graded quickly…" As she was getting ready to leave however…

"Hold on, sis!" Genis suddenly yelled as he and Lloyd came through the door, "I think you made a mistake on Lloyd's test!" Raine merely blinked in disbelief, and eventually shook her head. "That can be hardly true."

"No no, it IS true! Look!"

Genis gave the paper to her as she took a glance over it. "Hmmm…..I don't see anything out of place here…"

"So why did you grade mine so high for? It's not because I'm your brother, is it?"

"Don't be silly, of course not!" Raine exclaimed, a tad worried. This was the first time Genis brought something up about Lloyd's doing. 'Did I really make a mistake? Could I have graded his paper wrong?' she thought to herself, '…no, I couldn't have. I checked every test twice for mistakes.'

"Siiiiiis, this isn't really fair! What do we have to do to make you see our way?!"

Raine merely sighed. "Not a thing… I don't need evidence to know what I have done was right."

"Professor!" Lloyd exclaimed, "At LEAST give him a chance to show you!"

"I'm sorry, I just can't do that!" she replied, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some parents to talk to." She grabbed her bags and soon had left out of the building. Lloyd was left speechless while Genis merely grumbled. He knew this wasn't the first time his sister became stubborn about things.

"Lloyd," Genis began, grabbing his friend's attention, "meet me back at my house tonight. There's no way I'm gonna let this go."


Later that night, at least for Raine, it was just another peaceful night. The moonlight shined through her window, as she was already dressed in her fully-clothed sleep wear, she plopped into the bed quite exhausted, knowing she would have to do the same thing tomorrow. She simply looked down at her bare feet and sighed. Her feet were about a size 6.5, a very light tan skin tone to them, and an added sky blue toenail polish just to make herself look more lively than usual. The cool air made them, and her, rather cold as she wiggled her toes and scrunched in reaction, so she covered herself up with blankets on her bed to keep her warm and layed down onto her pillow. She didn't have to worry about Genis going to bed, since she knew he was a smart kid and would hit the hay the first chance he could. It didn't take long for the professor to drift off to dreamland. The night was rather peaceful….

At least, so far.

Genis, on the other hand, was right outside their home waiting on his friend to show up. Soon enough, he appeared plain as day since it's quite hard to miss his red outfit.

"Sorry." Lloyd said, "I had to make up something to tell my dad why I was leaving so late. So why did you want me to meet you at your house?"

Genis merely chuckled. "Because, I have an idea on how to convince my sister to give you a better grade than you deserve."

"Then…what is it?"

"Now, I don't wanna hurt my sis, but I do want to fix this. So, I got the idea that, if we can convince Raine when she's the most vulnerable, then I'm sure she'll change your grade!"

"Aaand how do we do that?"

Lloyd's friend simply smiled. "Well, I know what drives her REALLY crazy… We tickle her!"

Lloyd was awkwardly silent about his plan. 'Tickle her? Really, Genis? That's the best idea you had?' he thought to himself.

"Well," Genis started, "unless you have a better diplomatic way to do it, then we'll go with my idea. You DO wanna fix your test score, don't you?"

Lloyd sighed. Raine has been pretty stubborn lately, so what other choice did they have?

"…Alright, let's do this already."

Genis smiled. "That's more like it!" In truth, Genis didn't really care about Lloyd's test score. He just wanted an excuse to pull off this little playful prank on his sister. He knew how ticklish she was just about anywhere, but Raine's feet were by far THE worst spot. "Ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be, Genis."

Raine tossed and turned in her bed, the mattress beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. Soon, she couldn't move at all; a rather unnatural action to be doing while sleeping. It didn't take her long to wake up with a sudden startle. She really couldn't move at all!

"Wha-what the?! What's going on?"

She tried to move her arms and legs, but movement was darn near impossible…but why? It didn't take long for Raine to put the puzzle pieces together.

"GENIS, release me out of this spell at once!"

Ducked beside the bed, Genis came up beside her with a veerrrrry playful smirk. "Lloyd," he said, "you can come out too, you know? YOU'RE the reason we're doing this."

"Doing what?" Raine asked as another one of her students came up beside the other side of the bed. Lloyd was rather nervous at this point; he didn't expect Genis to actually use a paralysis spell on her own sister. That kind of attack takes quite a while to recover from, ranging from a couple hours or a couple days. Raine was just even more furious at this. "What is the meaning of this?!"

"Sis," her brother started, "we tried to tell you that you made a mistake on Lloyd's test. Since you wouldn't listen, we had to come up with a way to MAKE you listen."

"Make me listen? Genis, are you saying you have a problem with how I grade?"

"No, I'm just asking you to fix your mistake! Why does this have to be so complicated?"

"I made no mistake, now take this spell off of me NOW!"

Unfortunately for Raine, while she was quite skilled in the art of white magic, she wasn't able to use any of her healing spells without grasping her staff, which happened to be at the other side of the room beside her door.

Genis merely sighed. "Lloyd, this way." He led Lloyd to the edge of the bed.

"Ge-Genis? What are you doing?"

He lifted the covers off of the edge there to reveal Raine's light tan bare feet. The cool air rushed past them as they wiggled in reaction. Like before, Raine quickly put together the puzzle.

"GENIS, NO! Don't you dare!" His sister began to struggle to no avail. "Would you like to start, Lloyd?" Genis asked.

Lloyd merely nodded. If he was ever gonna get a good grade in the class, what other choice did he have? He leaned down and simply stroked a finger up Raine's pale sole.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!" If Raine could move, she'd curl up in a ball right now. Genis couldn't help but smile in triumph as his little scheme came together.

"…wow…I think the professor might be more ticklish than Colette!" he said. "Well then," his friend responded, "what are you waiting for? Have at it!"

Raine's eyes widened in fear. "No no! Please no! I-I'll change the grade! Just let me loose and I'll do it! I swear!"

"Don't listen to her, Lloyd!" Genis said, "She only wants out so that she can kick us out hard! You gotta be more convincing than that!"

Lloyd nodded in agreement. It'd take more than a simple stroke on her feet to make Raine agree with him. So, he quickly began to scribble his fingers up and down the Professor's pale feet.

"YEEEEEEEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAH!! NOOHOHOOOHOHOHOOHOH STAHAHAHAHAP!!" Raine's laughter could've been echoed throughout all of Iselia if not for that closed window of hers. Lloyd's method continued for quite a bit, with Raine becoming nothing more than a laughing banshee. Genis, however, was the one most happy. He knew that dark elves have much more sensitive skin than a normal human does, which made this the perfect prank for his sister.

After a couple minutes of foot tickles, Lloyd finally stopped to let Raine have a break, something the white-haired woman was killing for right about now. "So will you look at my test now?" Lloyd asked. Raine merely sunk into the bed sheets and blushed in embarrassment. She may not have control of her body, but at least her head could still move. If word got out about this, her teaching career can be kissed goodbye!

"All this just for a mere grade on a test?" Raine said suddenly, "Mmm…perhaps I COULD have made a little bit of a mistake.."

"We'll let you fix it," Genis started, "but only if I get to tickle my big sis!"

"No way!"

"Ohh?" Genis soon said with a smirk. "Oh geez…" Lloyd merely took a seat as the little brother stepped up to take on his big sister.

"Genis, get away from my feet! NOW! Do it and I'll ground you for a MONTH!" It was obvious Genis wasn't listening to his sister's threats as he went straight to work on scribbling up and down Raine's feet. Raine was howling in ticklish laughter as her feet wiggled all about trying to avoid her brother's tickling fingers. Unfortunately for Raine, she couldn't do much to defend herself as the spell held her in place, completely vulnerable to Genis's tickle assault on her feet. Tears leaked out from her face as she begged and pleaded for her brother to stop, but this only encouraged him to go for her toes.

As soon as he did however,

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOHOHOOH!!!!!" Raine immediately kicked free, throwing the bed sheets off her bed, and curled up into a ball. The spell had finally worn off and she had movement restored to her body. "I'll fix your grade Lloyd, just stop tickling me!"

Lloyd finally had a smile on his face as Raine soon took the test. Sure enough, after she regained her cool, she did a double check… "It looks like I was in quite a rush.." Raine remarked, "I completely made mistakes all over this test." She looked at the duo of Lloyd and Genis with a smile. "Lloyd, please do accept my humble apology for grading this incorrectly."

He merely nodded happily. Finally, a good grade to show to his dad! This day ended quite well! "Lloyd," Raine suddenly said, "would you care to go on home now? It IS the weekend tomorrow, and I'd hate for you to be tired on such a time." Lloyd realized this and soon said his goodbyes as he darted straight for home, with the fixed test in hand.

"And as for you, Mister Tickler," Raine said, hinting at Genis. Genis gulped when she mentioned this; he knew he was in deep trouble. "I think a little revenge is in order."


Raine smiled playfully as he tackled her little brother and began to squeeze at his sides gently, causing him to tumble over and burst into fits of giggles.


"Coochie coochie cooo!"


Back at a small house, Lloyd came back inside of it.

"Dad, I'm home!"

Soon, a bearded dwarf walks into the room. "Ahh, Lloyd, good to see you made it home okay. Colette's upstairs waiting for you."

"Colette? When did she come over?"

"About an hour or so after you left. She's been rather patient."

"Ok, thanks Dad! By the way, I passed my test!" Lloyd rushed upstairs quickly to his room, taking off his heavy red jacket and such before entering. Just as his dad had told him, there was Colette, sitting ontop of his bed with a bright smile on her face as she was looking at all the things on his bedroom wall.

"C-Colette?!" Lloyd said in shock, "What are you doing here?"

The girl simply looked back with a pleasant smile. "Oh, hi Lloyd. I was wondering when you would come." She couldn't help but let out a giggle, making Lloyd blush a little.

"What's…what's up?" It was quite obvious Lloyd was quite shocked seeing her in here, as he usually doesn't have many people come in his room, especially Colette.

"Well," she began, "remember that time in school where you got me in trouble when you tickled my foot?"

Lloyd blushed. He did remember that, since it just happened last week. He didn't mean to get Colette into trouble, but that moment was still a tempting one, since her sweet and adorable-looking foot was dangling her sandals the entire class. I mean, how could anyone not resist that?


"Well," she started, "why get me if I can't get you back?"


Colette suddenly tackled Lloyd playfully and began to tickle his exposed stomach. However, even in his fit of giggles, Lloyd was always a fighter by heart, so he began to tickle her back by going for her sides.

The two giggled and laughed for quite some time. The perfect way to end a rather bad day.
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Awesome story! I do enoy reading that. :D
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