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  • It had it's good moments, but I think they they tried to put too much Wars in it rather than Trek. At the moment, it's a little easier for me to throw any of the original inconsistancies into the new version.
    Just wanted 2 know when u are going to write another alphabet story, I was really looking 4ward 2 reading about erica durance. You R the best thank you for all your contributions.
    Sorry for trashing your favourite Treks, but you are just so, so wrong about everything post-TOS.

    In my opinion, Trek doesn't get any better than Next Generation, around seasons 3, 4, 5 and 6. I have little patience for DS9, and even less for Voyager. Enterprise I refuse to comment on because I try to follow the 'Voldemort principle' with regards to it; it shall not be named, lest we invoke a curse upon ourselves.

    Next Generation was Star Trek, updated. Sci-fi with a humanistic message based on characters and tension arising from the story. Not technobabble, mindless action, or special effects taking the place of storytelling. Next Generation was the truest Trek there ever was.

    Voyager was a window into the minds of soulless TV executives who were trying to milk as much nerd-mileage as they could out of a promising idea, and it ended up ruining everything decent about Star Trek.
    Sorry, looks like I'm stuck in this small, boring town. =( No strip clubs for me, sadly enough. lol
    A date with a lesbian? LOL Nah, I can just be your wingwoman. ;) Bwahaha!
    Aww, well that sounds fun. :D Hope you enjoy your celebration! :redheart:
    OH, and the Pride Picnic was pretty fun. Though I'm most looking forward to the trip to Chicago's Pride Parade. ;) Then I can get really get my gay on! :veryhappy: And yes, I agree about the nearly naked men walkin' around. :p Then again, if women can go around in Pride Parades wearing nothing but black X's taped to their nipples, then I guess I'm fine with the guys showing some skin. LOL
    You take care!
    Hey there. :D Nothin' much. I attended a Pride picnic last weekend and I got my cousin's graduation party to look forward to tomorrow. :) And you?
    It's been awhile Slaver. How have you been? I hope what we experienced years ago is under the bridge. I am honestly happy to see you've returned and been a part of the TMF again. Whatever experience we've had I've long forgotten. <3 Only reason I bring it up is as a purge of its remains. Be well~ :) Glad to see you're here.
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