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Store review - "Japanese Tickling" (Studio 254759 on Clips4sale) is TERRIBLE.

Tickle Lover 1

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Jun 18, 2024

Unfortunately I'm going to have to give this store a really bad review.

First off, I think their l-shaped bondage rack is the single best bondage contraption I've ever seen in a tickling video. It's like the rack from TickleAbuse and the floor rack from Frenchtickling had a perfect baby - Which makes it all the more irritating that their videos are so terrible.

I've bought around ~10 of their clips between their Fantia store (https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/227040) and their clips4sale store (https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/254759/japanese-tickling), and only 2 of them featured genuinely ticklish girls. The clips on Fantia don't come with preview clips so I was buying based on the bondage, the pictures, the beauty of the model, and in some cases, the number of lers. Good lord was that a mistake.

Most of the girls aren't ticklish whatsoever and even if they are, the lers have no f*cking clue how to tickle. Like literally none. They barely touch them. It's more like a rub-down than anything. I know Asian productions are usually awful because of how robotic everything always is, but this was another level of bad. They really seem to lack the creativity and general know-how that makes a video good. I even bought a clip that featured 3 lers because I figured not even they could screw that up, but somehow it still managed to disappoint immensely.

Most of the girls aren't ticklish. The lers can't tickle to save their lives. There is no dynamic between the lee and the ler and the girls all look like they're in genuine distress while they fake laugh their way through the video.

I'd also like to mention that they over charge their videos by showing 2-3 different angles of the same footage - so 12 minutes of 'tickling' (if we're even going to call it that) becomes a 24 or 36 minute clip, and they jack up the price - not by double, but the end price is significantly higher than the Clips4sale norm of $1 per minute - so maybe clip with 12 minutes of tickling but 2 angles of the same footage (24 minutes) costs $19.99 instead of $12.99).

Jacking up the price of their clips is one thing, but I'm more displeased by the choice in models and how bad the tickling is than anything. I wouldn't even mind paying more if their clips were actually worth it. But they're not . At all. They tend to choose completely non-ticklish women - quantity over quality I guess. Finding an actual ticklish model in that store is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have never been so disappointed in tickling content ever.

Lastly, they don't ever use female lers - just the same collection of clueless men who look like they're touching a woman for the first time in their lives. Terrible. Just terrible.

If you decide to roll the dice and buy their content then good luck, but also don't be shocked if your review echos mine.

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