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  • Hi Princess, can you tell me what size shoe the Buttery Soft Feet Girl wears??? Also can you please bring her back for more tickling, and maybe taste her soft feet with so Lickles!!! Thanks, and Keep Tickling, Adrian
    Hi Ice Princess and Happy New Year. :hello: I was wonder if you guys were going to be putting up any new clips at the Tickled Pink Store?
    Yeah Comfort not really sure if he would be happy with anything,, heck, some clips are only 2 mins long,,haha,, i don't see too many preview clips that long,,i mean yes its fun but its a business too..
    ".If preview clips aren't AT LEAST 2 minutes long of CONTINUOUS play, I NEVER BUY THEM. "

    The asshole below me must never buy clips then...
    Never mind...I found it...That's it? A 25 second, poor quality clip??? What a waste of time....If preview clips aren't AT LEAST 2 minutes long of CONTINUOUS play, I NEVER BUY THEM. Too easy to pick out ONE GOOD SCENE to sell a mediocre video. Been ripped off too many times that way to get burned again...But thanks anyway...
    So where is the "Grandma feet tickling clip" of the 65 year old women? You said you were posting it, but all I saw were 2 pics...Thanks
    Excuse me but I was wondering for the clips store Tickled Pink what happened to the clip I think it was called Hold your feet still or else where he counted and every time she moved her feet he started the count over again. I've been looking for that clip for a long time I'm prepared to buy it. I would just like to have them thank you for you're time.
    I would love to be part of a group of lers and lees. I love tickling woman and am extremely ticklish myself. As a lee most woman love tickling me because I am so ticklish and sqirmy.
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