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Ticklish Aunt (M/F)


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Feb 25, 2016
Saw some extended family during the holidays.
I have an aunt that enjoys a good beer or two, or six, and gets pretty feisty while inebriated. Not an alcoholic or anything, just likes to relax when the occasion allows.
As it happens her and I are close-ish in age, and we've always had a fairly good relationship. Less of an aunt/nephew, more of a brother/sister kind of deal.
Due to said relationship, I've had the privilege of tickling her senseless multiple times, and I know every piece of tickle-trivia about her.
The relevant part to this story: she's deathly ticklish just about everywhere, but her feet are the killer spots.

Part of the holiday celebration was at her house, so she was all dressed up, but that kind of thing isn't really her cup of tea.
Her and I were talking throughout the night as the party was going on and she complained multiple times about the shoes she was wearing, "Ugh, my feet are killing me!" takes a swig of Dos Equis

After what felt like the hundredth time, I finally just told her to go change her damn shoes lol.
We were still talking about some of her drama so I just followed her to the bedroom so she could do just that.
We reached a high point in her drama and she slammed her bedroom door shut and dramatically plopped down on her bed, face-down, and kicked off her heels, rubbing her tired feet together as they hung over the edge of the bed.

Without a second thought, I straddled her calves and started going to town on her bare, upturned size 6's.
She must have recently gotten them done because they were baby soft.
She tensed when she felt my weight on her legs, almost as if she knew what was coming, but she didn't have time to say or do anything before letting out a shrill shriek, and then dissolving into hearty, hysterical laughter as she pounded the bed with her fists.

I targeted the heels, the arches, the balls, and her toes, even using my fingers to pry her toes back and tickle the fleshy undersides.
I finally settled on the dead center of her arches, which definitely provoked the most cussing and thrashing.

It must have felt like an hour to her, but in reality it had to have been less than a minute.
The entire time, she was yelling at me to stop, begging me to leave her toes alone ("Not the toes! Not the toes!"), swearing revenge, etc.

As soon as I stopped and let her go, she ripped her feet away and attempted to donkey-kick me, but I was ready for it and jumped out of the way, scribbling her left sole one last time and eliciting a sharp squeal, as well as more cussing.
She called me an asshole, reminded me of her ticklishness, and swore revenge once more.

Then, she changed her shoes, checked her hair and make up in the mirror, and we went back to the party like nothing happened.
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That’s awesome! To have an aunt just like that! Brilliant! Happy holidays indeed! Thanks for sharing this story with us 👍
Great story, how old was your Aunt when this happened? I'm trying to get a visual, can you describe her looks? Thanks for sharing.
She's in her mid-thirties, but doesn't look a day over 25.

As for her looks?


After perusing the internet for a while, these images would probably be as close as I can get to accurately portraying her.
The soles are spot on, but the face image could stand to be a smidge darker, skin-tone-wise. Otherwise, excellent likeness.
I had an ant like that as well. A few years older than and the younger sister of my then stepmother Mary Jane. Her name was Gail, she was Slim, strawberry blonde hair ( she was a half sister) had freckles throughout her body and extremely soft skin specially her feet. So Soft to wear and felt like she had just had a pedicure. 1st time tickled her feet she was 18 and laughs like Mary Jane. Closes her eyes, tenses up big with smile on her face. Best memory I have of tickling Gail's feet. She was staying with another aunt of mine. Babysitting her niece and nephew, my cousins and I had nothing else to do that day so I sent and hung out with her. Watching tournament to Jedi on the USA Network. I was on the floor she was on the couch. I I work tomorrow right and for the hell of it I started to tickle. She sent back, Shrugged her shoulders, her eyes are closed with silent giggle. What are you doing? Stop it! Why are you tickling me? I don't know just bored? Started with the right foot then I moved to the left foot then with both feet. And with extremely soft feet, must have been horrifying for fun for me though. After a good 10 maybe 20 minutes she would ask me are you done yet but I also know that she didn't really fight. That's my opinion anyway I only wish I had tickled her when she wore nylons.
great experience swertz, stories like these make me think of my aunt but she was in her 40s at the time, great sense of humor and a bit of a goof but never got to tickle her feet for that long , only a few seconds to about a minute
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