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Shrima Long Toe & Thumb Cuff Mishap Please Help Me Free my Big Toe! With Foot Abuse


TMF Expert
Aug 1, 2010
Shrima Long Toe & Thumb Cuff Mishap Please Help Me Free my Big Toe! With Foot Abuse

One Bare Foot Clip: - Shrima Long Toe & Thumb Cuff Mishap Please Help Me Free my Big Toe! With Foot Abuse and Foot Play - http://www.clips4sale.com/store/14183/cid23e5019e6e88498d36c8c6ce97

Shrima Long Toe & Thumb Cuff Mishap Please Help Me Liberate my Toe! With Foot Abuse and Foot Play
(English) While doing a magic trick for her neice Shrima stupidly got her big toe stuck in a toe cuff. She hobbles into the bemused doctor's office on a crutch wanting her to extract her finger and toe from the toe cuff. The Doctor can't believe the stupidity she is seeing but proceeds to the most common sense solution, oiling up Shrima's imrpisoned finger and big toe with some particularly greasy substance and trying to free them. The problem is Shrima has been in this situation for some days trying to do this on her own and her poor digits are swollen. Every time the doctor tries to extract her digits she screams in pain. Finally the doctor manages to liberate Shrima's finger from the thumb cuff but still cannot get her toe out. Shrima begs and pleades with her to release her toe so she can wear a regular shoe again, but every time the doctor tries she squeals in pain. Finally The exasperated Doctor has had just about enough of this and is getting frustrated herself. Finally despite all of Shrima's begging and pleading she gives up and tells Shrima she's in a 100% better position then when she came in with both finger and toe cuffed. Now it's only her toe that's cuffed and she'll need to hobble around dealing with it for awhile. Shrima is devastated but there is nothing she can do but hobble out, her long toes sticking out of her half shoe with visible metal cuff still dangling from her big toe!

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