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  • I've become disrespectful and I'm going to get banned on purpose right now but that's because your rules for banning others keeps not applying to me as all I am doing is giving my opinion and I do feel that a debate or telling the truth to someone about how you feel is disrespectful. It's just what happens when people talk. SO WHY DO I KEEP GETTING BANNED? I support XXXTENTACION and I am not hiding that fact but why is that ok for me to get banned for? It isn't it's liking an artist and separating what I dont support about him from his art. How are any of you of with banning someone for an opinion or for supporting someone or for simply replying with an honest opinion.
    Hello I would like to delete my profile.
    I do not feel well here.
    No one is angry at me or teasing me, but the atmosphere is very cold.
    And because I'm very late here, I know everyone I am foreign to the forum and no one wants to write with me.
    I want to get out of here.
    Hi! Is there an option to take screen caps when we are online in chatroom from mobiles? A person named "Ftk" keeps sending me weird PMs despite requests not to do so whenever I am online from tablet, where we dont have the "Ignore PC option"
    A repeat of before, Angel can't host trivia internet is out, I am gonna do it in her stead. By the way. I don;t know if you hear this often but, thanks for hosting the tmf andI hope ya have a good day.
    Hello good friend, I hope Spring is well on the way in your neck of the woods, with sunny days aplenty.
    Speaking of continuing stories, Myriads. I saw that you posted in Kunzite's topic. If I may ask...we ever going to get anymore chapters of World of When?
    Myriads, I can't log into the forum on my desktop, do you know why? No matter how many times I reset the password, I won't work
    Hello Myriads,

    I hope that you have been well and that TMF has maintained a strong, neighborly state of affairs. It has been nearly a year since my perma-ban and being given much time to consider the course of my actions on the night that got me banned from chat, I would like an opportunity for redemption, as it has never been my intent to cause harm to any of my fellow users nor to cause them an unpleasant chat experience. I truly regret the course of actions I took and anyone that may have been harmed by them last year, and would like to return as a morally upstanding chat citizen.

    Best Regards,

    Hey my name is Jenn and I am writing to you because of one of my recent threads I stated that my fiance and I were looking for a girl to "Tickle Play" with us and someone responded that you could do something to prove i am a girl or something like that so that people dont think I am a creepy man trying to scam girls lol! I am not really sure exactly what they said because now I cant find the post... but any help would be great thanks!
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