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  • So, I happened to catch a glimpse of my own signature today, and I noticed my signature quote. Holy shit if we didn't both find exactly what we were looking for, at basically the same exact time. If there's a God of hot, dominant, strong, confident booty calls, I want to offer up to him some kind of a sacrifice.
    I took the Invincible comics. They've been a really cool read so far! Thanks a bunch for those. How did the move go?
    I thought I might still have the directions in my glove compartment, but it turns out I don't. I'll bother you in the morning for how to find you :)
    I butt dial you? I was unaware of that. I suppose that means my butt thinks of you!

    Take from that what you will.....
    I'll need a new "Map of Justice" (trademark and copyright), so I can find my way back out there. I'm fairly certain that my trail of bread crumbs hasn't lasted the year. Damn homeless!
    My goodness! That is some action I could get behind. Yes, I think so. Hurm, yeah. OK, why not? Yes, let us do this thing :rockon:
    Scottish, Irish...its all the same. (and yes, I can say that, as I am both!) But, no, I have not seen Brave :(
    Busy is good. Beats bein' a dullard. :) Wrapping up the play (killer Sat. night; last performances this weekend), Best Man at my father's wedding, continuing research, starting writing in earnest at the start of July, but I miss things that are art-related, so I'm going to look for ways to sate that, too... Set up new AC today (and my dad's at his place, too -- heat wave starts tomorrow), and I finally realized there's a great trail near where I live, so, once I get shoes that don't try to kill my feet, I want to try 10 mile jogs again.

    July and Aug.: Philly, Gettysburg, Ohio, museums, epic movies, getting old German documents translated hopefully, and maybe finding out some new info on some problem mystery characters...

    Dance classes? Awesome! Better you than I, sister. Last time I tried that (Swing), it was literally like training Frankenstein's monster to walk -- you can ask Christina. :) Keep cool, darlin', and do find time to breathe. You're missed.
    I know! I've already been tormenting him with various fattie MJ pics. Many, many more then I ever would have imagined to be found. I think I may move along to a new character now. Not sure who...
    hmmm....I think I prefer the thought of you with a personal cloaking device. Let's face it, that sounds SO much cooler! By the way, I was teasing Rob about his love of pictures of inflated women. He's all charmingly befuddled by it. You really need to help me raz him about it :laughhard:
    Where have you been?? Have you engaged a cloaking device? If so, may I have one? That would be cool to have!
    Wife, I want you to know that I was sad that you've made beautiful signatures for all of us and no one really has the talent to make one for you, so I tried making you one. In Paint. And it was horrible. So my gift to you is not making you a signature. You're welcome. :bubbleheart:
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