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Velma and the ghostly Geishas (6 brushes/f)


TMF Expert
Sep 1, 2013
Jinkies! Velma was sure that old man Smithers was behind the ghostly hauntings of the abandoned Geisha house.
But it turns out that there really are the ghosts of three randy lesbian geisha girls haunting the place, and Velma awakes to find herself in tight bondage and at the mercy of three smoking hot Japanese waifus.
Velma is subjected to seemingly endless strokes of the traditional paint brushes in all kinds of sensitive areas, driving her into a helpless frenzy, her glasses flying off as she struggles in her bonds.
Just as she seems as if she's going to be pleasured to death, she's shaken awake by the gang, who've found her asleep in the geisha house. Fred tells her that she was right, and that Old man Smithers was actually behind the hauntings.
Velma shakes herself off and the gang drive off in the Mystery mobile, to their next adventure. And watching them go are three ghostly waifus, tittering to themselves.


Experimenting with more cartoon style. As well as Ahegao faces. Trying out simpler, and quicker, colouring techniques. Think it turned out pretty well.

Less than a week until the superheroine advent event. Still one slot left. Please pm me if interested.


  • Velma and the Ghostly Geishas colour DA.jpg
    Velma and the Ghostly Geishas colour DA.jpg
    2 MB · Views: 522
Thanks. Nice to get feedback.

Sadly, slots all taken for the advent event. Hoping that you, and the rest of the TMF folks, enjoy the 24 pics coming up 1-24 December. Full list + previews out soon.
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