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  • I was so disapppointed that you didn't make it! to MTP! I really did love it there! It had such a family feel to it! But I do know how work can get sometimes. How is school going? I am definitely going to NEST! Can't wait to see you again. We definitely need to catch up one of these days!
    Sucks I saw this first now! Because that will be a lot harder now. :( I'm leaving tomorrow. Ofc, we will have much less time difference issues, but I will share room with three other people, so chatting time might be harder to fix. Well, whenever you're on Skype, send me a message :) I might be able to write chat, but not talk.
    I'm doing well! :) Preparing for some crazy weather. The Carolina coast is going to get raped this weekend :eek:. Luckily, I'm not near the coast, but my boyfriend's sister is having to come up and stay with us. I hope school is going well!
    Hey there! I Hope you're doing well :). I hadn't talked to you in awhile and wanted to drop by to say a friendly "hello" :D. :wavingguy:
    nice to hear from you! How was your trip? Yes, I am all moved in and my furniture came last Saturday. Still have a lot more to get but it'll happen!
    I am moving to Secane, Delaware County (which is a suburb of Philadelphia). In fact, it is like a 10 minute ride from the airport. Have fun in California!

    I got my airline tickets for Michigan. I just have to send in my registration. I can't wait to see you again!
    Hey! How are you? I am doing fine. Just getting ready to move. It's insane! Can't wait to be moved in and settled. When do you start school?
    I'm getting ready for a relaxing night of sleep. I've reserved six minutes to do an important task.......
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