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  • Hi there!

    I wanna ask if you can open a new point int the tickle gatherings forum. For Europe, can you add Germany to the list? So I can start discussion about gathering in Germany.
    hello I am Mike and a newbee to the TMF forum. I am looking to setup some gatherings in the Las Vegas area or attend some in California and you seemed like the person to speak with. Any suggestions for someone just starting out? Or is there someone you could introduce me to that may be able to help?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. :)
    Thanks, brother. Miss ya. Miss the whole crew. Dunno 'bout this year. Still got a honeymoon, after all. :)
    Just thought I'd drop you a quick note and say "hi", congratulations on the nuptuals and hope all is well with you and the mrs.

    Hope to see you guys in Philly.
    ok here's what's going on. i bought a dell new 3 years ago. it came with vista. last month i had to reload vista for the 6th time in 3 years. before i could reload my antivirus protection, i got hit with what i now know is the antivirus gt scam. it interrupted what i was doing and took me to a screen listing all the supposed things that were wrong with my computer, and i couldn't get away from that screen unless i clicked on "fix computer" or something to that effect. now i can't even get to my desktop screen, even in safe mode. i either get a blue screen or a continuous loop of restarting only to end up back at the same point. right now i am having to use my roomie's computer. i have tried looking up solutions myself, but unfortunately they all require that i not only get to the desktop screen, but then also jump online. neither of which am i able to do. can you help?
    hi there dvnc. i'm lee, a newbie to the forum. i was reading your bio and noticed that you have experience with computers. i have a pc prob that i'd like to run by you if i could. is that ok?
    Hey there! Hope you and your lovely lady P are doing great young man. May all your knots in life be used for laughter!! Look forward to seeing you in 2/3 months. Jim
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    One day, in your country, this man and all those like him will get to vote. Remember that.

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    SOO, I am coming out to L.A for spring break, so you need to plan a party for me :p. It's WAY off, but I will probably be there from March 14-19 or so. :) Hope all is well!

    I really appreciate the offer if make out that way. As for the frustration, I know it well. Some days you want to flush the whole project down the drain. Always here if ya need to vent. :)
    Just dropping a line to say hello brother D. Hope all is well for you and the lady in the coast. Take care.
    Thanks, gents. Chemistry solves much. Metal implants solves more. Now if I can just get these implants customized... ;)
    Dang, Brother! Friggin' Magneto rips the adamantium out o' ya right when you need it... All the best with the accelerated healing factor, man.
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