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  1. 1

    Story request

    Hi everyone! I have a story requests in mind if anyone is looking or wouldn’t mind writing one, if so, feel free to pm me about the details! Thanks
  2. M

    Name change request

    Can you change my name to masterandticklee? Thanks in advance!
  3. UnknownWatcher1

    Hentai Translation Request *Nudity*

    If there are any kind souls out there, or if it's not too much of a bother, could anyone help translate these pages? :blush I would be extremely grateful :wub
  4. J

    Looking for this video

    Found a tumblr post of gifs of a tickle video. I really want to buy the clip but have no idea where to look. I asked the poster, but haven't gotten a response yet. Here is the post: http://levelupman.tumblr.com/post/102981791840/is-it-worse-when-the-hands-go-up-the-shirt If any one knows the...
  5. C

    Name Change Request

    Dear gracious mods, I see that there's a 15 character limit. So can you please change my my name to "canIsniffyofeet"? Thank you.
  6. top_gunace

    A request

    My rimpent for a storyline is this It is earth in the distant future The world is at war with each other it is a gender war male vs female brought on by a person from a different planet a Princess named Gia who came in sweetly promising peace and happiness and success and prosperity for all if...
  7. BlasterMaster

    Name change request.

    Can a mod change my user name to ILoveDebonairDamsels? If so, thankies. :D
  8. Q

    Name Change Request

    Can I message someone or somehow get my username changed to something like "QuietLaughterXD" if it isn't taken?
  9. D

    Sketch request thread? o:

    I'm kind of taking requests/suggestions to not be bored... If I ink or color a suggestion/request i might have had a huge interest in said piece... the 3rd piece in what i can do is actually a collab but I can give that style a try... and it doesn't have to be mermaids but I do require a...
  10. D

    [request] Old image set from desperation thread

    Hey everyone! I'm really out of hope for this, because I searched for this set everywhere without results. It was posted on the scenes of desperation thread here some years ago. It belongs to the images that are not accessible anymore. It was a black and white drawing, very roughly drawn...
  11. M

    Request for a story. Maids in mexico

    Hi all, Im looking for an old story. The premise is that a group of Mexican Maids tickle the Don of the house for being an A-hole and screwing over his sister who is beloved by the maids. Any help would be appreciated. Its an old story so even just a title would be appreciated. Its FFF/M
  12. 1

    translation request, Japanese (m/f, upperbody)

    Could anybody provide a full translation, panel by panel, of the following comic? A link to a source would also be nice. I cannot read Japanese but I presume that all persons are of the legal age.
  13. S

    Birthday Request

    I was wondering if I could get a birthday request in for somebody to draw the following ten women to have their bare soles tickled. I'd like to leave it for the artist the scenario but I'll give you just in case they do need one. I was more thinking of them getting their bare soles tickled...
  14. C

    Story request

    I would like a story about a female cop who is captured by a gang of crooks who want to know how what evidence the police have on them, so they tickle torture her feet.. They tickle her with fingers and tools, then bring in cats to lick her feet.
  15. S

    Art Request: Tickling Redheads

    Another idea with a theme of hair color. Part one mind you but all the same. This time, while the premise is the same of the various women getting their bare soles tickled in stocks by an unseen force using magic and feathers, the characters are (and I've thought this through this time): Black...
  16. S

    Art Request: Tickling Blondes

    Let's try this. I was thinking of a piece involving five blonde hair characters having their bare soles tickled in stocks. The following including: Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers (Marvel) Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) Tsunade (Naruto) Rapunzel (Tangled) Linkle (Hyrule...
  17. S

    Art Request: Vogue (Youngblood)

    First of all, huge apologies for that other thread. That one I did not think through. Alright, better test subject for making art requests and hopefully this will actually turn out well unlike the last thread. I was thinking Vogue from Youngblood getting her bare soles tickled and this is she...
  18. Q

    */f request

    hi hey hello! i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to finish an amazing story i found on another forum. the story was never finished by an original author, but maybe someone will feel like taking it from there...
  19. divarope

    Luna tickled tortured and spanked by request!!!! Preview and scenes

    Tickle Tortured and Spanked by request!!! This time the request was for Luna, delight with this preview , in hogtied position, and wearing a strapless top and jean mini short, with her sexy barefeet, and sides exposed to be tickled. She is totally helpless , laughing a lot and feeling the babe...
  20. divarope

    A special request with Brisa for socks & barefoot tickling lovers :)

    This clip is for socks & barefoot lover's specially for Jyako, thanks for your suggestions!!! Here Brisa wears dark leggings, sneakers and pretty socks ;) with her feet tied together at fetish office and her hands secured at chair, Brisa is helpless for a foot-tickling sesión with and without...
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