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    Quote Originally Posted by camble4eva View Post
    Hi Johnjo, hope all is well. Would be interesting to see this done with Amanda, the results would be off the scale and the fit bit (or other make/model) would end up crashing!
    We never say never pal. Good to hear from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myriads View Post
    The idea looks interesting on first pass, but it breaks down on correlation.

    All the Fit Bit is going to tell you is there was a spike in heart rate/BP etc. This may or may not be because of the tickling. It could be related to having a strange person touch you, it could be due to being filmed, it could be because you dented the car this morning and are worried on how to tell your partner about it. It could be because you are a touch ill. Etc Etc.

    You'd need to build a baseline read on the person over a lot of separate days and time to see their base stats, then see how random things change them, and start isolating out those cases.

    Which eventually becomes a lot of work.

    The "Are they REALLY ticklish" debate has always been one that has bemused me when it comes to porn content.

    You will never meet or tickle the person in the video in the real world (Not zero % chance but almost) and they are creating what is in effect a piece of entertainment for your consumption. If it gets you hard (or wet, lets not be sexist) and you get off then it has done its job. What does it matter if it's a real ticklish response or acting that is so good you cannot tell?

    A good example of this is a model that was popular about 10-15 years ago named Molly Mathews she did work for FM and a few other producers and here on the forum the general opinion was that she was the bees knees as far as being ticklish and real and so forth. She was popular.

    Cut to the early 2010's and she is filming with Kink for a pretty hardcore BDSM shoot as they are want to do. Some of the handlers there liked to tickle models occasonly to fuck with them, and her's did. She had no reaction, the handler said I thought you were really ticklish. Molly replied. "I'm a good actress, I'm not at all." so he brought out a whip and that got a real reaction.

    But the point is that she successfully acted for most of a decade and no one could tell and lots of people got off to her.

    Which was the point of those tapes.

    Now if you are talking about a real life partner you play with that is a different story, and gets into personal honesty in a relationship and so forth. But in a porn vid? I don't get it. And that includes is Celebrity X ticklish? also. You will never meet or touch them. Close your eyes and make them as ticklish as you want and have at yourself. It's all fantasy so make it how you want.

    For some folks, the attachment to a porn star/celebrity is as close as they'll get to a relationship, so they're quite put out by the idea that their favorite could be "faking it".
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    ticklish or not models

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
    For some folks, the attachment to a porn star/celebrity is as close as they'll get to a relationship, so they're quite put out by the idea that their favorite could be "faking it".

    I'm a big fan of FTKL and its models, my very special favorite is Tiffany Brookes, what do you think, is this model really really ticklish or is there a lot of play with her? That would really interest me. Thank you

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