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  • Indeed, the longer you spend time on something the better it will be, at least in most cases. I see, so it took that long to write lord of the rings? That's insane, i can imagine it takes years to write but 40 years is a ridiculously long time.

    No worries, and it's alright, we're good.
    I am so so, so sorry for the inactivity of continuing the game, i've been working on other things and there has been days where i'm totally drained out. Plus the fact i can be lazy at times, making me even more inactive. However, i finally decided to work on the game again a little yesterday evening, and am getting more motivated again. This time i won't promise when the update will be done, for i hate promising things i end up breaking.

    I can totally understand why are you are getting impatient, but in order to make the game enjoyable, exciting and a lot of fun, i need to get motivated and energised first, otherwise the game would be rushed and boring. Thank you for caring about the game so much, i'll try my best to continue it till it's finally finished.
    I'm from the east coast of Canada, summer here lately has been quite strange. It arrived late and the past few days have been cold, but it's on early July yet :) Where are you from?
    same time it'd take a lot of time to make, unless there was a group of more than 3 people, so the work would get done faster

    Deus' game had all the possible formats/forms though (*/MF, M/F, F/M etc), or so i remember. And actually, i don't think my current game doesn't have any female tickling, it's all focused on males (even the very girly ones are males, every single character who gets the treatment will be a male). Of course, i'm still planning of making a second rpg game in the future, where i'll have original characters and a plot, which would have both female and male tickling, but considering this current one is focused on males only, the next one would have more female content.

    Not sure, all i know is that he lives in italy or somewhere around there.
    I see, and that's indeed the very common problem when trying to make a proper game with vxace rpg maker, for you'd have to actually buy the thing. What would the game had been if you were able to continue it more than that, or don't you remember much anymore? As in, what was the game about, was there a proper plot or goals?

    As long as you manage to get your hands on a program that allows you to make a proper game then yes, i'm sure you can make the game,but you would also have to be familiar with the program itself.

    No problem.
    I am from Europe, not gonna say more than that.
    Nice, i have a young friend who lives there actually, haven't talked with him for a while either. It's ok, the only problem with making the game is to have enough of patience and time, the rest is rather simple.
    Hello indeed, and apologies if i respond in the wrong way, this is my first time getting a visitor message.

    I see, and it's bit of a shame you discovered it just now, but better late than never.
    Ah, it makes me happy to hear you're excited about the game, i'll try my best to make the game complete, i just can't promise when it'll happen.

    It's nothing, i am actually a rather lazy worker, but considering there aren't too many male tickle game creators, i felt like going for it, and everything's going good so far.
    And sure thing, i don't see a problem with that, buddy.
    Yeah! Long live the 80's! What was your favorite cartoon growing up? Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Mighty Max, or another? Did you ever own a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, or Sega Genesis? My three favorite games were Super Mario Brothers 3, Mario Cart, and Super Metroid. :D
    Thanks... are you speaking of "your perfect lee/ler in ONE word"? Thanks but the idea wasn't really mine, i saw that in TMF. I'm a thief (?)
    Thank you for your message.
    Sorry but I'm quite busy recently for chat, so could you PM me?
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