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A reunion with my cousin (some quick F/M and M/F tickles)


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Feb 18, 2024
Here's a quick one.

I have a distant cousin (let's call her Mia), who went to the same university as I did but in a different field of study. But we did hang out from time to time.

One day we're sitting on a couch in her dorm room and she's trying to invite me to a house party at her bestie's place. Parties are not really my thing, so I'm trying to politely refuse.

Finally she goes "I can make you" and starts poking me in the ribs.

I flail around on the couch and yell "No! I'm not going" and after a moment or two she gives up.

"You're no fun."

"Oh yeah? How would you like if I poked YOUR ribs?", I asked and did just that.

She didn't even flinch. I tried a couple more jabs, pokes and spider-walk tickles over her sides and belly. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. She even offered me her foot and I did a quick test tickle through her sock. It was like tickling a brick (a soft, size 8 brick but still). Not wanting to push my luck (she was my cousin after all) I gave up.

Mia then explained that she lost her ticklishness in the girl scouts. Apparently, they were having a lot of tickle contests and she learned how not to be ticklish.

I didn't want to push her on this (again, cousin) so we changed the topic.

Fast forward a decade. Mia is visiting a friend who lives in my town. Having heard that I'm freshly divorced, she contacts me and we go out to grab a drink.

We're at a bar, side-by-side on a sofa, drinking beer and chatting. Inevitably, the topic of divorce comes up and I'm starting to feel deflated.

"Hey, it's gonna be OK", she says, "you need to relax a little".

And as the word "relax" leaves her mouth I feel the first poke to the side. Then another. Two pokes later I'm squirming in my seat with a tickle-induced grin.

"See. You're already cheering up.", she contines with the poking.

And then my tickle-fight instincts kick in. My hand shoots out at her and starts digging into her ribs. She squeals and tries to escape. My other hand goes for her belly and now she's laughing and trying to curl up in a defensive ball. I tickle her for a couple of seconds and stop.

"I thought you weren't ticklish."

"I wasn't.", she says as she collects herself. Still smiling she adds: "It's Paul's fault. That asshole made me ticklish again."

Paul was Mia's boyfriend. Apparently, he had a lot of time and opportunity to explore my cousin's body. Enough time to break through her defences and make all her ticklishness resurface again.

And then he told her besties and her sister. Hence the "asshole" comment.

I'm guessing that "not ticklish Mia" piled up quite a tickle debt, which "ticklish Mia" is now having to pay back.
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I’ve tickled my cousins feet and she’s tickled me. Ticklishness runs deep in our family. Her mom and mine are sisters.
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