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Tickled by my aunt yesterday

Great story, @Tickleenavel!
Hope you are feeling better after your brush with Covid.
Fantastic to hear that, not only did your aunt tickle you half to death, she also dressed up to tease you!
Could you tell us some more about her outfit, please?
Was the crop-top low-cut?
How long was the skirt—knee-length, miniskirt?
Was she wearing nylons with the skirt, or were her legs bare?
Wow—bet she looked great in that skirt and top, @Tickleenavel!
Did she wear nylons with the skirt?
Amazing story, it sounds like she truly enjoyed the situation too! What a playful woman she must be, and you must've been in heaven!

The fact she even seem to have played with the idea of tickling your privates, actually putting ice there and such, is so hot too. I hope you get the chance again, soon!
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