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  • Yes, it's back (so happy! A 'lot' of the material here isn't anywhere else)!! And yes, I deginitely plan on bugging you, a 'lot' more. Got to get some 'ticklish' inspiration! 😉 😈
    Okay! I'll send you a message sometime soon, and we can talk then. I'd love to get to know you a little better. Goodnight! ^^
    Of course, no problem! I noticed we had a lot in common, so I thought I'd send you a request. Thanks for accepting. ~ ^^
    Thanks for the add and congrats on advancing! I've seen you been putting out a lot of posts lately so keep it up!
    Gotta write some stories for that (hosted author status) xP Actually, now that you mention name colors, you technically should have a green one now since you have an art section here! You want it green, or is blue more your style?

    *whisper* Go poke his toes a bit while he sleeps - it's fun! =o
    Hey Nuci! :happy: Hello to you too! All is well with me, besides a recent gout-attack. xD But I'm glad to hear that you're still truckin' along, though I hope the situation is a lot more stable than before?
    So I saw! I still have you on Skype and have been wishing and praying for your safety my dear. I'm aware of your troubles via the topic and I wish I was capable of supporting you. (Hugs) I'm just glad you're alive and things are looking brighter for you each day.
    Yaaay, thanks so much! ^_^ Yes, it was a fun birthday, thank you. =) And no worries, do what you gotta do. I hope things are going better on your end, and I'm glad your husband's operation was successful! Best wishes! :happy: *hug*
    Yes, I am, thank you very much. Hope you are doing well, yourself! Just read one of your posts and - BOY! - your situation ... *can't think of a word to adequately describe the hell that you seem to be enduring* I applaud the fact that you're even 'online', let alone taking the time to "chat."
    Aww that's actually kind of cool and sweet of you to reblog other funny things or simple tips to keep people coming to your channel. Makes me feel like it's twitter. Here's a picture of an adorable cat, now keep watching me. \o/

    I may have to keep an eye out for all those tips. I'm like...the bottom of the bottom when it comes to art skills right now. I tried on numerous occasions to get better at it and I did some sort of progress those times but when it came to learning new things, or in some cases, dimensions, I just fell flat and lost my motivation.

    Ooo I can already say congrats on your big exam (Almost said Big Zam...) and job chance. :3 I'm happy the site's helping pick you up though, you deserve a lot of the praise.^^

    If you're able to be anywhere, does that mean you perhaps have a Yahoo, maybe Skype, or dare I say...Steam? =o I'd love to add you on if you like, just send me a PM with the addies if you're fine with that. Or post a very fitting Grumpy Cat image. xD
    Interesting that you joined a forum dedicated to hearing such laughter. xD

    Well I guess if you want to get some exposure that IS the best course of action, to be EVERYWHERE, and no where, at the same time. (Spooky eyes) But ooo, you give references/tips for artists? I may have to look at them sometime, as I said before I really wish I could get better at my own arting skills. ;3;

    Thankfully I managed to find and bookmark that very link you linked for me~ Thank you though for helping me nonetheless. :3 What funny junk though? All the silly memes? 'Cause if so then you and I are gonna get along juuuust fine. Bwahaha. :p
    Oh wow, you're like, everywhere. How the hell have I not found you. o_o

    I'll just watch your Twitter and bookmark the Tumblr and call it a day before I enter some level of stalker territory I didn't know a single Google search could provide. >.> xD
    AHA, So I'm NOT somehow inept in the arts of left clicking! I'm a freeeee man~

    Huh, really? See, I never go to Tumblr since I hear it's just kinda that place to store a ton of meme images (trust me, I don't use Tumblr but I take 1 or 2 pokes at the Smashing meme Tumblr account, gawd it's so funny.) and some various other stuff. But if your sketchwork is there I see no reason to not bookmark it. So I'll go do a quicky searchysearch right now. \o/

    As for being right...(Does a wicked fist pump) Awww yeah, I like feeling not stupid. xD
    NuciComs? Such a cute name. xD I can't believe I've never found you before! You appear to be extremely popular on DA and a darn good artist. All this stuff here on your profile is pretty great, I wish I could be that good. I've tried numerous times to get into art but I can't seem to develop my skills. \o/

    I sadly don't have a Tumblr, but that should be okay, I can probably still see your sketches if they ever appear on here or DA sometime, no harm no fowl.

    Though I didn't find any links in your sig, I did get both added to my DeviantWatch list on DA. So now I can see all your new pieces. I think I'll do a little perusing too. xD
    Gasp, do you have a Deviantart or anything that I can subscribe to? Or something where I can keep watch of it all aside from the occasional update in the art section? Your art is quite fabulous, so I'm inclined to find a way to follow you. \o/

    Judging by the url of your Sailor Venus image you DO, too bad I can't click it. Because, ya know, has to be my fault somehow. :p
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