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Submission Anklet - part 4: A System (Many/Many, sexual)


TMF Poster
Jul 30, 2006
First part here:
Second part here (especially advised to understand what is going on):
Third part here:


The Alice that stood at Amanda’s door step could no longer recognize herself. From a quiet girl she was transformed to a lust maddened slut, ready to be tickled, ashamed of herself, yet wishing to break and tickle others. She didn’t recall how long ago the anklet forbade her from cuming anymore, commanding her to go to her mistress. It didn’t matter. Nor did it matter how she was cooked in her own lust before, touching herself with increasing frequency, obeying the call of her slavery to her own **** that she could no longer resist.

Yet there were surprises left in store for Alice. She expected to be Amanda tickle slave, yet she quickly found herself naked, leashed, and sucking Joe’s cock. “This is how I like receiving my new toys” he told her, after her submitting to be Amanda’s slave, and him playing a recording from his phone, making it so now her anklet would force her to obey his every whim. “You are far from the first, but I was especially waiting for you” Joe’s eyes gleamed sadistically as he stroked the poor girl's hair. Alice was never good at oral, but overloaded with horniness, she sucked for all her worth, eager to please her master.
He grabbed her head with both hands and fucked her face deep. She couldn’t take, she never deep throated before. Yet the anklet prevented her from throwing up. She had to be the perfect slave for her master. Despite her helpless gagging and tears, her lips and tongue kept at it, as if having a will of their own.
Joe moaned loudly as he filled her mouth with semen, which Alice licked off and swallowed hungrily.

“Soon you, and the others, will be able to go out. I especially enjoy the thought of you Alice, becoming a relentless tickle slut, hunting down others. Such a transformation. From a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly”

They passed a soundproof door, and went deeper into the house, where the air was filled with sounds of laughter and screams echoing all around them. He led her through, giving her a tour, showing her various tickle tools and bondage devices. On one of them they saw a petite Asian girl bound in an upstanding box, her full body exposed with her feet dangling through the bottom. A plump woman with huge breasts stood in front of her. “Please no, not my sides, it’s the worst” begged the Asian. “Honey, you don’t know what worst is, we are just getting warmed up” said her tickler, as it brought a gag to her mouth, and the Asian obediently accepted it. Seconds later her screeches added to the cacophony of house sounds, hands tickling expertly on her sides. “These are Sayuki and Olea. Sayuki only recently arrived, so she is being worked by some of those who broke earlier, She is quite strong willed, like you. It took you a while to get here. Or maybe the anklet had a lot of work to do, making you into a full blown slut. No matter, soon you’ll be tickle tortured just like her, but first I’d like to show you what I’ve done here” explained Joe, leading the terrified Alice on.

“as I said before, you are far from the first. So far I kept everyone here. After Amanda finally dons an anklet of my own making, I will be able to transfer you all to my direct control. And more importantly, my new anklets will allow each of you to produce more of them, to bind others. Then you will spread outside …”

His speech was interrupted by a scream as a gorgeous, athletic, black girl ran in front of them. Her upper body was bound, hands behind her back, and she was fully naked. She didn’t get far, a bunch of girls appeared out of nowhere. She was Pam. Through his relentless torture Joe had all of his toys tell him of potential new victims. This one was nominated by Kathy. Pam didn’t get far. Three women, one tanned woman with long dark hair, a punk girl and … Kathy?! Ran after her, grabbed her, and carried here, still screaming, by her body and legs, back where she came from.
Alice wasn’t surprised to see Kathy there, rather the surprise was at what Kathy was. Her eyes were broken and submissive, nothing of the brat she knew showed. They followed the group into a side room, where Pam was bound to a table.

“This one isn’t ankleted yet. I found her outside and seduced her here together with Kathy. You, unlike her, won’t get to try and ran away. You saw how obediently Sayuki took the gag in. You all submit to your torture willingly, even though you can’t stand it, once you are mine.”

“I will call the police! You freaks will all be in jail!” threatened Pam. “feisty one” said Joe, caressing her head, before slapping her hard, and pushing a gag in. Then the three descended on her, tickling her breasts, sides and feet at the same time. The muscles on Pam’s body stood out, she thrashed so violently that Alice thought the table would break. But the table easily held, designed just for such a purpose, and Pam could do nothing but scream as the three ticklers tortured her relentlessly.

“As I said, for now you'll mostly stay here. I go outside with a girl or two, and bring a few more victims every day, just like our friend here” he absent mindedly tickled Pam’s belly button. Causing her belly to convulse. “after they are broken and ankleted, I release them back. A while later they return, this time to be proper slaves, and to help ahem, convert …. Others”.

Joe felt Pam’s vagina “I don’t think she likes tickling. Yet” He smiled “so many naughty girls out there. Touching themselves, cumming, teasing, free from being tickle tortured into insanity and fearful og the prospect if they ever heard of it. So so wrong. I will cure them all, make them what they should be” he caressed Alice’s head again “make them perfect, like you. Forever tortured and teased, destined for a ticklish hell”.


Rohana sipped from her drink, sitting across Jasmine and her sisters. Jasmine was a triplet, and the other two looked perfect, just like her. Rohana felt a jolt of arousal at the thought that if they fail, at least these three will be broken by Amanda just like Kathy was. But she knew she couldn’t allow it, for it would mean that she herself would be bound and tortured right besides them, and that was unthinkable.

They were discussing the disturbing news of course. Girls were coming and going into Amanda’s house, returning there barely dressed, as if a sex party was going on for weeks. Alice was nowhere to be found. And one of the women they put spying on the place claimed that she saw Kathy among those going in and out.

“She somehow managed to enslave them. She is making them into tickle pets. I am sure of it” Said Jasmine. “There is no way Kathy would dare show at Amanda’s doorstep otherwise after what we’ve done to her”.
“What do you think your friend is? A witch?” asked Susan, one of Jasmine’s sisters. The other one, Dora, laughed. Not even a smile escaped Rohana’s lips “I would put it past her. More importantly, we don’t know. And the situation is dangerous. I am sure we are on Amanda’s list”.
“Well, don’t drag us into it, I don’t want to be tickled!” exclaimed Dora. “You are the ones who committed that girl, Kathy, to a horrific torture, you deal with your own problems”.
“You really think that Amanda will stop just with us? You know the looks she given the two of you. Once she has Jasmine stretched on a rack and screaming bloody murder as she is feathered for hours, she’d waste no time locking both of you to her left and right. Your footsies will wiggle helplessly as you howl.Won’t that be a pretty sight”. Both girls had their toes cringe in the sandals as they looked highly disturbed by that imagery. Even Jasmine shifted uncomfortably in her seat “alright Rohana, what do you propose?”

“We will fight fire with fire” said Rohana “There is one person who can help us deal with Amanda for good”.

“This is a bad idea. I can guess who you are thinking about, and she is just as crazy, if not more” replied Jasmine.

“Nevertheless, it gives us a chance to understand what is going on. We need to go talk to Amanda’s sister”.


Joe welcomed a handful of men to Amanda’s home, which became his new base of operations. They sat on a couch, listening to his explanation, as each of them was serviced by a beautiful girl, naked except for a collar, anklet, and some jewelry to outline their features.

Alice wore a thin leather harness, hugging her body and her slim form. Andy was wearing barefoot sandals to flaunt and complement her sexy feet and toes. Tiff and Pam both had necklaces in addition to their collars, those dropped into their ample cleavage. Kathy paraded around with a buttplug attached to a tail that wagged behind her, her face red with humiliation.

All had short notes describing where and how best to tickle them attached to their collars, and had their genitals fully exposed, dripping horny juices on the floor periodically, for all were teased way beyond their limits, raising their body into a state of near constant arousal.

Joe let the men play with the girls for half an hour or so, until they all came from blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, etc. that they wanted, and had some time playing with the girls’ bodies as well.

They already knew from him chatting with them before about his ideas and plans. Once they finished playing and their attention was on him once more, and the squeals of tormented girls was subsiding, at least for now, Joe brandished an anklet before them.

“My first. I finally managed to produce one, following Amanda’s instructions”. He passed it between them, though they could see or feel nothing special about the thin metal chain, except notice the fear in the eyes of the girls at their feet. “I will teach you all to make more of those for yourself as well”.

“Not that we are not grateful” asked Dmitri, “but why? Why are you telling us all this, and teaching us to make more of them for ourselves?”.

“Because” Joe answered “I want to succeed. I want to ensure my dream of capturing, teasing, and breaking women like this can continue. And I worry that while I am doing it alone, I might fail. We will stand together, for each other, and look after each other. If Amanda made this anklet, who knows what else someone else could make? I also interrogated her extensively, and she has friends who might figure the situation out, and a sister more dangerous than her. I need my own allies in this. Are you in?” He already knew and expected their nods, given that he spoke to them extensively and pre-filtered those who made it to this meeting. They were dedicated, saw his vision, and would fight for it. Just the sadistic perverts he needed on his side...

“Now” said Joe “for the main part of our show today. It’s time to apply this anklet to a woman that was a long time waiting for one” and he grinned fiendishly, leading them down to the basement, with the girls in tow.


Rohana, Jasmine, Susan, and Dora stood before the gates of a large lavish villa. A few minutes after Rohana rang the bell, someone finally arrived to greet them. The someone was a man, dressed in straps and harnesses, with a loin cloth that barely hid his erection as he eyes them up and down. This one was a well broken sex slave, he bowed his head as he approached, letting them in.

While Amanda was the crafty one, her sister, Mallory, was pretty straightforward with her similar interests. Mallory used her looks, seductiveness, and social charms to build her own playhouse, with women and men alike serving as her staff of sex slaves and playmates alike. Men were always kept in strict orgasm control, with a chastity belt until they were trained enough to be unable to cum without a mistress's permission. Women were sometimes broken in as slaves as well, and sometimes playing the role of seductresses, learning under Mallory how to break people sexually.

Rohana knew all that, and how dangerous it was to tango with Mallory, but it seemed like the only choice. That, or succumb to Amanda’s machinations.

They followed the man-slave into the villa, where a petite elegant brunette welcomed them. Her braid was so long that it reached her knees, and she had an angelic gentle face, that seemed to always carry a smile on it. “Welcome guests! What is it that you seek in our pleasure house? My name is Nai, and I will be glad to guide you around”

“Thank you Nai” replied Jasmine “we’d like to talk to Mallory if at all possible?” Nai turned to her, responding without missing a bit “ah, that is possible, but first I would need to talk to you in my private office”. Despite their insistence that it was not at all necessary, Nai led them to her room, explaining that due to many people coming to try and interview or bother Mallory, she had to talk to them first. Eventually they relented.

As they walked into her chambers, they saw a modern looking room, with a desk, a large monitor, and a ceiling to floor window wall into the hedged garden. Out in the garden, all kinds of depravities were taking place, with women tying up, dominating, teasing, and tickling other women, while a bunch of collared men assisted them. Except for those men that were tied as well, often having their cocks gently and slowly stroked as they helplessly watched the women tickling each other insane.

Nai’s office also had its own fun display, with a cage that held a pretty plump girl, legs raised above her head, arms tied behind her back, she had a gently jet of water spray at her vulva every few seconds, hitting her right on the clitoris. She was thrashing about, trying to free herself. Nai casually reached with her manicured hand and tickled the tied woman’s foot, which caused her to screech into her gag. Right across of her, a man was locked into a closet, only his face and cock sticking through. His erection was pointed straight at the bound woman “it’s her husband” said Nai “he is aroused by her being like this, and after 3 weeks of treatment, he is very ... excitable” she said, as she feathered his cock with a soft feather duster, eliciting laughter and squirming, as her erection throbbed in further arousal and frustration.

Rohana and Jasmine saw no further option but to tell their tale first to this sadistic girl, Nai, as she kept playing with her toys while they did. She kept smiling without breaking her expression even once, though her eyebrows showed surprise a few times throughout.

Finally, she said “Oh my, quite the tale. Yes, you were right to come here. Mallory will want to hear this. Follow me, first we need to bring you to her inner chamber”. Nai then led them again through the villa, and arrived as the stairs for the upper floor. “all clothes must stay here, and these are mandatory” she said, handing them collars. “You have got to be joking! We are just here to talk to her” protested Rohana. Nai was already mostly undressed, and donning her own collar “those are the rules, do you want to meet Mallory or not?” she smiled.

The 4 girls looked amongst themselves. They didn’t really have a way back, and they were already in this den of depravity, might as well talk to Mallory and get what they could out of it. Reluctantly and shyly they undressed, and were collared by Nai. Then they went up, barefoot, exposed, and collared, they entered the upper floor. A few male guards attached themselves, surrounding the party as they arrived in the first room, separating them from the play scenes around them.

Jasmine, Susan, and Dora followed Nai through 2 rooms where discipline sessions were being administered, before they noticed that Rohana was not with them. “Rohana?” asked Susan, turning around. “She is with Sasha” said Nai. “Who is Sasha?” inquired Susan, not at all re-assured, the men were closing in on them from all sides. “Just a colleague of mine that will talk to her, and ensure she repeats the same story when she is by herself. And, encouraged” Nai’s smile widened even further.

“You bring her here right now! What do you mean?!” yelled Dory. Nai just pressed a button, and the 3 felt a numbing electrical shock pulse through their collars. Dizzy, they almost fell over, but were caught by the men standing next to them “don’t worry, we are taking good care of her” said Nai, and led them to a door, and then to an observation room that had a one sided mirror. On the other side of the mirror, they saw Rohana, naked and bound to a cross on the wall. A tall brown haired woman was scratching and tickling at her arms, as Rohana giggled. “from here we can see interrogations take place” explained Nai.

None of the girls could speak, paralised in horror, as the tall woman, Sasha, mocked Rohana with tickle talk. “coochie coo Rohana. Tell me again silly girl? What is it that you came to talk to Mallory about? Tell me all, coochie coo!” and with that Sasha tickled Rohana’s ribs.

“Fuuck youu!!! Bhaahaahaha” screamed Rohana. “I hahaaha, cameee hahahhaaaha Mahallorya”. “Yes, I know you came to talk to Mallory” Sasha explained, “but Mallory isn’t here, she is on a trip until the rest of the week. In the meanwhile, we can learn all we can about this tale of your, coochie coochie coo!” and with that Sasha proceeded to quickly wiggle her nails in Rohana’s stretched armpits.

“YAHAAAHAAAAA” Rohana dissolved into hysterical laughter, unable to talk at all.

“You see” Nai explained, smiling as always “you will have to wait a bit, until Mallory arrives. But worry not, I will keep you the best of company in the meanwhile, you won’t be bored at all! hehe” she giggled as the girls started screaming, unable to fight back, their body still numb, they were easily carried away by the men.

“Perfect” Nai clasped her hands as she watched Jasmine, Susan, and Dora tied side by side on benches, and mummified, with their feet sticking out. “Time for us to have some fun! So, tell me again this tale of yours? I will be sure to motivate you to keep talking. Coochie coochie coo!”


Apologies for the huge delay on this part, I hope you enjoy it!
I plan to continue this tale, hopefully it will not take so long going forward, as now I have an AI writers I made to assist me, though I plan to also writing and editing manually this one :)
I also created recently a pure AI story, here:

If you want to try this AI, it can be helpful for both generating stories to your liking by itself, or to help you write a story that you already have partially written.
Try it here:
Lilith - AI Storyteller

Additional details of how to use it are in my signature.
Oh man, never thought I'd see the continuation of this little story but I am so glad it has returned.
Can't wait to see what Mallory is like, what Joe is planning and how Amanda must feel.
Good to have you back (under a different name) and let me echo what ToesandSoles said above — I feared this story was lost to the "unfinished projects" files, so I'm happy to see it continue. I've always loved the overall scenario. This installment was especially diabolical. The wide variety of tickling going on here is great. I can hear every shriek of laughter. Nice work!
lovely! never imagined this would continue... but there are still a pair of breasts waiting for attention...
Thank you all, glad to be back and that you enjoy it!
I am looking forward to Amanda's breasts getting some attention as well ;)
I actually have a bunch more installments planned. The idea is that Amanda opened a Pandora's box that will keep expanding and escalating from here. You'll see Mallory, have lots of fun with her, Joe, Amanda, and new characters still planned. I will try to speed it up now that I have AI help :D
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