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The Bet.......Adult Sexual Content. FF/M Foot Tickling and some Foot Worship


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Dec 20, 2001
OK this is my second attempt at this story, I cleaned some stuff up and added the suggestions I was given. Please let me know what else it needs, but I am a newbie at this, so go easy on me please. :) Thank you for reading it .......

So, it was a night like any other, the three of us were just sitting around chilling out watching some TV…..nothing in particular. It was me with Cindy and Susan, two of my neighbors. We often hung out together, being all around our early 30's and somewhat common interests in movies, music etc.

Then a scientific documentary came on as we’re flipping around the channels. At first, we were about to turn it off when the narrator started talking about various sexual topics.

As the show went on, Cindy started directing the conversation by saying, “This documentary is totally BS, there is no way a guy can prevent from getting excited and finishing in over 10 to 15 minutes.”

I said “Why not, it’s possible if they really try to concentrate.” Sue joined the conversation, “Guys are too easily distracted, besides don’t most guys have a kink or fetish that would just make the whole situation near impossible?” I said, “Well I am sure a lot of women have the same kinda thing or at least a fantasy that gets them going”

Cindy- “Sue is right, if both us wanted, we could get you off in 15 minutes or less for sure, you wouldn’t stand a chance”

Sue - “Yeah that’s right, all we had to do was find your kink and you would be done for, it’s really that easy. Men are so easy in that regard!”

What Mark didn’t know, was a year earlier, Mark's ex-girlfriend told Cindy about Mark and her in the bedroom and that Mark had a foot fetish, but really got excited when she let him tickle her feet, while she did what she called Tickle Talk. Mark simply couldn’t resist it and would loose it pretty quickly. So, Cindy knowing this, really wanted to prove to him that the women would easily take charge of the situation and finish Mark off quickly.

Mark - "Look, I know you girls think most guys are like horny little puppies and can’t really control themselves, but I like to think I am different and would be able to control myself, even if it was for just 15 minutes."

Cindy - “Oh come on you’re no different then the rest of them, besides I already know what gets you off, so it wouldn’t even be a challenge.”

Susan - “You do?” How?"

Cindy - “Well let’s just say, his ex-girlfriend, and I talked a lot…”

Mark - “Oh that bitch was always a liar, whatever she told you was pure Bullshit, I’m sure. You could never believe her, she was always making up stuff to get whatever she wanted from people.”

Cindy - “OK well if you’re so sure, let’s make a little bet. Sue and I will do our worst to you using whatever we have at our disposal and if you can last 15 minutes, then you win, and I agree it was total bullshit. However, she seemed pretty convincing, and gave a lot of details, so I think you’re doomed before we even start.”

Mark - Oh this is just ridiculous, I’m telling you it’s bullshit and that woman cannot be trusted. that’s why we’re no longer together. Besides, 15 minutes isn’t really that long and I’m pretty sure I can hold out, so let’s just skip this stupid bet and go back to watching TV.”

Sue - “What’s the matter Mark, sounds like you’re afraid that you will lose big-time!”

Cindy - “Oh trust me Sue, he wouldn’t stand a chance, once we started getting him going, he would fall fast, and we would win, hands-down."

This was a real blow to Mark’s ego and he was starting to get a little frustrated and then blurted out….,”OK fine you got a bet Cindy! What are the stakes of the bet then?”

Cindy - “OK if we can make you orgasm before 15 minutes then you have to buy us both Dinner at Ce Ce Bon and then a play, of our choice, in the city.”

Mark - “Holy Crap, that sounds like an expensive night. What do I get if I win?”

Cindy - “How about if you win, we cook dinner for you for a month and will even buy all the food needed to do so.”

Sue - “Hang on a second Cindy, suppose we loose?…..that’s a lot of cooking and money for a month!”

Cindy - "Don’t worry Suzi Q …..we won’t loose…..I am sure about that."

Mark - "OK well, if you guys think that’s a fair trade off, I am willing to do it, since it seems I am getting the better end of that bet!"

Sue reluctantly agreed to the bet…..but hoped that Cindy knew what she was doing.

So, at that point they started to lay out some ground rules. They were pretty simple rules, although they were all very good friends, there would be no penetration of any kind, handjobs and oral stimulation would be allowed if all parties agreed……which they did. No hurting the other person and when it was over, that was it, no second chances or “do overs”……everything else was fair game.

Cindy - “OK Mark you go upstairs, loose the clothes and we will be up in a minute to make you explode baby!”

Mark left and was kinda excited that this was all happening, if he was honest with himself, but still figured he could win, even if there was two of them and they knew what turned him on. He would just pretend like it didn’t effect him or he didn’t like what they were doing…..should be easy, he thought.

So, Cindy took Sue aside to brief her on what she knew about Mark and they started talking about what Mark’s weakness was, that Cindy already knew. She told Sue that Mark had both a foot fetish and also a tickling fetish and if his ex-girlfriend let Mark play with her feet, suck her toes, and most of all tickle them…..he wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes before he was ready to cum. However, the thing that really put him over the top, was the Tickle Talk his ex-girlfriend used to do, which according to her, she was really good at.

Cindy - “OK this is how it is going to go, we will have oil and other things standing by. I will then tell him we are going to act out a little sexy “skit” that will help us win. Both of us take our shoes off and that should get things going in the right direction.”

Sue - “OK, but I have to tell you that my feet are really ticklish and it’s like torture for me, I really can’t control it”

Cindy - “Yes I know, but your feet are also gorgeous as well and if he has a foot fetish we need you to take one for the team. I know you and I just had Mani Pedi’s yesterday, so both our feet are looking great, especially yours!”

Sue - “Then what happens?”

Cindy - “Well I am going to act as if I am trying to get information out of you and I am going to tickle your feet to get that information. At the same time, you will be laying along side him and start giving him a handjob, this way he can hear your uncontrollable laughter up close. At the same time you will be stroking him, I will start to do some Tickle Talk. If we coordinate all of this well…..he won’t stand a chance of lasting very long.”

Sue - “I am not sure I can be tickled that long by you, I will probably be laughing and screaming a lot and may not be able to give him a good handjob.”

Cindy - “Well the laughing and screaming will be great, we can’t loose that. Tell you what, if you can’t give him a good handjob while you are being tickled, then just really play up the tickling with some Tickle Talk back to me…..things like Oh God not there please I can’t stand it, Have Mercy, I can’t take much more, I will never tell you what you want to know, You have to stop I am going out of my mind…….You know stuff like that.”

Sue - “OK I will try my best, I hope this works, but I am telling you my feet are off the charts ticklish. Also, if I come up with some ideas of stuff to do to him during this whole thing, I might adlib on my own, to put him over the edge.”

Cindy - “Yeah that sounds good, just remember Foot Fetish and Tickling Feet are his thing, so try to work that in as much as you can.”

So, the girls go upstairs to where Mark is and grab some stuff along the way, like velcro cuffs, oil, feathers and some other stuff to help torture Mark. The girls arrive in the bedroom and much to Marks surprise they are both down to just Bra and Panties.

Mark - When Mark saw the women, he said, “Wow ladies, you are starting off full force huh? “OK ladies here we are, I am on the bed and naked like you said.”

Cindy - “OK Mark we just have to insure you don’t move around too much, so we are just going to tie you down to the bed to help us out a little. It won’t be anything crazy or tight.”

Mark - “OK I guess, but remember no pain or hurting the other person, besides I am not into that so it won’t do you any good anyway”

Mark’s mind started racing, what if they really do know I have a foot fetish and the other stuff I used to do to my ex…this could be trouble he thought. Nah he thought …..I am confident I can hold out.

The girls tied Mark to the bed and took off their shoes saying they wanted to get more comfortable. Cindy had Sue lay down next to Mark and started to say ……

Cindy - “OK Mark I want some info from Sue, but she is not willing to give it to me willingly, so I have decided to extract that info by any means necessary.”

Mark - “Go ahead see if I care, but remember no one gets hurt”

Mark didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, but none the less, started getting excited as he started looking at the ladies feet when they moved around him and the bed. He thought to himself, OK Mark calm down, you are your own worst enemy…..but damn it their feet were gorgeous. He also noticed by just looking at their feet, he started to get hard and it was so obvious he was getting excited fast. So, Cindy saw this and jumped right in to the little “Skit” they had planned……

Cindy - “OK Sue lay down next to Mark and let’s begin…..”

Cindy started the clock they had on the nightstand and made sure everyone saw that.

Cindy - “OK Sue you know what I want to hear, did you or did you not fool around with my boyfriend several months ago? You will feel so much better once you confess you little cock tease.”

Sue was almost a little shocked by what Cindy just said, but then remembered this is all just BS and then started getting into it.

Sue - “Oh Bite me Bitch, I am not telling you anything. You can’t make me say a word”!”

Cindy - “Oh I wouldn’t be so sure about that…….Now tell me, are you really as ticklish as you have lead me to believe all these years??”

At that moment Mark’s only thought was OH SHIT THIS IS NOT GOOD

Cindy - “Get ready to start spilling your guts little girl! You’re going to need to tell me though Sue…..you REALLY are going to need to tell me. I know your feet are really ticklish aren’t they, Coochie Coochie Coo …..Oh such ticklish feet …..Coochie Coo…Tickle Tickle…..Oh I know this tickles with my long nails gliding against those pretty pink soft soles of yours. Oh there we go, let out the laughter, I know you won’t be able to hold it back or fight it …..Coochie Coochie Coo ……That’s it …..it’s Tickle Torture time ……Tickle ….Tickle…..Kitchy Coo.”

Sue - “NO I won’t Talk, I won’t Laugh you bitch…… Oh my God…HAHAHAHAHHAAHA……that REALLY does tickle Cindy ….HAHAAHAHA…..OH OH HAAHAHA…..STOP!"

Sue didn’t know if she could actually do this.

Sue - “I Can’t staaaaaaaand it …….THIS IS TORTURE ……Your naaaaaails are killing me. I not talking ……Noooooo You can’t make me……HAHAHAAHAHA ….Oh my God not the toes please……HHAHAHAHAAHA my Toes are my weakness….. I can’t take much more of this…..I won’t talk …..I won’t TAAAAALK …..HAHAHAHAHA.”

Cindy tickling Sue went on for a brief few minutes, she was howling with laughter, pounding the bed as she screamed about not talking or giving in. Sue could hardly stand it, let alone give Mark a handjob.

Mark couldn’t resist and he knew it …….he was hard as rock now and just then Cindy eased up on Sue so she could start stroking Mark’s now rock hard cock. Mark moaned as soon as Sue began to stroke it ……Mark had all to do to contain himself and it was only a few minutes in, he knew he was in big trouble. These two women had his number.

Sue - “What’s the matter Mark…..I think you like my gorgeous ticklish feet. Did you like me laughing and begging for it to stop, I am so ticklish on my feet that it is torture for me. Cindy was so bad wasn’t she ……telling me Coochie Coo ……..and then tickling my sensitive arches and oh so ticklish toes ……I couldn’t stand it much longer ……Oh Mark you seem to like this as I can see your balls are are tightening up. Here let me cup them gently and rub them while Cindy puts her feet right on your face and in your mouth. There you go baby suck on her toes, you know you want to. Oh you look like you are ready to explode baby…..don’t resist, just give in and release that cum ……You can’t fight it any longer ……Go on baby, let it go ……Think of my feet being tickle tortured before and the laughing and begging……it’s no use, just let it go baby.”

Cindy - “Mmmm that’s it Mark suck on my soft feet, I know you want to and can’t resist it, give in Mark……give in……Lick up and down on those Soft and Ticklish soles. Look how hard you are, you horny little man, you won’t last much longer……not much longer……you have to release, you won’t be able to stand much more……suck on those sexy toes of mine ……you can’t resist, go on and cum, just let it go you know you need to. Come on baby just give up, you won’t be able to last. Sue is going to start tickling your sensitive balls now and you won’t be so done, think how good that’s going to feel…….we are going to make you cum hard, so so hard….don’t try to resist, because you won’t be able to.”

Mark - “OMG Stop”…… I can’t take much more of this Mark thought to himself. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse Sue started tickling his balls, to see what that would do.

Sue - Coochie Coochie Coo Mark ……Are your balls ticklish baby …….Tickle Tickle…..Kitchy Kitchy Kitchy Cooo…..Come on baby laugh for me……you won’t be able to resist much longer….Your going to have to release ……you won’t have a choice.

Mark was laughing as Sue tickled his balls expertly, while Mark broke into fits of laughter, between moans of ecstasy, he was fighting not to cum……He couldn’t help but enjoy what he was going through though…..Just then Cindy got back into the act and started sucking Mark’s cock slowly and teasingly, Mark almost lost his mind. Just then Cindy whispered something to Sue and Sue nodded her head. Sue untied Mark’s hands and gave Mark her soft ticklish feet …..and started saying….

Sue - Go ahead Mark tickle my gorgeous feet …..I know you want to…..You know they are so ticklish…..Go ahead Mark make me Laugh and Beg like before…..Make me confess to Cindy ….I see the desire to do it in your eyes. Go ahead Mark DO IT …..TICKLE MY FEET …..Make me go crazy again…..That’s it baby there you go……Make me talk!”

Mark just snapped and literally attacked Sue’s sexy feet …..Sue broke out in gales of Laughter and started Screaming for mercy that she knew would never come….

Sue - “Oh That’s it Mark ……AHHAHAAHAHAHA…..Tickle them hard you horny bastard……I Can’t Stand it Mark……. I can’t Staaaaand it ….HAHAHHAAHAHA…..they are sooooooo Ticklish …..HAAHAHAHAHA…..not the toes Mark that’s my weakness…..HAHAHHAAHAHAHA…..Cum already you horny little man…..OH God …….I can’t take it……HAHAHAHA …..This is such torture….HAHAHAH….OOOOH GAAAAAAAAAWD…AHAHAHAHAHHAHA…..I won’t talk, you can’t make me”

Mark - “Damn it Sue your feet are so gorgeous and so ticklish……Talk Bitch Talk ….Coochie Coochie Cooo…..TALK you little cock tease……Oh God I am going to Cum ……I can’t stand it any longer…..Oh my God I am going crazy…..I can’t hold back any longer …….”

Just then, Mark could not resist any longer and exploded all over himself and Sue …..Continuing to tickle Sue while he came.

Mark had definitely lost ……it was 11 minutes and 17 second on the clock. The two women smiled and Cindy just simply looked at him and said …….Told ya so!
oh wow that was incredibly cute and incredibly sexy ;) very well done!
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