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What is Verification/ What does that blue checkmark mean?

TMF Jeff

TMF owner and co-founder
Apr 2, 2001
If you would like to get verified, contact me by Private Message and I'll work with you to get it done!

We have a pretty active social scene here, and a problem that has arisen from that is people creating fake accounts. There are a few reasons why this seems to happen -

1) People want to pretend to be a sexy female (or male) so someone will talk with them about tickling. We have a recurring incidence of profiles popping up and instantly being filled with hot pictures.

This is a particular target of the Verification system, because if someone is willing to post a bunch of pictures of themselves, there's really no reason for them to be unverified. And we suspect that many of these are actually the same small handful of people - Verification will make it harder for people operating multiple profiles to get away with it.

2) Someone acts like a jerk and they want to start over under a new name, which is unfair to people who have a right to know who they're talking to - especially if that person was problematic in their first encounter.

3) Someone is pretending to be a celebrity.

So to combat this, we've implemented a system of Verification. People who are Verified will have a blue checkmark next to their username.

Being verified means that a person has either

1) been to a Tickling Gathering and/or been verified by me or someone I know and trust, or
2) done a 10 second video chat with me.

Video chats for verification will be very fast and all-business. We just need to establish that you're a live human who matches their TMF persona.

And if you don't feel like getting verified, no problem! There's no penalty or consequence for not participating.
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Awesome idea. About time something like this came along!

Will have to do this soon.

Edit: Woohoo! I'm a real boy! =D
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Thank you all for being so active and engaged! I'm glad you think the checkmarks are cool, this was kind of a wild flyer of an idea :)
I'd love to do this, how do I schedule time for a video chat with you, and what software do you use?
I'd love to do this, how do I schedule time for a video chat with you, and what software do you use?

I'm mostly using skype, but Ive also used facebooks video chat and Im sure I can manage to accommodate other programs. Private message me and Ill work it out with you.
We currently have 143 Verified members, which is pretty impressive for only about two weeks! I'm really proud of this idea, and the way it's being accepted by people. I appreciate everyone who took the trouble to verify themselves.

My hope is that over time, the number of Verified members will grow to outnumber the number of not-Verified - I think it indicates a sign of people wanting to be a part of the community and having a stepped-up level of engagement. And the more people we have who feel that way, the more powerful of a community we are, and the more we can accomplish for the good of ticklers, ticklees, and switches everywhere :)
Think this idea was and is amazing and I had a great time to finally speak with lord jeff XD
That's awesome! So many real folk already! Thanks for the idea and the work you're putting in!
So happy to be verified and let people know I'm legit. I encourage all members of this board to get verified! Blue Check Marks For All :D
This is one of the decent moves I've done around here aside from putting up my perverted art, lol! :headbang:
Total Verified members as of right now - 161!

I'm so happy about how well this has gone. Thanks to everyone who has participated!
Verify our identity on a forum where we are unable to delete our accounts?

Yeah, no thank you.
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