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  • Hi Mike,

    About a month since I haven't heard news from you ; feeling so sad...

    I really appreciated all our chats, you used to be more than a friend to me,
    but if you have any reason to discontinue our chats on Skype, well...
    I've probably misunderstood something, but surely lost a nice friend...
    My days will feeling more empty...

    Our friendly relation used to bring colors in my gray life,
    so here's a picture for you that I'm sure you'll appreciate :

    Take it as a gift from me for our past good days and take care :)
    Feel free to let me some words on Skype any time you wish,
    you're always welcome and reading you is always a pleasure for me :)

    Cheers, my friend
    Hi! I`m alone and want to chat up with some guy. But it`s not very comfortable here,
    so if you can than find me by login: X-PUSSY and wite me HERE:smilestar
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