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Comfort Eagle
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  • I'm sorry, I thought I was the one who was supposed to believe that everything's a hoax.

    Why don't you go burn a book like a good little fascist instead of reading it like us real liberals do?
    About as much as you sit around seething over a statue of a dude who died in 1506.

    You know what's cool? I'm old enough to remember when Democrats cared about art, history, free speech, etc. If they still did, I'd still be one.
    Who's the one banning any books they dont like? Republicans, dictionary? Republican, LGBTQ topics? Republicans, anything "woke" Republicans
    ok there it is lol ****** is totally acceptable but cuhhhunt isn't lol faggots got burned alive now witches may have been called cahunntts but still. Way to go feminism. You're even winning against the lgbt community. At least on here. O comfort eagle I feel you are the only one I can talk to about this....Don't report me you ****** ****
    You call it freaking the fuck out because you are a white knight at best. **** in my opinion. I'm doing it because I want to. Period. I shouldn't have to varnish my words or opinion just keep a profile on a fucking fetish site. So go fuck yourself with cuts on your dick and lemon juice on your favorite hand. O yea you ****.
    See when people are ****s and you retaliate people like this ****** will try to throw weakness on it. Comfort Eagle you couldn't be in my presence. It would ruin you. Just like I've accidentally done to all the weak men trying to pretend I am and convince others of it so they can feel like they have a female that is ok with them.
    Step foot in my gym or in my club and I'd take all your confidence from you without even noticing you there.
    Ok, that was pretty funny. Got to respect the 5 year setup.

    Hey Comfort Eagle, long time. No plans to reopen LOL unfortunately, but I am kicking around the idea of rejoining the community as a "civilian." The thing is, after a long quiet spell I have zero feel for what and who out here is real. If I did come back (maybe with a new account) I wouldn't mind a few people knowing about LOL, but I'd rather not get a bunch of requests to reopen the old store, sell or share clips, etc. LOL was a blast, but everyone has mostly moved on.

    So, I thought instead of posting out of the blue to an open forum I'd try one of my old TMF friends first. No hard feelings if you have better things to do, and honestly I'm not even 100% sure I want to do this, but if you're willing I'd sure appreciate any advice on plugging back in. I imagine there's plenty of BS to steer around, and also plenty of good people worth getting to know.

    Anyway, if nothing else, thanks for the laugh. :)

    I have played both of the games you created, and I want to know can I receive permissions to translate your games into other languages so others can enjoy it as well?
    Hey man. I saw that too, It wasn't us, unfortunately. It was a dude who went by the name RoT.
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