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UK Tickling *Updates/Forthcoming Shoots Thread*

The return of Ellie...this first one is all upperbody focused mainly on her armpits and boobs. Ellie has one of the most amazing bodies I've ever seen, and it's all natural...super-ticklish too :) This one has amazing views, with a really nice close-crop of her top half. I plan to do more like this in the future.

This one's in the store now (there's a foot tickle scene to come too)

Nothing from the Rachelle shoots coming out? Looks, from instragram account, like there was another bodybag clip back in September/October (the first one was awesome), and another in February?
More of Ellie, this time all feet with a great view of her amazing soles! Her feet were ridiculously ticklish in this position and they have a lot done to them :)

This one will be coming up shortly too!

This one's out now, preview below:

Meanwhile, here's a brand new (and crazy!) scene with Chica from a couple of weeks ago - it's coming to the member's site this week :)

Strokathon to her and her soles! Love when they are tickled side by side
Brianna looks amazing! Looks like you found a great spot on her pits too :D
The Ellie clip is fantastic! Very excited that you're going to do more like this
The first released clip with Brianna was absolutely phenomenal! Any chance she'll be available again for customs?
Your most recent clip on C4S Elsie, Ellie, sorry forget her name, the foot video preview is actually the UB.
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