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New F Lee for Hire

Hey, so I was going to send you a private message basically thanking you for what you said and agreeing with you 100%, but I guess you disabled the ability for people to private message you. Or they have to be your friend on here i guess.No big deal. I'll just write what I was going to say in a message.

I am SO glad you said something. Believe it or not, I actually basically wrote the EXACT same message on the 1st page except it was longer and more in depth and probably a little bit more critical/nasty. However, I felt kinda bad and didn't want to sound like a huge dick. Figured people were going to jump down my throat and insult me for "attacking" a new member, so I deleted what I wrote and changed my comment, which you can still find on the 1st page.

But yeah, I agree 100%. She refuses to reveal the city she in in, but demands that we pay for her airfare, room and board, take her out to dinner, etc. No pictures, no preview videos, nothing. I mean, she hasn't built up a reputation in the tickle community. For all anyone knows, she may not even be that ticklish. I mean, that's a REALLY BIG and ballsy ask for a brand new to the scene ticklee. Especially when there are so many other tickle models out there that are straightforward with their information. Everything with her is a mystery until she's ready for you to know.

I did basically PM her a message saying this as well. That if any type of negotiations or meet up was going to happen, I would need to see some pictures first and get a little more information. I refuse to see someone I will be tickling for the first time in person. I want to know what they look like beforehand. And if she demands I pay for her flight, she better tell me what city I am flying her from as well. Flights can be really expensive today.

Honestly, I don't think any of it matters anyway. She hasn't been online in over a year and has little to no posts. Possibly a troll account. Definitely not someone who is serious about tickling. Another stain on this "once great" forum...

THANK YOU. And yes, I disabled private messaging as soon as I signed up again to prevent harassment lol.
I've contributed to costs for sessions before but never too much. Shares in an apartment or hotel room etc.
OP is gone and “nobody cares”, yet men are still bumping the thread to show their interest. Curious.

Perhaps more things have changed since the last time I was here; back when I first joined at age 18, most people in my DMs demanded face pics before even saying hello.

I think you look pretty in your signature picture, even without a head...

And I doubt anyone seriously considered taking her up on the offer after finding out her prices and everything people had to pay for..
Sorry if this comes across as petty, but I’d like to address the elephant in the room.

OP has no photos, presumably no modelling experience, and is not willing to partake in shoots. She’s asking for $700 upfront, with all these contracts and convoluted packages, and everyone’s just… okay with it? Nobody’s laughed her out of the room? Nobody even has questions?

Weird behaviour from the tickle community. I don’t want to hear any complaints about my hypothetical £50 rate ever again.

Amen! Glad someone said it. Been reading this thread from the beginning and just been shaking my head :paddle:
Not to bump this thread again, but...

Honestly this account is most likely a burner / troll account anyway either screwing around with the community or seeing what they can get away with. First of all, idk who said the account has been around for a year because it was created in April, they made 3 quick posts back to back about being a lurker and having sessions, and then hasn't been on since. Extremely suspicious. Chances are that we will most likely never see this particular account log on every again not will anyone ever hear from them. I would not be surprised though if the owner is still around using a different account to follow this thread and creep.
Hello everyone! I've been lurking for years, but now I'm ready to put myself out there. I hope we can all get along.

Welcome to the forum. You'll love it here. I hope there are many tickles in your future.
Are you by any chance in the mid Atlantic US?
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