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  • Hey Man
    I absolutely adore your work. Heckedy pegg is my favorite. Please finish the story:)
    When will that happen?
    Hi JT!
    I just replied to you with two long messages, just let me know if you've got them or if I need to send one (or both) of them again. Once again I love your work!
    April xxxxxxxxxx
    Hello JT,
    Sorry I keep dropping off the face of the Earth. I am involved in a HUGE Dr. Who project. I'm co-writing a piece. It will either be an episode ( 2 parter) or a book. The powers that be don't know what to do with it yet. So I will read your story when I get a free moment.
    Hi Jersey,
    I just wanted to say that I'm a fan of your material! It's writers like you, Mandrake, and libtick - that that has me pursuing in writing fiction. I'm still an amateur, and still looking for my groove.

    Anyways, thanks for the inspiration!
    Sorry, I thought you were just a lee, but that's cool. Maybe we can write a story where I am tickled by a character of your own design, someday I mean lol!

    I like the idea of you being tickled in the dining car, where the trolls have decide to take you back to their luxury suite in the train, where Smudge and Rut can undress you more, getting you closer and closer to skin city lol
    My Captain just called. I have to end this conversation. I'm on extra patrol tonight. Finally! wish me luck. My lungs still aren't normal yet. Always remember, if somebody your chasing sprays a mist into the air, don't breathe in!
    Yes I agree. Keep the striping for the train. And who said I couldn't be a Ler? I tormet Data enough. Oh sorry, I haven't posted the third part of the story yet.
    You mentioned matching underwear earlier, what did you mean by that? Did you want your underwear to match your sock color preference or have your bra and panties match?
    Rut became a rocket. Smudge couldn't move fast enough. By the time the trolls figured out who's limbs were who's, katlin had made it safely across the bridge.
    Ok how about:
    Katlin, realizing that neither troll was playing with a full deck, decided to teach Rut how to fly. In one swift motion Rut was gathered up by the shoulders and twirled. Katlin twirled him long enough to get a good momentum going.
    (Remember, Katlin is determined to become Sheriff, she'll do whatever it takes. Don't be afraid to be aggrisvie, I would suggest that you mace them both and then run through the bridge.

    "Here's the deal girly says Rut, we collect leather. That being said, your coat and boots are your toll, oh tall and mighty beauty! HOw about you take them off, and then you may cross the bridge.
    Some sort of "tall dark and gruesome" comment.

    Even better! Are the trolls ticklish? If I say " I would love to give you a back or foot rub."
    Right, i get that, but i mean like reacting to what they say and do, stuff like that. Trust me, when they will make it apparent that they wish to tickle you lol! But yes, it does help, much so!
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