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Silent Silk


TMF Poster
Oct 6, 2016
The cold halls of the facility were completely silent, only the sound of guards footsteps could be heard as they patrolled the sterile, white hallways, defending the headquarters of The Guild of Thieves, an international purveyor of stolen goods. Due to the nature of their business, would be intuders were dealt with swiftly in various creative ways. Their afluent clientelle purchasing high end valueable goods from artifacts to jewels that were almost always of dubious origin. They enjoyed record profits in the past year, allowing for a vast expansion of their facilities, employing sophistocated security systems to ensure absolute secrecy.

Scoping out the facility from afar through a pair of state of the art binoculars was a beautiful pale skinned, auburn haired young woman known only by the codename Silent Silk, clad in a tight black zip up onsie and thick soled, knee high boots, this world class infiltration specialist and thief was gifted with a very particular set of skills.

Silent Silk was a fairly new member of the Guild of Thieves, having just earned her membership card, but was already well respected amongst them. However, members stealing from each other, or the organization as a whole was not only expected, it was encouraged! After all, if you're good enough to steal it, then it's rightfully yours! This was a rule that all members swore to abide by.

There wasn't a fortress on the planet that Silk couldn't infiltrate, no security system she couldn't bypass, and nothing valueable that was safe when she set out on a job, and her nickname wasn't just a flashy moniker, Silk truly was silent. After assessing an entry point, like an air vent or laundry chute, but before truly entering her target location, Silent Silk was famous for one thing: removing her boots. Her special advantage and edge as a master thief being her bare feet.

Technological leaps in secutity tech over the years had led to the adoption of the AudiTech security system. Extremely sophisticated, and even more expensive, this system could discern between sounds, the sound of speech, the steps of the regulation boots the guards were made to wear, and the steps of any boots that weren't theirs, immediately sounding the alarms should an intruder be detected. Due to this, most thieves were unable to penetrate the defenses of The Guild, being quickly apprehended. But Silent Silk was no average thief.

Silent Silk had very special feet, at 5'3" her feet were a large size 10 wide, their broad surface area in comparison to her small frame allowing for dispersed impact of her steps, reducing noise. In addition, her soles and toes were exceedingly plump, often being described as looking overstuffed and pillowy, but this cushioning made for further sound dampening, even when moving at a quick pace. This allowed her to silently prance through hallways and almost effortlessly sneak up on unsuspecting targets, many guards stating the last thing they remember seeing before losing consciousness was a set of pale, pristinely pedicured toes putting them in a sleeper hold.

Right outside the facility, with her back to the south wall, causing a pleasant view of her ample chest, (not that she would ever get spotted) Silk moved toward her determined entry point. Being careful to slip past the spotlights, she gracefully made her way to an unlocked air vent. Slipping inside, the vent had little room for manuevering, but she would manage. Reaching the end of the vent, she ran into her first real obstacle, a sophistocated lock to prevent facility entry through the vent. "I bet they think they thought of everything" Silk thought to herself with a sly smirk of her pink lips. She examined the combination lock, a Vent Defender 4000 she determined, easy enough, but odd that it was on the inner side of the vent as opposed to outside as usual for maintenence workers.

It was time, Silent Silk unzipped her boots, placing them to the side, leaving her feet bare aside from the fabric of the stirrups of her onesie. A beautiful, dark red pedicure adorned her sizeable snow white toes, but despite their size, they were quite dextrous, with their extreme sensitivity allowing her to be a master of unlocking. Silent Silk was able to feel the slight shifts of the lock as she did her work and after mere moments, the lock popped open, "Thank youu!" She thought as she happily flutted her toes with a sassy, satisfied smile.

She was in! Silk hopped out of the vent and onto the floor, almost letting out a soft yelp as her sensitive bare soles made contact with the unexpectedly chilly tile. She covered her mouth to stifle her surprised reaction, the first close call of this job, and a rare near slip up for her. She took a moment to mentally compose herself before moving on.

Having studied the building layout through some ill-gotten blueprints, she knew exactly where to go, and being true to her name, she began sneaking through the corridoors. As she made her way through, she carefully avoided detection by the guards, hiding behind vending machines and around corners. Hearing an approaching guard, Silk laid in wait for the perfect moment to strike. The guard, turning the corner, only got a brief glimpse of Silk before she had already taken him down to the floor.

Caught in her signature sleeper hold, the guard struggled as Silent Silk's feet were tightly wrapped around his face, causing him to lose consciousness. After passing out, she dragged him to the nearest broom closet as not to alert the other guards, rolling her eyes at the large tent in the man's pants as she did.

Silk progressed further through, determined to make it to the showroom, the area that displayed all of the Guild's most valuable, high profile trophies. The Guild would frequently host showroom parties to flaunt their stolen accomplishments, cheekily daring anyone to try to steal them. And it was at one of these parties where Silk spotted the artifacts that she simply HAD to have for herself, the Golden Rings of Amazonia!

These were 3 golden toe rings said to have been the royal jewelry of Amazonian queens, with a magical enchantment that caused them to glow when the wearer wiggled their toes! When Silk saw them at the Thieves Guild showcase party weeks before she knew she had to have them and immediately began plans to pull off her greatest heist to date. She had to have them, she had to wear them and enjoy watching them glow. They had a hold on her, they had to be hers.

Coming back to the present, Silk finally found herself at the door of the showroom. She tested the doorknob only to find the door locked. "Unsurprising" she thought to herself with a wry grin. Silk pulled out her lockpick kit, placing each one in between her toes. Lying on her back, she set to picking the lock with her feet, again using their sensitivity to expertly make short work of the lock. "Got it!" She thought to herself as the lock gave way, and she hopped to her feet, putting her lockpicks away for the time being.

Silk slowly opened the door and moved into the ornate showroom, which was dimly lit due to not currently being in use. Being designed to host parties, the room was beautifully adorned with wood walls and a plushy, comfortable carpet, a welcome change from the sterile, cold tiles on her soles. She tiptoed her way to the display case that housed the rings, removing her glass cutting laser from her utility belt and using it to carve a small circle in the glass, juuust big enough to reach through. The rings were displayed on a large mannequin foot, roughly the size of her own. "Good" she silently thought to herself "Juuust my size". Greed filled her beautiful blue eyes as she plucked the rings from their display. Now in posession of her prizes, she smiled triumphantly.

Silk began to make her way toward the door to make her discreet escape. She had all but won. The Golden Rings of Amazonia were hers, and at the next showcase party, she would wear them in combination with her sexiest sandals to reaaally rub it in to the Guild. But that would have to wait, plenty of time to admire the rings once she got home. But as Silk made her way to the exit, a strange urge came over her, they were just so... precious. "One quick look couldn't hurt, I could even wear them as I leave! It's the perfect ending to the perfect crime!" She once again silently thought. She sat down and placed the rings on her toes, each one fitting perfectly! Standing back up to see how they looked, she fluttered her toes happily. The rings illuminated with a beautifully magical golden glow as she did so, making her excitement swell to uncontrollable levels, in her giddiness at the sight she let out a high pitched excited giggle that echoed off the walls of the showroom. Oops!

The next thing Silk heard was a loud alarm, followed by the sound of heavy locks bolting shut. The door in front of her slammed closed and metal shudders dropped, followed by the hiss of gas being released into the room through the vents. "Oh no!" Silk audibly shouted this time as she frantically looked for a way out! Her head already beginning to swim from the sleeping gas being released into the showroom. Silk had to think fast, she had slipped up, and bad. Her greedy giggle alerted the AudiTech sound system and now the entire facility was on lockdown! Her eyes scanned the room, looking for any path out, but she was well and truly trapped. Her eyelids grew heavy, and she could no longer stand up. As she descended to the floor, the last blurry image she saw was a pair of legs in high heels approaching her.

And then everything went black.

Hours later, Silk began to open her eyes, still groggy from the sedation. Almost immediately, looking at the ceiling, she noticed she was still in the showroom! She attempted to move, but quickly found she was completely mummified in leather bondage and strapped down from her neck to her ankles, a strap on her forehead made turning her head from side to side impossible. From what she could see by simply moving her eyes, she appeared to be strapped down in a long, narrow box that ended at her ankles. She attempted to cry out, but the large, black ballgag in her mouth ensured that she would be quite silent, true to her codename. Her big blue eyes began to frantically dart around looking for an explanation.

Suddenly, from her periphery, someone came into view, someone she recognized. Her long time rival and frienemy, Talen-Talon, codenamed so for her talented talons. She was a thief who could pick locks using only her perfectly manicured nails, which were specially done up for that very purpose. "Hiya Silkyyyy" she cooed playfully. "What might you have been doing here after hours?" Silent Silk attempted to respond with muffled cries into her gag, she knew she was in trouble. Talen continued, "Biig surprise that the thief who's always fussing over her biig bare feet wanted to steal the Golden Rings of Amazonia! Girl could you BE any more predictable?" Silk let out a whimper in response. "I saw the look in your eye when you saw them at the last showcase party. So I gave the Guild a heads up!" Silent Silk's eyes widened as she realized she had been set up! She knew this was too easy!

"And you ignored eeevery little red flag along the way, didn't you? BOOP* Talen said as she placed her finger on Silk's nose and giggled." So, we had a great idea, a compromise, if you will. The Golden Rings of Amazonia only light up magically when they're on a pair of wiggling, human toes, so... Displaying them on those fake mannequin feet was a big ol' waste, nobody could see 'em glow!" Silk was getting more worried, and tried to wag her feet, only to find that they wouldn't budge an inch! Unbeknownst to her, a small metal bar was placed in front of her feet across the balls, making any movement aside from wiggling her toes impossible!

Talen smiled wickedly seeing her rival in such distress. "You want the Gooolden Rings of Amazonia? They're all yours! In fact you've got 'em on right now!" Silk's sizeable toes went into a flurry of fluttering and the rings began to glow in response, not that she could see it. Her feet were on the other side of the box, and it's not like she could crane her neck up even if she wanted. Talen continued to tease. "I bet you wanted to wear them to the next showcase party to stick it to us. Well you're in luck, the gang's all here!" Slowly, the lights in the showcase room brightened and several well dressed partygoing Guild members came into view, waving and laughing at her.

"Anyway, I think you've figured out the NEW way we want to display the rings!" Silk curled her dark red painted toes in panic as she put 2 and 2 together. "You're actually in a drawer, which I'm about to sliiide into this wall! Once I do, your big beautiful tootsies will make the loveliest wall decorations! Silk let out a muffled scream as her baby blues pleaded with her captors, tears streaming down her cheeks. "That way, if anyone wants to see 'em glow, all they have to do is skitter their fingies aaall along the baaare bottoms of your big beautiful feetsies! Anyway sweetie, the parties starting, I wish you all the best in your new foot modeling career, I'm sure you'll have a lotta LAUGHS!"

With that she cackled as she slid the drawer into the wall, turning the lock to fix it in place. Silent Silk's feet stuck helplessly out of the wall, immobile, being displayed as the Guild's newest trophy. Talen smirked to the crowd "How about a little test run?" And with that she began spidering the pointed tips of her bright red talon nails across the soles of her rival. Silk's toes went crazy, desperately wiggling as much as they could as the golden toe rings began to magically glow, much to the approval of the spectating guests. Inside the wall Silk laughed and snickered, cackled and guffawed, tittered, tee heed and hee hawed. Drool dripping down the lower half of her face as she uncontrollably and beautifully smiled behind her gag.

As she sat in the darkness, guest after guest would give her bare soles a scribble here, a squiggle there, sometimes a jolt, and sometimes for minutes on end! Unable to focus, unable to think as whichever part of her brain was responsible for that was being mercilessly overpowered by the part of her brain being assaulted by the sensations on her defensless bare soles. Meanwhile, on the other end, the guests were provided an array of different sized feathers and paintbrushes to vary things up. The thick paintbrushes were agreed upon to be what was making the tender tootsies suffer the most.

Her once greatest asset had now become her greatest weakness! as well as a topic of ridicule amongst the guests, the ladies snickered at their size, using the thick paintbrush on them while chanting "FAT TOES FAT TOES" and remarking that with her flashy dark red pedicure, she must have been fishing for this attention! The men discreetly adjusting themselves while witnessing the scene. Talen approached again, skipping over while singing and gleefully and wiggling her fingers in the air. "Whatcha gonna do with these big bare feet? TICKLETICKLETICKLE!" and with lightning speed skittered her pointed nails all across her soles! Some of the guests even swore they could hear her muffled howling from inside the wall this time, although most just enjoyed hearing the pleasant skritching sound the nails made all across the large sensitive canvases, fully aware of the effect it was having on the recipient. The guests marveled at the beautiful golden glow of the Golden Rings of Amazonia, oohing and aahing at their beauty.

By this point, Silent Silk's plump, pillowy soles and toes were positively glowing pink! Some of the guests even joking that they were glowing brighter than the rings! Silk, being driven positively crazy, could only hope that they'd get bored of their new display. That is if she were even capeable of forming a coherent thought. Talen took a break as she left the guests to their fun. It was 8:30pm, and the showcase party was scheduled until well past 2am. Well deserved in her opinion. She strolled over and picked up Silk's Guild membership card from her personal effects, looking at her rival's smugly smirking mugshot on the ID, and with a smug smirk herself, she ripped it in half and threw it away.

The End
What a fun story with lots of spins on the old tickle interrogation tropes. Love your descriptions and even how fun this premise was.
this is so creative! i love the set up and the anticipation... great story!!
This was good! I like the set up. I like the descriptions. I could picture Silk padding around on her BIG bare feet until she finally gets caught. I think she needs to return and perhaps get some revenge on Talen. After all, Silk has to regain her reputation and what better way than to humiliate Talen in return?
This was good! I like the set up. I like the descriptions. I could picture Silk padding around on her BIG bare feet until she finally gets caught. I think she needs to return and perhaps get some revenge on Talen. After all, Silk has to regain her reputation and what better way than to humiliate Talen in return?
She's a bit busy with her new modeling job haha
Its not badly written (you are a talented writer, don't get me wrong), but its not a story I'm interested in. Other people are and that's okay. I'm just not into bare feet, plump feet, or being gagged.
Last edited:
Absolutely love this. Such confinement and sole tickles = overwhelming torment 👌
Absolutely loved that. So well written and described. If you're not a pro writer then you should be.
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