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Blog entries by tickle_prince

hi all! Prince here, *bows* Just a little blog to explain my newest adventure which is hiking, for my bday I brought some amazing gear! (Took my house mate who was ex army so I made sure I got the correct stuff). So today I got to test my gear out, it was raining but it didn't bother me i...
Hi guys Prince here!..yes..the dashing..charming and adventurous one *as I take centre stage with my lute and bow* As you may all be aware..we are now in the eve..before the eve of Xmas..so it is going to get a bit busy for all, myself included *strums my lute* So I wanted to take this...
This is a fantastic game and with each chapter I play thru, it just keeps getting better and better. I thought the first one was gd and then the 2nd was better and now the 3rd and it still just keeps getting better. Plus the older class VII look amazing and I like the new one too Haha I think...
Great people of the tmf..it is I the great and mighty Tickle Prince *bows* In Britian the campaign's are in full swing for General election night next week..and while the Torries and Labour and heck even Liberal Democrats are campaigning I have decided to start my own Campaign on here...to...
Um...what to say...welll ummmmm hi...and YAY i updated my profile! so now its looks rather cool and theirs photos of me! So feel free to have a view of them ;P...but no laughing now LOL well..thats all i have to say....so YAY HAIL MY FIRST BLOG! :xena: :yayzorz: :jumpupanddown: :mwahaha:
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