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  • Hello! You're a cutie. Hey, I know what would be exciting..... starting a friendship with you.
    Haiiiii! 8D Wow, I forget that you live in Cincy...that's not too terribly far from me. XD Maybe about 4 to 5 hours. :woot2: Awesome. :yourock:
    Haha, well I have flat feet, too. :D Absolutely no arch whatsoever...which is why I can't play sports. :( I had to get special inserts in my shoes so they won't blister. lol And my podiatrist told me that I should get surgery done on my feet sometime soon to correct them. O___O Yeah, thanks Dad, for those genes. XD No, I don't think you ramble on at all. I sincerely enjoy learning more about you and what you think about certain issues. :D You watched Xena? 8D I was a bit too young to appreciate it when it was on TV. I only just discovered it's joys. :rainbow: Glad you liked my LOLXenas, too. :p And don't be shy about approaching ppl. :) I love getting PMs and I'm sure most ppl on the forum do, too.
    Hiya, flatfoot. I've been reading a lot of your posts and you always have such interesting things to say and truthfully it makes me wanna get to know you better, friend. :D Do you really have flat feet, btw? o_O
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