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  • And I hear ya on Hinata and Shizune! Someone should use some sort of kusuguri-jutsu on them, hmm? =P Maybe we can commission an art piece for that! Oh, and thanks for all the recommendations!

    Oy, had to chop this up, 'cause the board was saying it's too long. Haha, maybe we should take this into PM or something... xD
    I hear ya on the filler annoyance. xP Then again, I guess they're better than no anime at all, right? But yeah, a very noticable difference between filler and main storyline. And the Bleach ones take so darn long to complete! Ugh!!

    Mai HiME (or My-HiME, whichever one, lol) is a mixture of cute, Sailor Moon-ish action, humor, and lots of...err...scantly clad women. Yeah. ^_^;; The story is quite complex and interesting. If you're all about the different aspects of love, then you'll probably like it. And since you've brought up the topic of tickling (it was inevitable, huh? =P), that anime is CHOCK-FULL of tickling...like, to the point where I think the maker of it has a thing for tickling. Seriously, in the 26 episodes that make the anime, I've counted at LEAST seven different instances of unquestionable tickling. Same as the spin-off, Mai Otome. You should check it out!! ;)
    No, not at all! =P And no, I haven't heard of that anime, before. Truth be told, up until recently, I've been sticking to the major ones (Naruto, Bleach, etc.), but now I'm starting to fall for the "cute" ones. Chobits and Mai HiME. o_o Perhaps I'll give this black cat a try soon. =)

    And wewt, I completely agree with you! Hinata's so damn adorable!! :super_hap

    Well thanks for replying, lol. Right, my time to apologize for the super-long comment. xD
    Heya! Random question, but it's been bugging me every time I've rolled over one of your posts. Who's this "eve" in your username? I'm a Naruto fan, but I don't recall there being any Eves (or why Naruto would "x" with her). xD Just curious!
    I'll explain more in a PM, as her description's pretty long. ^^;
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