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    Jun 2006
    central PA

    Fun with Amandas Feet! " omg, i LOVE this but it tickles so bad!"

    ok, So Amanda calls in and basically says she NEEDS to come in and have her feet tickled & played with ! that its been too long (that and she needs to get away from her house & fam a bit for a sanity break lol)*

    How are we going to deny her ? she said i want to be in the inverted stocks, & chill while we chat and you tickle my feet! Seriously! This is what ticklers dreams are made of!*

    This is an in your face POV up close clip of Amandas feet getting played with, massaged & tickled..Her feet are almost impossible to stop tickling (kind of why clip is so long!)*

    She said as much as this tickles its so relaxing and just the break she needed! She is truly the BEST, Enjoy,,her feet are freaking awesome,,this is simply stare & drool material right here! Get a comfy chair & be prepared to wish it was you with her feet in your hands!!!


    Fun with Amandas Feet! " omg, i LOVE this but it tickles so bad!"
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    Feb 2010
    You're doing something right when the girls are calling you saying that they need to be tickled.

    I hope she calls you asking for belly/bellybutton tickling next. It's been a while since we've seen that beautiful bellybutton of hers.

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