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UK Tickling *Updates/Forthcoming Shoots Thread*

Hey! Bit of a random question but thought this may be the bets place to ask! Does anyone know if there has been any shoots with any Irish women on UK Tickling? Seems to be one of the more difficult nationalities to find being tickled!
Not that I can recall, although Jay is half-Irish :)

Hey Turtleboy,

Just wondered does Louise (geordie lass) still shoot? Not seen anything new in a while and she is a favourite.


Yes, I shot with her two weeks ago - new scenes coming up soon!

Hi Turtleboy, any chance you'd ever work with Hannah Claydon again? I believe she's still active: https://myslink.app/hannahclaydon
I would if she was interested, but I doubt she is travelling and modelling for websites these days - more likely just doing onlyfans content
A crazy new scene coming up with Roxee and her insanely ticklish bare feet. Roxee claims her long toes are due to her being part-Indian, however, that doesn't explain her continuous swearing...this would have to be one of the sweariest clips I've ever shot, with an F-bomb approx every 3 seconds :)

Note: these screenshots are interlaced (due to a mistake when I was grabbing them), but the video isn't!

More from the Charlie/Daisy shoot...I'll be posting samples from the F/F and FF/M scenes later but here's a very cute clip I did with Charlie on the new device :)

An interesting idea came out of this shoot. You'll know that I've done many clips with models and their real-life mothers, but a model and daughter shoot is something that never crossed my mind - until Charlie suggested it! She even messaged her daughter and they're both keen to shoot together (she is an adult, obviously), so it may well happen :)

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Charlie suggesting her daughter for a shoot sure sounds intriguing, your mother/daughter clips are always great. And Charlie herself looks fantastic stretched out there.
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