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  • I hesitated to comment, obviously, for a very long while,
    but we really hope your self-description isn't prematurely literal :(
    Nice to hear from you and thanks for your pm, but I'm not opposed to evolution, in fact I support it, but I feel everything needs a catylist and has to be inacted on or changed by some force or a need in the species. Evolution and God or CIE (creative intelligent energy) are really the same thing to me.
    Hey man - I don't feel like posting in that damn thread anymore, but I wanted to point something out...

    Although we live in a perfect set of circumstances, it has been proven that any given set of conditions is not required for any given species to live. Fish need water to breathe due to their respiratory systems - but over thousands of millions of years, some fish evolved to be able to breath air without water, therefore changing the "perfect" surroundings they needed. We evolved to breathe oxygen because it is most plentiful in our atmosphere - but if, say, nitrogen were more prevalent, who's to say our evolution wouldn't have made it more neccessary?
    Thanks for the add.:) We have both been around awhile but never really talked.I think we might have run across one another in the chat room,but its been a long time ago.
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