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NEW VIDEO! Delicious Miss Valdez Tickled By Two In The Stocks! Featuring Jezebel Lee!


TMF Novice
Oct 31, 2022
Hi, Tickle Fans!!

Another brilliant tickling video brought to you by THE TICKLE CONTEST!! CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW BELOW!

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Ladies & Gentlemen! The DMV has returned once AGAIN! But this time, it's not one pair of hands on her........but TWO! Yes, this video also features the awesome JEZEBEL LEE, who joins in on the action! Delicious Miss Valdez is placed in the stocks and clearly by her screams, you can tell that she wishes she hadn't! Watch as KAYDEE The Tickle Devil and JEZEBEL LEE tickle the hell out of The DMV's toe tied feet and armpits! The brushes and the gloves also make an appearance! If you're a tickle fan, you're going to absolutely love this one!!
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