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The Nipple Tickle Thread

Some nipple tickling from the latest video clip. "Superfox and Mao Ping's fourth weekly session - standing bound to the ceiling". Clip available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"21episod99intero.jpg21episod677intero.jpg21episodinlltero.jpg
Nipple tickling from the video "Only feet tickling". Available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"
Thanks for all the compliments on this thread and the additions to it.

This one's from the 1975 movie "What The Swedish Butler Saw"
What The Swedish Butler Saw Tk GIF.gif
I'm so happy to see some new posts for nipple tickling.
As I said in my previous post I have never been tickling with an electric tooth brush but part of me wants to try it.
I know it would drive me crazy lol but I can't help but wonder about it. I have tried my toothbrush on my own but its never the same is it. But it did feel quite nice so perhaps I might enjoy it?

2 nipple tickling frames from the clip:
Toes and body are a keyboard - Mao Ping plays Superfox that makes sounds like a musical instrument
The secret organization leaded by Mao Ping has engaged to work for him the secret agent Superfox, a blonde attractive milf skilled in thefts and spying. Mao Ping is a dirty, filthy, pervert, sadist old man. His agreement with Superfox provides that, if she wants to work for him, when he desires, but not much more than 1 time each week and for not more of 15 minutes each time, she must satisfy his lustful perverted desires. In this weekly session the old sadist Mao Ping wants to "play" her like a musical instrument. He wants her to make a "tickle sound"! First of all she must strip herself off and let herself to be tied to a bed, spreadeagled. Then he begins to cruelly tracing his fingertips on her whole exposed body.....softly.....slowly....No woman in the world could resist at his expert touch, and Superfox is so ticklish! Her moans and laughs are a melody for the lustful Mao Ping. Then her feet are tickled for long time....and then again the upperbody until 15 minutes are gone. During her nightmare Superfox can only struggle her bonds and move her body in a sensual sexy way. Screaming and laughing desperately. Always making sweet delicious erotic ticklish sounds, like a singing bird. Today Mao Ping has been very excited and satisfied! Clip available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"
A frame from the clip: Superfox Vs. the Serial Climaxer - 3
Unfortunately the milf superheroine Superfox is caught out again by the evil pervert Serial Climaxer. She knows what will be her fate, her captor wants like always, see her pleasuring! She is bound to the ceiling and her legs are tied to a spreader bar. The Serial Climaxer strips her off of her suit and then begins. As she is completely naked, he starts teasing her body with soft caresses and tickling, to increase her sensitivity. Then he begins to suck her nipples and lick her everywhere, also the asshole. Finally the very expert and carefully fingerjob begins as his captor's hands reach her pussy very exposed as her legs are tied wide spread. Superfox tries desperately to resist but she can't avoid to be excitied very much, So finally The Serial Climaxer can watch at her showing him one of her best climax......what a great lust!
Clip available at Clips4sale - studio name "smwife"
Some nipple tickling frames from the Clip "Superfox-Mao Ping, the first meeting".
Clip available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"
Chained to the wall and tickled
Superfox is again helpless in the dungeon of Mao Ping, the expert, perverted, sadistic, awful, filthy, old chinese man. He loves very much to torment his very ticklish beautiful blonde milf heroine restrained
and helpless. The terrible tickling begins when Superfox is still wearing her costume. Feathers and tickling hands dance around her. She struggles, screams and laughs in vain because her tormentor goes on having a lot of fun! While she is suffering the great tickling pain, Mao Ping slowly opens and cuts off her costume to expose at his lustful eyes her curvy hot body. After 20 minutes of intense tickling, when Superfox
thinks that she is going to faint, Mao Ping is so excited that he can't resist to masturbating with an expert fingerjob her victim. She must surrender to the pleasure and she cums, what a humiliating situation!
Clip available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"
Superfox has her nipple licked tickled by an evil tongue.
Frame from the clip: "Superfox sacrificed to the hungry tickling god".
Available at Clips4sale, studio name "smwife".
I know the GIF is from Canadian Tickling. If anyone knows where the other 2 are from let me know.


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