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SilverCherry's "The Tickling Giantess"


Registered User
Dec 9, 2006

I've bought this clip with no hesitation because it seemed to me a great idea of tickling clip. That's one of my biggest fantasies. A tiny ticklish girl tickle tortured by a big wicked woman.

But when i had watched the clip, i understood why nothing in the description of the clip was written about the ticklishness of the girl and was it ticklish or not for her. That was the problem with this clip.

The tiny girl Brandy seems to enjoy and like what that big gal did with her, but that does nothing with tickle torture. I was disappointed and i am sorry that the GREAT idea was implemented so poorly. :sadcry:

I have an advice to SilverCherry: please make the clip with the same idea (the same tickler for example, or even bigger) and with insanely ticklish girl that don't wiggle and struggle because of the weight of the big woman on her rather than because she is ticklish slightly. If you do so i will LOVE again all that you are doing and will stop complaining! :bubble:

I really hope you read this.
I once had the rare opportunity to work with Amazon Amanda(the tickling giantess herself)on a photo shoot for her site(which was about being trampled by her large heels),for we did have a tickle fight during a break,and she is quite the tickler(and the ticklee),for she is a very cool and very fun lady to hang out with. :cool2: :cool2: :2poke: :bump:
I have no complaints against the tickler. As i've said, she is the exact tickler from one of my fantasies. Just find a good ticklee!))
Do a google search on Bunny Glamazon tickling. She has a video out where she tickles a petite woman.
By the way, i didn't want to be rude to tickletortureclips. I still liked the clip, mainly because of the tickler ). The tickee is ticklish, but not as much as i dreamed of. But still nice. And if there appeared any similar clips i would buy them too. Big tickler VS tiny ticklee is awesome. Keep up with good clips that's what these posts are all about. ;)
Looking for Bunny Tickling clips.. they took most down from Clips 4 Sales.
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