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Vows (MF/f) (sexual/ feet/all over tickling)


Jul 27, 2014
On the outskirts of Salem, lived an unhappily married couple. They lived in a modern, black, 3 story home, and no longer had to work. Having made their fortune... they had retired early at 50 and went about their days separately. They both would say they only had one thing in common anymore... it was their mutual love of tickle torture. But even that was cause for strife. He loved tickling feet... and she loved all over body tickling. And neither was willing to compromise.

They had made a vow together long ago... that if they were to invite anyone into their bedroom... they would play together... or not at all. It had now been over 10 years since they had had sex or a tickling session with another man or woman. And now, they even slept separately in different rooms of the house. Today as the Man woke up... he decided to fix their sex life. Even if that too had to be done separately from now on.

After getting dressed the man hurried to the garage. Gathering all of the tools he would need, he went back to his bedroom and knelt down on his bedroom floor. With his tools he cut 5 holes into the floor. With each hole cut he could see more and more of his wife's bedroom. With only one trip made to the Salem Hardware store... he worked on his project all day and night. He worked until late the next afternoon.

When his wife returned from her trip to Cape Cod later the next night... the man awoke from his nap with a start to see (and hear) that his wife was beside herself with anger at what she saw. But instead of getting angry too... the man took his wife gently by the hand and for the next 2 hours sat with her and explained why he had cut up the floor. (And her bedroom's ceiling.) Soon, her anger vanished and was replaced with a huge smile to match her husbands.

A week later Halloween had arrived. The morning light shined brightly on the brown leaves that blew hard against the frosted windows of the house. After their morning rituals were completed. The man sat down at his computer unplugging and unhooking all of the equipment. The woman sang and cut up a few pumpkins for decoration.

Later that night as the sky changed colors. The woman put on her sexiest black dress and painted her long nails red. Her husband put on a black suit with a red shirt. He shined his shoes until he could see himself in them. After, he combed through his greying, short, black hair while she put a little mousse into her long red, curly main. The man gave his wife a kiss on the cheek as to not get her red lipstick onto his own. But gave her a swat on the ass playfully, making her yelp but smile back at him. Putting red candles into all of the front windows the man watched as his wife set the pumpkins outside. The house didn't need anything else to give it an ominous cloak. The final chore was left to the wife to put a huge bowl of candy out for the passing children. Except this year she put a sign next to the bowl reading: "DO NOT RING THE DOORBELL- HELP YOURSELF".

Later as the movie "Halloween" began to roll it's credits, the couple washed their hands from the popcorn they had eaten and freshened up. Just as they looked at the clock of 11pm the doorbell rang. They smiled at each other as they hurriedly made their way to the door.

A pretty blonde women in her late 20's stood at the door in a sexy Playboy Bunny costume. Smiles were given all around as the man without a word gave her a "come hither" with his index finger to come inside. As the door closed the woman introduced herself as "Jennifer", and in turn the couple introduced themselves as "Jack and Mary". No further words were spoken as Mary took Jennifer by the hand and led her to the bottom of the staircase. Letting go of her hand, Mary took her place behind her husband with an evil smile creeping out. Jack reached into the inside of his suit pocket and produced a long, black feather. He slowly waved the feather back and forth... causing Jennifer to blush and giggle immediately. She took a step backwards up onto the staircase. Jack took a feathery stab towards Jennifer's stomach intentionally staying a couple of inches away. But the movement made Jennifer shriek and take a couple more steps up the stairs. The couple smile devilishly at each other. They refocused their attention back towards her as Jack made another wiggly stab towards Jennifer's armpit... but this time making contact at the front of the crease of her underarm. Jennifer laughed out loud and covered her arms with her hands as she turned and ran all the way up the stairs. Jack and Mary hurried their pace to catch up with her.

At the top of the stairs Jennifer turned around to face the couple. With Jack and Mary reaching the top... they spread out to surround Jennifer and back her into the room they intentionally wanted her to go. Jack continued making tickly stabs at her while Mary began to wiggle her long nails at her. Jennifer blushed and giggled nervously... backing herself directly into Mary's bedroom. With a nod to Mary, Jack put the feather back into his pocket. Mary sensually strode up to Jennifer and gently took off her bunny ears, and threw them onto the bed. At every touch Jennifer jumped a little as one by one her costume was taken off of her. Her heels were the only items left as she stood naked before the couple. Jennifer eyes wandered around the bedroom landing on the weird device hanging above the bed. It looked like a metal seat was attached to a bicycle frame... sanz wheels. Jack didn't let Jennifer study the contraption too long as he took both of the women by the hand. He kissed the back of Mary's hand deeply, as he began to lead Jennifer out of the room. Mary sat on the bed and waited till they were out of site and had ascended the staircase. When they were gone Mary pressed a button behind the headboard and the entire bed began to rise. Jack had run a road crew company for bands since the 70's and had bought KISS's old drum riser lift. It rose and lifted the bed to the ceiling stopping just short of the bicycle frame. Mary took off her dress and relaxed in her new purple bra and panties.

Meanwhile Jack stood over Jennifer and helped her in carefully. It opened like a book for her. She could now see Mary directly beneath the contraption. With help from Jack, Jennifer lowered herself onto the cold metal seat below. It was the bicycle frame she had just seen moments before. But it had a different and wider seat. Jack led and placed her ankles into the leather lined holes and her wrists into the opposite holes behind her head. As Jack closed the cabinet doors over her... only her head, feet, and hands stood out. the rest of her lay underneath the floor. Jennifer felt real fear now since she'd walked in as this device completely disoriented her. Jack sat down on his bed and quickly opened up his computer. He clicked on the Skype program, dialing Mary. Mary answered... and they both angled their computers to face in Jennifer's direction.

Jack took off his suit jacket and sat down in front of Jennifer's feet. "Ladies first my dear..." Jack spoke with a grin to his wife. Mary nodded back and placed herself between Jennifer's legs. Mary could see that Jennifer's body was trembling with fear and decided it would be a good idea to relax her first. With the stiff feather Mary began to lightly tickle the hood of Jennifer's clit. Jennifer gasped and immediately bit her lip as she tried to ignore the pleasure she was being forced to feel. Hanging on to the fear made her be more aware of what was going on around her. Mary turned to the computer as she watched Jennifer bite her lip, closing her eyes trying to avoid getting turned on. In turn Mary lightly traced the tip of the feather down each of her pussy's lips. Jennifer forced herself not to move her ass hoping Mary would stop soon. But she felt the feather make its way back to the hood of her clit and a moan escaped her lips. Jennifer realized she had betrayed herself to the couple and re bit her bottom lip. Mary shook the tip of her feather over the hood and traced back down into the lining of her lips. Mary stepped up her game and began tickling the entrance of her pussy. Jack heard the beginning of giggles deep down in Jennifer's throat. Jennifer still managed to not move her hips and had managed to contain her laughter. Jack caught Mary's wink from the computer and he knew it was his turn.

From behind his back Jack slid off one of Jennifer's black heels. Jennifer gasped at the sudden action. Her now bare foot flexed and her toes curled up and down. From below Mary kept tickling her pussy entrance until she saw Jack take off one of Jennifer's heel. She placed the feather again on the top of her hood tickling it lightly and watched as Jack reclaimed his own feather.

Jennifer's breathing became intense as she watched Jack slowly lower the feather to her right foot. She shook her head back and forth not able to speak as she was keeping her lips as tightly together as they could be. With his left hand Jack placed a tiny rope around Jennifer's big toe forcing her foot to stay taut and restrained. Her eyes widened as her foot tested the restraint. But since her pussy was being tickled by Mary's feather... the fear she would have felt slipped away and could only watch as Jack's feather began to tickle her big toe. Jennifer squinted her eyes shut but reopened them quickly as he began wiggling it faster. He covered the back of her big toe and sides forcing Jennifer to begin heightening her giggles. As soon as she did he took the feather away and swooped in onto her heel. He drifted the feather along the sides and underneath... finally dragging out from the bottom of her heel and right up the arch. Jennifer squeaked a laugh out loud finally. Jack poked and wiggled his feather over her arch as he began fingering her ankles on her opposite, and covered foot. He slid his fingers lightly up and down the naked top. He continued tickling her arch with his feather causing Jennifer to begin moving her hips as her laughter dribbled faster from her mouth.

Meanwhile Mary had seen enough of the foot tickling and laid the feather across Jennifer's stomach. Across the bed Mary crawled underneath Jennifer's back and neck. With plenty of room to sit upright... she hovered her nails under Jennifer's underarms and turned her eyes to the computer screen. She knew to begin lightly to avoid scratching her and languidly stroked her nails all over her stretched armpits. Jennifer lit up like the pumpkins downstairs. Her head jumped and her hands opened, grasping at only the air. Her laughter jumped out of her throat in hysterical laughter as Mary turned her eyes onto Jennifer's back. Jennifer was lifting herself off of the seat to get away. Jack turned his eyes to his own computer to see what Mary was doing. "Oh... underarm tickling..." Jack thought to himself. Still... Jack got harder as he listened and watched Jennifer's laughter get louder and louder.

Jack finally spoke again: "What's the matter sweetheart... didn't realize you were THIS...TICKLISH...?" As he wickedly laughed at Jennifer's torture... he silently applauded his wife for getting this good of a reaction from her. But... he's not the only one in this house that can tickle someone out of their mind... With that he whispered "Hey... watch this..." to Jennifer. Wild eyed Jennifer watched helplessly as her other heel was taken off. He wiggled his fingers over her left foot as Jennifer shook her head no. Her mad laughter became fraught and desperate as he moved in to tickle her foot. Screams of "NO NOHEHEHE NOOOOO HAHAHAHA!!!!!" ...reclaimed Mary's attention to the computer. She saw what her husband was about to do... and feeling generous... decided to help him. She crawled back across the bed between Jennifer's legs facing away from her pussy. She got her hands ready under her calves.

Jack dropped his feather and decided to tickle both of her bare feet at once. He let his fingers just slightly touch the middles of her feet and made them dance almost on air. These light touches made Jennifer scream and flail. But before she was even halfway through her scream.... underneath she felt Mary's nails wiggle and drag themselves all the way down under her legs to the back of her knees. Mary started over again on the top of her legs... tickling wildly back down her legs... over her knees... making sure to give those multiple deep squeezes. She leaned back against Jennifer's **** and like Beethoven... tapped her nails furiously all the way up to the middle of her thighs. Jennifer's body was so ticklish now that tears were streaming down her face. Mary quickly turned around and let her fingers tickle Jennifer's tight stomach. Mary watched the stomach shake with laughter like a mini earthquake. This reminded Mary she needed to resume her pussy tickling. She picked up her feather stroking lightly over Jennifer's hood, while she continued tickling her stomach. She drew her tickling hand lower and lower down her stomach. Her nails got closer and closer to her pussy as she re watched the computer screen. Jack had tied another rope around Jennifer's other big toe and was tickling her feet with abandon. "AHAHAHAHAHA NO NO PLEEEEAHAHEHEHEHASE NOO HAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

Mary looked down to see Jennifer was dripping with wetness onto the seat. She decided to put down the feather and buckle a strap around Jennifer's hips. This would prevent Jennifer moving around too much as Jack had shown her. Mary slowly lowered her red lips to Jennifer's ****. She began slowly licking the hood as she reached around her legs to keep tickling the sides of her stomach. Every once in a while she would place her hands under Jennifer's ass to tickle her cheeks and thighs. This continued on for some time as she got Jennifer closer and closer to cumming. Pressing her tongue deeply onto her clit, she tickled her under her knees... her stomach... all over her... the nails flittered and dragged. And just as Jennifer was tensing her stomach to let go... Mary stopped completely.

She crawled back to the headboard and repressed the button. The bed lowered itself back down to the ground. Mary quickly jumped off and ran up the stairs. She walked into the room on her own black heel's and watched her husband run his fingers up and down Jennifer's ticklish feet making her scream with laughter. Mary knelt behind her husband and deeply kissed his neck wrapping her arms around him. Surprised...Jack laid his arms over hers and enjoyed feeling her lips against the back of his neck. Soon he turned around and quickly took off her bra... and with his arms he laid her down between Jennifer's feet. He ripped away Mary's panties and then undid his buckle feeling more of Mary's kisses along the front of his neck. He quickly stood up and took off his clothes. But before he could lay himself down on top of her... while on her back, Mary placed her hands over Jennifer's feet and wiggled them slowly...hovering over them to show Jack her intentions. Jack became rock hard and he started to stroke himself. Mary lowered her fingers against the soles and forced Jennifer to resume her laughing fit. Mary spread her leg's for Jack as he continued to stroke himself for a moment longer. He then lowered himself over Mary and entered her wet pussy.

He hungrily continued watching as his wife tickled Jennifer's feet for him. Her fingers were so graceful. And such a beautiful bright red nail. He looked on as she fluttered her fingers like a butterfly in between Jennifer's toes and all over her arches. Back and forth he was hypnotized by her hands tickling display. As Jennifer's wild laughter rang into his ears like beautiful music... he looked down and noticed Mary's underarms were vulnerable being raised up like this for tickling Jennifer's feet. Jack lowered himself onto his elbows and whispered into Mary's ear... "You keep tickling her... and keep your arms up...no matter what I do... understand?" Mary looked quizzically at her husband as she saw out of the corners of her eyes his fingers begin wiggling over her underarms. She quickly nodded yes.

Mary tried to concentrate on her own dancing fingers as her husband began deeply prodding her underarms. Her laughter was immediate and continuous. Jack had to force himself to fuck slowly... as watching Mary tickle Jennifer's feet was a massive turn on. Mary watched Jack's eyes as they melted with desire watching her nails expertly tickle Jennifer's bare feet. Jennifer moaned through her insane laughter even though she was no longer being feathered on her pussy. "MMMMM HAHAHAHAHAHA... HEHEHEHEH HAHAHAHAHA MMMM... MMMMM EHEHEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAH!!!"

This was all driving Jack wild... and he couldn't help but fuck Mary deeper and faster. And Mary having Jack's wiggling fingers tickle her underarms was driving her crazy as well. Jack's body started to tremble from trying to hold back from cumming. He told Mary as quickly as he could get the words out... "You have to stop... tickling her feet... you're going... to make me... cum..." He tightened his jaw as his orgasm was getting dangerously closer and closer... Jack stopped for a moment to slow down his orgasm himself. And Mary in turn was very close herself as Jack continued stroking furiously at her underarms. Mary whispered "Oh yeahahahaha? Wehehell...HAHAHA... better...hahaha... not... waaaaatchehehe this... then...mhmhmhmHAHAHA."

Mary closed her hands into fists except for her 2 index fingers. Jack eyes were immediately drawn again to her fingers as she slowly began tickling Jennifer's restrained and naked feet as slowly as she could go. Jennifer was a mess of tears and laughter. Her feet could only shake in place at this new and direct, isolated tickling. Every few seconds Mary would begin tickling the arches a tiny bit faster. Jack continued tickling Mary's underarms scrabbling over them in a mad dash now to try and stop her from forcing him into fucking her again. But... his eyes couldn't look away and he felt his hips move of their accord. "Noooo...no...Mary...da da don't... da da don' do it...no... please... he started moving his hips faster against his will. In vein he continued on his elbows trying now to force Mary to put her arms down against his own command. But Mary could only laugh in response as her own torture continued. Hearing her husband beg to not cum yet.... It only made her wiggle her fingers faster and her hips deeper... feeling her own orgasm reach the surface. Mary looked straight into Jack's eyes as she, through her laughter breathily whispered... "tickle...hehehe tickle...hehehe...tickle...Jennifer...mmmmhahahhaa ..." Jack watched her mouth say the words... THOSE words... and he looked away as he caught Mary's index fingers tickling Jennifer's bare feet so fast he sped his hips up not being able to hold off one more second. He clenched his teeth unable to look away.... and let go of his hot cum as he released himself completely inside of his wife. As Mary heard her husband cum... she felt herself go over the edge as his fingers tickled her wildly, coupled with his loud and intense orgasm.

Jack collapsed on top of Mary... giving Jennifer a moment of calm. Soon the couple stood up and went to their respective bathrooms to clean up. Refreshed, they met in the hallway with a deep kiss...and talked about what to do next with Jennifer.
And she soon found out. Mary took Jack's place at Jennifer's feet. And Jack laid himself onto Mary's bed pressing the button to make the bed rise once again. Jennifer felt a feather begin again tickling her now severely swollen, hooded clit while Mary wiggled her fingers over Jennifer's feet. Her laughter was immediate as Jack and Mary tickled her into orgasm after orgasm that night. But... even as Mary and Jack's little competition remained in place as it always had... and still solely enjoyed what they enjoyed... they looked more at their computer screens than they did at the person in front of them. And said I love you to the evilly smiling images on the screen.
I have read all of your stuff and must say that you express foot tickling in every from from sensual to torturous like no one else on earth. You are gifted and we get to reap the benefits. Bravo Tickle Mistress! Bravo!
I have read all of your stuff and must say that you express foot tickling in every from from sensual to torturous like no one else on earth. You are gifted and we get to reap the benefits. Bravo Tickle Mistress! Bravo!

Thank you so much FFT32!! :) *hugs*
WOW............Going to need .........something..........Fantastic
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