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Thanks for bothering to look at my profile! Very kind of you I must say. :) Hopefully you're doing this because we're both in the chat room and you're trying to work out whether to bother speaking to me. Okaaay.... a little bit about myself then.

I’m a male ler from the south of England. I’m 6’3”-4” (sources vary) with black hair and grey eyes. I weigh in the region of eighteen stone (that’s 242lbs to you Yankees) and I’m working on more of that weight being muscle.

I do enjoy tickling and I’ve had a bit of practice at it from some very kind friends who, in the past have met up with me, either personally or at gatherings. By and large I think we both usually leave those meetings fairly happy. (And I’m usually sorer than the lee.)

Despite the fact that I like to be an evil bastard who WILL find your most ticklish spot and who WILL tickle it in the most agonising fashion, I’m also pretty soft-hearted and would never cross any line a willing lee had asked me not to. ( Although ones I’ve kidnapped are a different matter. >:) )

Although I like to tickle all over, I have a definite weakness for a lee’s feet (I was a foot fetishist before I was a tickling one) and my favourite method is oral tickling, or “lickling” as it’s become known. I can keep this up for quite literally a couple of hours at a stretch, which is either heaven or hell for the lee, depending on what their point of view and sensitivity is. Definitely heaven for me.

I have a fairly decent collection of tickling implements and bondage accessories, but it’s not a lifestyle thing for me. They’re just practical restraints to stop my head getting kicked in as I’m tickling the shit out of someone. All I own fits into a fairly large business overnight case, with the exception of my set of portable stocks, which need a slightly larger bag.
May 3, 1978 (Age: 46)
Currently living in (and originally from) the sout
'ler, 'lee or both
Where am I ticklish?
Does it matter if I'm a ler? As it happens I'm ticklish practically everywhere, which is monumentally annoying for me and monumentally amusing for anyone who wants to piss me off.

I have been known to lee though, as one of my regular tickle friends, who was usually the one getting tortured by me, wanted one day to find out what it was like to ler.

Me, being the considerate and adoring ler that I am, indulged her for a bit. I didn't really laugh like she did when tickled, but I did resemble
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