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A Sister’s Lesson (F/F non consensual)


Registered User
Oct 27, 2019
Hello, here is a story I’ve been working on for a while, might be a little long but I sometimes fail to finish stories that I post in parts. Hope you like it!

Stacey stood nervously on top of the bar next to the other contestants. The roars and cheers from several hundred people in front of her filled her ears as she waited. She closed her eyes and held her breath as she felt movement behind her and heard her name called.

She waited only a moment before the icy cold pitcher of water was dumped over her chest and shoulders. She gasped and shuddered at the chill of the cold water but then the noise from the crowd helped her shake it off.

The water immediately soaked through her tied up white shirt and caused the material to shrink and form to her size D breasts. Her nipples stood erect and pressed out against the fabric of her t-shirt.

Stacey raised both of her arms in the air and then rocked her hip out as the crowd roared even louder. She was wearing tiny jean booty shorts and black heels to complete her outfit. A few of the guys in the crowd let out whistles. She smiled excitedly at all the attention being showered on her.

The attention was short lived as the busty girl standing next to her was doused with water. Jess was one of the regulars at the bar and was wearing a paper thin crop top that hugged her huge breasts.

Stacey didn’t know what the shirt was made of but it was basically see through before the water. The shirt nearly melted into Jess’s skin and her large dark nipples made it look like she wasn’t even wearing a top.

The roaring crowd reached new heights and hoots and calls filled the room. Jess pumped both fists straight up in the air and began to bounce on her heels, causing her enormous breasts to wobble happily.

Stacey scowled jealously at Jess who was still working the crowd. She was super competitive at heart and hated losing. The announcer declared Jess the returning champion and thanked the contestants for the show as the music cranked back up.

The three other girls next to her on the bar all waved at the crowd and started dancing to the music. They looked to be the same age as Stacey, early 20s and either finishing up or fresh out of college. Stacey wasn’t in the mood to dance and grumpily climbed down from the bar.

She watched jealously as Jess held out her hands and a crowd of horny men fought over the chance to help her down from the bar.

“Geeze I still can’t believe you actually did that,” said a voice behind her.

Stacey turned and saw her friend Molly standing there with an impressed grin on her face. She had met Molly a few months ago at a spin class at their local gym.

“Why not? I would have won if not for Miss Big Juggs over there. Next time I’ll bring a better shirt. And you will be doing it with me!” Stacey said back.

“Ha! No one wants to look at these little things!” Molly joked.

Their conversation was interrupted by a drunken voice shouting over the music.

“Hey thurr good loookn, need a driink?” Came the slurred request from a guy wearing super tight jeans and a fitted blue polo.

“Well now, seems I’m not such a loser after all?” Stacey said to Molly with a wink.

They took the polo guy up on his offer and got their first of several free drink orders through the night. Stacey had always been a good looking girl, she had been a college swimmer and was incredibly fit. Her long blonde hair was slightly curled and fell down past her shoulders.

She had just gotten out of a four year relationship that had taken up most of her college years. Her boyfriend graduated college a year before her and had said he was waiting for her to graduate before popping the question.

That had turned out to be the closest she would get to a proposal. She had skipped classes one Friday and came home early to surprise him, only to find her true love in bed with a coworker.

That breakup had sent her life into a steep downward spiral. She had spent several weeks in her apartment alone crying. She stopped attending her law school classes and eventually was dropped out by the school.

Her wealthy parents had come to visit her as often as she would let them but eventually she stopped taking their phone calls. They threatened to cancel her credit cards but she knew her dad didn’t have the heart to cut her off.

Her older sister Ellie had even flown back from her big lawyer job in New York to try and snap her out of it. Stacey ignored her calls as well and even pretended she wasn’t home when her sister came to the apartment. She still felt a little bad about listening to her sister knock on the door for over 20 minutes.

Eventually her sorrow transformed into anger and eventually revenge. Stacey decided that a guy wasn’t going to ruin her life and stop her from having fun, like he had been doing for all those years. She was going to make him wish he never broke her heart by showing him what fun really was!

Stacey had always been super fit from her time competitively swimming, but she joined a gym to ensure that no man would look past her physically ever again. It was there that she had met Molly.

Molly was in a similar situation, newly single out of a relationship that was going nowhere. The two made perfect company.

The wet t-shirt contest was definitely another step up in the fun category for Stacey. She had always focused on her studies and had been a little socially reserved. Her newfound attitude was allowing her to step out of her shell and finally enjoy life!

The girls were waiting for another round of free drinks when Stacey felt her phone buzz. She pulled her phone out and sighed when she saw a text from “El” on the screen. She stared at it for a moment before finally opening the text.

“Seriously Stacey you missed Grandmas funeral… what is your deal? You need to stop being such a selfish bitch.”

A wave of guilt washed over Stacey, but it was quickly replaced by frustration over being called a bitch. She closed the phone and put it away.

“Ok I need a shot, right now.” Stacey said as she turned to the bar.

“What happened?” Molly asked.

“Nothing a couple shots can’t fix.” Stacey replied.

“Don’t worry miss, I have something you’ll like.” Said a voice next to her.

Stacey turned to see a handsome man wearing slacks and a dress shirt. He reached out his hands, presenting two shot glasses full of dark liquid in each.

“My god, yes.” Stacey said as she reached out and drank one shot without hesitation.

“What is that?” Molly asked hesitantly.

“Wheeew tastes fine to me!” Stacey grimaced as the liquor went down . She looked at the remaining shots in the man’s hand.

“Be my guest.” He chuckled with a grin.

Stacey took two shot glass and handed one to Molly. They tapped their glasses as they took a shot. Both girls made faces as they finished the booze.

The man oddly didn’t drink the remaining shot. He set the glass on the table and then smiled as Molly grabbed it to catch up with her friend.

They were soon joined by another well dressed man and the four of them ordered a round of drinks.

The night seemed to blur after that. Stacey wasn't sure what was in those shots but she didn’t care. All her worries drifted away and her mind settled into a dreamy haze.

About an hour later the men suddenly told them it was time to go. Stacey tried to protest but couldn’t quite form the right words in her head. She stumbled through the bar and was led out the back door into an alley. She looked down the alley and saw a dark van parked at the end.

“Where we going?” Molly asked, confused.

“Do we reeeeeaaaaally have to go?” Stacey pouted.
She felt a strong hand pulling her towards the van. Her brain was screaming at her to not get in but the cloudy haze over her mind told her to relax.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Shouted a strong voice from the bar exit. Stacey somehow thought it sounded familiar.

“Mind your own business lady.” Came the quick response.

“Like hell I am, that’s my sister you fucking rapists.” Shouted the voice.

Stacey felt the grip on her wrist suddenly lighten. She turned and through a fog saw the bright blonde hair of her older sister.

“Yeah, now get the fuck out of here or should we see how loud I can scream?” Ellie challenged.

The two men looked at each other, then decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

“Whatever, have fun babysitting them you bitch.” They said before walking to the van.

“Hey thanks for the drinks!” Stacey drunkenly called after them.

“Hey you’re leaving?” Molly asked as she watched them get in the van.

“Shut up! You have no idea what was about to happen! What were you thinking? And what the hell are you wearing?” Ellie asked, looking at Stacey.

“Oh shut it Moooom,” Stacey retorted.

“Oh my god, what did they give you? Fuck…. ok follow me.” Ellie said sternly.

She grabbed the two girls by the hand and led them through the bar and out the front. She ordered two cabs, one for Molly and one for her and Stacey. After making sure Molly was safely headed home, she helped Stacey into the next cab and climbed in beside her.

“I don’t feel so good,” Stacey complained, her head starting to spin.

The rest of the drive faded in and out for Stacey. She remembered the cab stopping so she could lean out and vomit. Then being pulled back in as Ellie barked orders at the driver. She remembered laying down on her sisters lap, and then vomiting all over her dress pants.

She remembered getting into an elevator while her sister held her up. She was then sitting on the floor while Ellie unlocked the door to an apartment. She groaned unhappily as Ellie made her get up. The two trudged through the unfamiliar apartment until they reached the bathroom.

A short while later Stacey emptied whatever remained in her stomach. She felt horrible and wanted nothing more than to pass out on the bathroom floor.

Ellie pulled her up and then carried her down another short hallway and into a bedroom. Stacey remembered her sister making her drink some water before she felt the bed under her. Her head hit the pillow and everything went black.

At some point Ellie woke her up to give her more water. Stacey was led down the hallway again where she used the bathroom. Her whole body somehow hurt as she sat on the toilet. She began nodding off but then felt Ellie shaking her before she was lifted up again.

Stacey felt warm water against her back and realized she was standing in the shower. She looked down and saw at some point her clothing had been removed. She felt Ellie cleaning vomit and booze off her face, neck and the rest of her body.

Stacey heard Ellie cuss in frustration as she tried to swat her arms away and splashed water all over her sister.

“Leave me alooone I just want to sleep,” moaned Stacey as her sister held her up and forcefully toweled her off.

She was finally led back to the bedroom. It must have been day time because she could see light bordering the curtains which were pulled shut.

Stacey was seated back on the bed and felt a t-shirt being pulled over her head. Her wobbly legs were then guided through a pair of panties.

“Ohhhhh… my head hurts so bad.” Stacey complained.

“Take these.” Ellie instructed.

Stacey grabbed whatever was in Ellie’s hand and swallowed them with a gulp of cold water. She laid back down on the bed and was out before her head even hit the pillow.

Stacey woke up several hours later. She wasn’t sure exactly how much later, but the light creeping through the blinds was gone. She noticed a ceiling fan silently spinning in the darkness above her. She blinked as she looked around the dark room. She was relieved to find that her headache was gone.

She was laying on her back with her arms oddly resting above her head. She tried bringing her hands down to rub her eyes but was startled to feel resistance against her movement.

Stacey tried looking up and pulled harder, thinking they might have fallen asleep or something. She felt pressure around her wrists and realized she couldn’t move her arms!

Ok, what the hell, She thought. Stacey tried to sit up to get a better look at her arms but found she couldn’t move her legs either. She bent her knees to pull her feet back but felt a tightening around her ankles. Fear suddenly gripped her as she realized she couldn’t move at all!

She looked down towards her feet and saw that something was wrapped around her ankles. She tugged with her legs again and felt the tension increase.

Her legs were spread out at an angle with her feet hanging slightly off the end of the bed. She wiggled her feet and noticed she was barefoot. She saw her red painted toes moving at the end of the bed.

She followed her bare legs up and saw that she was wearing only panties and a small t-shirt. Because of her arm position, the shirt stopped around the bottom of her ribs. Her flat tummy and innie bellybutton were visible.

Her arms were stretched tight, straight back above her head. She strained her neck and was able to catch a glimpse of black padded cuffs wrapped around her wrists. They were clearly tied to something, but she couldn’t see what. The cuffs were tight and looked strong, but surprisingly soft against her skin.

“About time you woke up,” said a voice from next to the bed.

Stacey looked over startled, and saw someone sitting against the wall. Her eyes adjusted and she saw that it was Ellie.

“Ellie?? What the hell!?!?!?” Stacey asked angrily.

“That’s a hell of a thank you for saving you from getting date raped.” Ellie said bluntly.

“What?! Seriously???? Let me up!!” Stacey demanded.

“Oh sister, you are in no position to be talking like that.” Ellie replied calmly.

Stacey opened her mouth to respond but then hesitated. Fragments of the previous night began playing through her mind. She slowly began to recall her sister stopping her from going with the random men and then the trip back to wherever she was now.

“Ok, you’re probably right. So thanks. But seriously….. I mean what is happening here?” Stacey asked, dumbfounded.

“You were pretty bad sis.” Ellie said

“So you tie me up..???? Wow. How did you even find me?” Stacey asked.

“Dad still pays for your phone, like basically everything else of yours. So I had him do a GPS track. Lucky for you it worked.” Ellie explained.

“Ok, well thanks… I guess. But I’m fine…. So yeah you can let me go.” Stacey said, agitated.

“Well from the last several months this might be the only way to make sure you will talk to me.” Ellie replied, with a hint of sarcasm.

“Well……. I….. come on let me up.” Stacey said, lost for words.

“I think it’s long past due we have a sister to sister chat first.” Ellie replied.

“You can’t be serious.” Stacey responded.

Ellie stood up and switched a lamp on from the table next to her. Dim light filled the room and caused Stacey to blink, but her eyes quickly adjusted.

Stacey watched her sister move to the foot of the bed and sit on a chair that she hadn’t noticed before. Ellie was dressed comfortably in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Her blonde hair tied back in a neat pony tail.

When the two were younger many people thought they were twins. Stacey was 4 years younger but about an inch taller than Ellie. They both were built tall and slender and gifted with attractive physiques.

“Okayyyyyy… look I’m sorry about what happened. I got a little drunk.” Stacey said, a bit puzzled.

She felt a little uneasy about Ellie sitting next to her bare feet. She had pretty size 7 feet that she took great care of. She scrunched her toes nervously as she saw Ellie scoot the chair forward.

“Tell me about last night.” Ellie asked.

“What do you meeeeehehehehehen!”

Stacey’s leg muscles jerked and became rigid as she felt a fingernail tracing down the sole of her left foot. Her confusion quickly changed to panic as she realized her sister was tickling her foot.

Ellie had tickle tortured her relentlessly when they were little. The worst part was, Stacey was ridiculously ticklish and couldn’t stand it. Her big sister had even made a game out of trying to tickle her to the point of Stacy peeing her pants.

Back then she had at least been able to fight back and run away. She still had frequently been tickled to the point of crying and peeing herself. Her eyes widened as she thought about being tickled while tied up like she was.

Calm down, that was years ago. You are a grown ass woman now, and probably not even ticklish anymore. Stacey thought, trying to reassure herself.

“Very funny Ellie. Now let me up.” Stacey stammered, trying to sound stern.

“Answer my question,” Ellie replied simply.

A faint grin formed on Ellie’s lips as she watched the understanding of the situation slowly appear on her younger sister’s face.

Stacey felt the nail again run slowly down her left sole. She tried to hold the giggles in and act like it didn’t tickle but her defense quickly broke down.

“Ellie this is dumb, let mmmmmmhehe meeeehehehehe go hehehehehhehe!”

Stacey couldn’t believe how much that fingernail tickled as it traveled back up her sole. She desperately tugged at her foot but the straps around her ankle held strong. She couldn’t even pull her foot away from the tickling!

“What arehehehehe….stopheheheheheh!

She started trying to wiggle her trapped foot any way she could to get it away from the finger. There was no way she was going to let her sister have the luxury of making her beg. She clenched her jaw in determination just before she felt a nail touch the bottom of her other foot.

“Elliehehehe come on stahahahap pleheheheheheheheas!” Stacey giggled in frustration as her wall collapsed.

“I’m still waiting,” Ellie replied, amused.

“Hehehe waiting forhehehehe whahahahahahat?” Stacey giggled as she struggled to get her feet away from her sister’s fingers.

Ellie didn’t respond, instead she added her remaining fingers and began gently scratching all her nails up and down Stacy’s trapped soles.

“Oooohahahahahah my gaaahahahahahad staaaaaahahahahahahahp!” Stacey burst into laughter.

She kicked and pulled with her legs but her leg muscles just flexed uselessly as the straps held her ankles in place. She shook her head back and forth trying to block the sensation out of her mind but it tickled too much!

“Elliehehehehehehe! Stahahahahap! Hahahahahaha ELLIE STOP!” Stacey was able to force out angrily through her laughter.

To Stacey’s relief, Ellie lowered her hands and stopped tickling her trapped feet.

Stacey took a couple deep breaths and fought back the urge to yell at her sister, knowing it wouldn’t help. She finally lifted her head and looked down towards the end of the bed.

“Look, I was drunk and did something stupid ok? I’m sorry…..” Stacey said, looking away like a pouting child.

“See? Was that so hard?” Ellie teased. “Now explain your outfit, and why it was wet.” She added.

Stacey’s frustration quickly returned. She can’t make me lie here and be tickled like I’m a little kid!

“Ellie seriously, untie me.” Stacy said in a challenging tone.
Ellie raised an eyebrow at her sister’s abrupt change in demeanor.

“You don’t get it sis, you aren’t going anywhere. You might as well cooperate, for your own good.” Ellie said, her gaze shifting back to the trapped feet in front of her.

“Ellie Don’t! I’m serious! Stahahahahap! Elliehehehehehahahahahahhahah!”

Stacey watched helplessly as her sister leaned forward and began tickling her feet again. She felt the nails scratching softly up and down her soles and could do nothing but tug at her restraints in frustration.

Ellie had been tickling Stacey lightly, almost playfully up to this point. Her sister’s giggling laughter was bubbly and silly, nothing close to what she planned on inflicting as the night went on. She waited another few seconds until Stacey opened her eyes and looked at her.

Ellie then turned her fingers into claws and scratched harder into the soft skin of her sister’s soles.


Stacey’s eyes opened in surprise and the bed shook as she kicked her legs trying to break free. The ankle restraints did their job and her feet were held motionless. She closed her eyes and roared with laughter as her feet were tickled.

Ellie smiled, pleased as she watched her little sister howling with laughter. The reaction was better than she expected, Stacey somehow seemed even more ticklish than she remembered.

Ellie was equally impressed with her own restraint job. Stacey could waggle the top of her feet around slightly but Ellie was easily able to follow the soft soles with her scratching fingers. After a while Ellie moved her fingers up into Stacey’s toes and tickled just under them.


Stacy’s head jerked up in protest but her pleading eyes only got a cruel grin in return. She struggled desperately to get her toes away from Ellie’s nails. Her sister was never one for fancy manicures but her long pointed nails were driving Stacey crazy.

Stacey frantically wiggled and scrunched her toes while waving her feet around and was somewhat successful trying to avoid the nails. She concentrated on moving her feet in different patterns and felt a silly feeling of victory welling up as she managed to thwart the tickling just a bit.

Ellie then moved to Stacey’s right foot and held the toes back with her left hand. She began tickling up and down Stacey’s sole and into her exposed toes with her other hand.


Stacey’s left leg tensed up and her torso twisted as she desperately tried to pull her foot to safety. She tried curling her toes but Ellie’s strong grip kept them pressed back.

Ellie quickly switched to the other foot and found herself chuckling as Stacey’s body jerked to the other side.

Ellie spent several minutes moving back and forth between each foot. Sometimes staying on one foot for a while, other times switching quickly right back. Ellie grinned as she watched Stacey’s legs flex and kick at the restraints each time she shifted her target.


Stacey never remembered being tickled this hard growing up. She couldn’t believe the ticklish sensations that were running up her feet each time Ellie switched. She remained stretched tight and could only shake her head back and forth in ticklish agony. She had given up fighting and was just senselessly laughing.

After about two minutes of straight tickling Ellie noticed Stacey begin to struggle with her breathing. She began to cough and wheeze in sharp breaths in between her bouts of laughter. Reluctantly, Ellie stopped to give her sister a break.

Stacey’s eyes glared angrily at the ceiling and her chest heaved up and down as she gasped for air.

“You…..are…. such….. a…...biaahahahahahahahahah!” Stacey didn’t get a chance to finish as she felt Ellie’s nails quickly return to her soles.

Ellie tickled her hard for about 20 seconds before the wheezing laughter returned. Ellie paused again and waited to see if that had changed Stacey’s attitude.

“Ok…ok..please…. Stop…can’t…breath.” Stacey struggled to get out.

“Hey that was your fault,” Ellie mocked.

Stacey felt the frustration boiling back up, but had learned her lesson. She couldn’t handle any more tickling. She laid silently on the bed and caught her breath.

“So? The outfit?” Ellie asked impatiently.

Stacey looked at her sister and about 50 sarcastic, sassy responses came to mind. She hated it that she was afraid to say any of them for fear of getting tickled. She finally lowered her eyes in defeat.

“It was a wet t-shirt contest…” she muttered softly.

“Seriously? What has gotten into you sis?” Ellie asked in a serious tone.

Stacey grew even more annoyed at the situation and rolled her eyes as she let out a loud sigh. It was bad enough that she was being forced to have this conversation in the first place. But to have to justify her actions because she didn’t want to be tickled?!?!?

Her thoughts were interrupted as a finger nail flicked up her sole.

“Heyhehehehe! Ok ok! Stop Dammit!” Stacey bit her lip and fumed silently. She was about ready to explode but could do absolutely nothing about it.

“Sorry sis, you aren’t getting out of this. Might as well go with the program.” Ellie said.

“Well stop fucking tickling me and we can talk!” Stacey said, a little too harshly.

Stacey held her breath and immediately regretted it as Ellie looked down at her trapped feet. She exhaled as Ellie seemed to consider it, but then looked back at her.

“Then talk.” Ellie said bluntly.

“Can’t you let me up? Please El I promise I’ll talk.” Stacey tried, using their childhood nickname. This got a nice smile from her sister.

“Nice try, but you talk first.” Ellie replied.

“Ugh! Seriously?!? You realize that you HAVE to let me go right? You can’t keep me tied up here in underwear. Someone is going to hear this.” Stacey growled, unable to hold back.

“Well this is basically the same thing you wore last night… and funny you should bring that last part up.” Ellie said with a snicker.

She started lightly scratching her pointer fingers into Stacey’s soles as she spoke.

“Seheheheriously staahahahap!” Ellie groaned in frustration but couldn’t stop the cute giggles from bubbling out.

“If you ever talked to mom you would know that she joined the church band. She is currently the second cello in the band. But you know mom, she never settles for second best.” Ellie explained casually.

Ellie continued lightly tracing her pointer fingers up and down Stacey’s soles as her sister giggled helplessly.

“Thisehehehehishhehehehsoahahahstupehehehehhehehid! Stahahahahahp!”

Stacey wanted to be pissed and wanted to scream at her sister but her thoughts were repeatedly interrupted by the tickling sensations gliding up and down her feet. Despite her best efforts her lips cracked into a smile as giggles forced their way out.

“Of course mom had to get herself into the top spot. She didn’t want the other lady to know how much it bothered her. So mom purchased this apartment for the sole purpose of secret cello practice. Long story short - THIS APARTMENT IS COMPLETELY SOUND PROOF.” Ellie added for emphasis as she pulled her fingers away.

Stacey had been half listening as she was focused on testing the cuffs around her wrists but that caught her attention. She searched for something to say but the sincere expression on Ellie’s face left Stacey speechless.

“It is currently Sunday evening, I took the next few days off and we both know you have nothing going on tomorrow.” Ellie said pointedly.

A sudden realization of her situation washed over Stacey. She didn’t work, she had dropped out of school, her parents hadn’t talked to her in weeks, she was trapped in a sound proof room with her crazy sister who had tied her up and was tickle torturing her.

She did the first thing that popped into her mind and started frantically pulling with her arms and legs. She jerked and tugged and kicked as hard as she could for about half a minute but only succeeded in making herself tired.

“Ha! Those straps will hold 500 pounds, so I wouldn’t get too carried away.” Ellie laughed.

“What is wrong with you?!? Who has straps to tie people up?! And then you ACTUALLY tied me up!!!! This isn’t funny Ellie… Let me go RIGHT NOW!” Stacey hissed, sounding like a cat backed into a corner.

Stacey’s combative demeanor quickly diminished when Ellie stood up. Her eyes opened with alarm as Ellie walked to the side of the bed.

What are you doing????” Stacey nervously asked.

Ellie sat down on the bed next to her sister. She was seated next to Stacey’s thighs as she looked down. She had one foot still on the floor and the other crossed comfortably under her. She was barefoot with purple toenail polish.

Stacey held her breath as she watched Ellie. She was suddenly very aware of how little she was wearing and felt horribly exposed.

“Well I can tell you’ve been eating healthy and working out, so that’s a plus.” Ellie admitted as she looked over her sisters stretched body.

“Wha… what do you want?” Stacey asked, feeling even more vulnerable with Ellie right next to her.

“Same thing as before, just to talk.” Ellie replied.

“Ok… well I said I’m sorry… I really am.” Stacey offered up.

“Yes, I’m sure you are. But that’s not good enough. We haven’t talked face to face in over two years.” Ellie replied.

“Well… sometimes life just sucks. But I got over it. I don’t need a pep talk.” Stacey shot back.

“I get it, but today it’s not up to you. So we are going to talk about what has been going on in your life whether you like it or not. We can do it the easy way, or the hard way.”

As Ellie said this she set two fingers down on Stacey’s knee and began slowly tracing up onto her thigh.

“Seheheriously! Stop iteheheh!” Stacey giggled.

She looked down in frustration at the fingers gliding up her leg but was helpless to stop her sister. She felt her leg spasm as the sensation traveled across her skin. Ellie then added all her fingers and scratched softly over the skin as she continued to Stacey’s upper thigh.

“Hahaha okhahaha okok Stahahap you physcho!” Stacey said quickly, realizing she had no choice.

“Good, I’m all ears.” Ellie said with a smile.

Stacey started with the bad break up with her boyfriend. Explained how she had caught him cheating and how it ruined her life. Described being depressed and not wanting to talk to anyone. Eventually it all came flowing out.

She told Ellie about not wanting tough love from her parents and how she felt bad about ignoring Ellie. She continued describing how she felt suddenly alive when she decided to break out of her shell and start partying. She described being invigorated by all the attention her new lifestyle had garnered her.

She even admitted that she was getting back at her old boyfriend for not wanting her by making everyone else want her, one way or the other. That was where the new wardrobe and the wet t-shirt contest came in.

Ellie listened attentively to her sister. It was an interesting concept, to physically force someone to talk about their hidden feelings.

Ellie was hiding a small secret of her own from her family. She had dated a guy a couple years ago who was into bondage, like real bondage. He had tied her up a few times and she had enjoyed it for the most part.

One time she had tied him up, and wow was that a life changing experience. She had relished the control and power that it gave her. Her boyfriend hadn’t enjoyed it as much as she did. She had continued to dabble in it more and discovered that people liked all kinds of weird stuff.

To her family, Ellie was a hard working lawyer that had just became part of one of the most successful law offices in New York. Stacey had no idea that her sister had begun to experiment with hardcore bondage.

Ellie had since incorporated bondage into her dating life. One of her exes had come back and offered her money for a “session.” This opened up an even stranger world for her. People had actually started to pay Ellie to perform bondage and other acts on them.

Ellie had discovered that tickling was one of her favorite sessions. She found that she didn’t really enjoy inflicting real pain on anyone. Tickling gave her a tool to inflict real suffering without physically injuring someone.

Unfortunately for Stacey, the events of the previous night had unfolded with Ellie having a full bondage set in her vehicle.

After getting repeatedly ignored, stood up after flying home, the skipped funeral, finding her at the bar, getting puked on, and having to shower and cloth her adult sister - Ellie had stood over Stacey’s unconscious body and decided to end the childish behavior once and for all.

Ellie remembered how deathly ticklish Stacey was and knew just the form of punishment she needed. Her long nails had been perfectly shaped from a previous session and this was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

She had slipped a harmless sleeping pill into Stacey’s water (not that she needed it) and then set up her “intervention.” The whole process had played out better than she could have hoped as she continued listening to Stacey.

“I know I missed grandma’s funeral, I didn’t do it on purpose.. I just forgot.” Stacey finished.

“Do you know how many texts I sent you about it?” Ellie asked.

“I don’t know…. Geeze! Look, you said you wanted me to talk and I told you everything. Now let me go.” Stacey pleaded.

“How many voicemails did mom leave you?” Ellie continued.

“Come on Ellie! This is stupid! I don’t know, let me go!” Stacey complained.

“Did you even listen to the voicemails?” Ellie asked, secretly enjoying her sisters agitation.

“NO OK!!! You can’t just keep me tied up! It’s like kidnapping! And you are supposed to be a fucking lawyer!” Stacey snapped, her frustration getting the best of her.

“Who are you going to tell sis? No one will believe you. Everyone at the bar saw you about to get kidnapped and god knows what else. There are witnesses who saw me save you. Not to mention no one would believe you anyways. You think mom and dad will take your story over mine?” Ellie said pointedly.

“I wasn’t…..they wouldn’t….you can’t.…UGGHHH HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!? LET ME GO YOU BITCH!!!!!” Stacey yelled as her irritation overcame her.

Ellie recoiled a bit in surprise at her sisters outburst.

“Well that was uncalled for.” Ellie said.

“You tied me up you physcho! LET. ME. GO.” Stacey shouted emphatically.

“Well we clearly need some more bonding time. So take a little time to come up with a nice apology. I’m going to lighten the mood, things got a little tense here.” Ellie replied

Ellie then climbed onto the bed and knelt down between Stacey’s spread legs. She reached down with both hands and began lightly tickling Stacey’s upper thighs.

“Wait! What are you…no..no dontehehehehe stehehahahahahahap!” Stacey begged as she felt the nails make contact.

Ellie slowly moved her scrabbling fingers further up her sisters thighs. She looked up and was pleased to see Stacey had reverted back to the childish giggling. She continued until she reached the top of the thighs and then held her tickling fingers stationary.

Stacey fought with all her might to ignore the tickling but it simply tickled too much. She had never felt so humiliated in her life. She was absolutely powerless to do anything besides lay there giggling like a fool.
Ellie quickly moved her nails inward and upward at an angle, settling perfectly into Stacey’s hip pocket. Her nails scratched gently over the tender skin just outside of the panties her sister was wearing.

Stacey pulled at her arms and legs and fought desperately to curl up and protect herself. Her muscles strained with the effort but her limbs didn’t move. She lifted her head off the bed and looked at her sister with pleading eyes.

Ellie met her gaze with a “poor baby” look and then returned to her work. She slowly moved her tickling fingers around in Stacey’s hip pocket area. She watched how each tickling movement affected her sister. She took note as Stacey’s legs jerked in reaction to a certain spot and then another location caused her abs to softly contract.

Ellie giggled to herself as she moved one hand to the outside of Stacey’s hip and got a sideways squirm from her in response. She did this for a minute or two, forcing her sister to fidget back and forth with the lightest touch.


Ellie received the best reaction when she moved inward and scratched her fingers right next to the panty line. She saw Stacey’s legs stiffen and her abs contract as she traced the border.

Ellie let a couple strokes of her nails slide just under the fabric and saw a look of shock come over her sister’s laughing face. Ellie quickly fought back the urge to break that boundary.

She was doing this strictly as sibling punishment, not for her personal enjoyment. Although she had to admit… her sister was by far the most ticklish person she had ever seen. She couldn’t deny she was enjoying herself while inflicting such personal physical punishment.

Ellie explored her sisters upper thighs and groin area for another minute before deciding a break was needed.

Stacey let out an exhausted moan as her head slumped back onto the bed. She loudly gulping down air as her chest heaved up and down. Her forehead was damp with perspiration as all her struggling was taking it toll.

“Ellie please, my arms and legs hurt. Please let me go.” Stacey begged.

“It’s not my fault you are so ticklish. You’ll be fine.” Ellie chuckled.

Ellie had tickled people for hours in much tighter restraints than this. She knew that Stacey might be sore but it had been what, 20 minutes? Her sister was far from any serious physical injury or actual discomfort. Although no one she had dealt with was this ticklish either.

“Ellie I have to pee! Pleeeeeease just let me go.” Stacey begged in half honesty.

Stacey still couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had been tickled a lot as a kid but it had been years since she was seriously tickled. She hadn’t really even been tickled in any relationships for foreplay.

Despite the childish nature of being tickled, Stacey realized she literally could not handle being tickled. Now she was tied up to a bed by her crazy sister who seemed to enjoy tickling her to the point where she felt like crying. And there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“Sorry Stacey, I think you’ve needed this for a while.” Ellie replied.

“Needed what??? To be tickled to death?? Ugghh Ellie what in the serious fuck?!” Stacey exclaimed.

“Well to be fair we tried basically every other way.” Ellie argued.

Stacey looked back at her sister, unable to think of a good response. She finally rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Ok, well I guess tell me what we need to talk about so you don’t…. tickle…. me any more.” Stacey forced out the word, discussed at how silly she sounded.

“You still owe me an apology. I will also accept one for mom and dad.” Ellie said.

Stacey stared at her sister for several seconds. She knew she had no other options but still had to fight back her sudden rage. She took a deep breath and collected herself.

“You are right. I’ve been very selfish these past few months and I’ve let my attitude and actions hurt my family. I should have known better…and… I’m sorry.” Stacey said, bowing her head in defeat.

“For what?” Ellie asked, knowing full well she was poking the bear.

“For….ignoring calls and texts, not letting you in, and missing the funeral.” Stacey replied, slowly exhaling with her eyes closed.

“There, now don’t you feel better?” Ellie said with a mocking tone.

“Yes, I feel great. Now let me up.” Stacey pleaded.

“I would but…. I just don’t believe you.” Ellie said bluntly.

“Oh come on!!!! What else do you want from me?” Stacey cried.

“Do you remember when you dropped out of school? And stopped talking to anyone? I took off from my brand new promotion? Flew all the way home just to come help you? I came to your apartment and stood there, knocking on your door and calling you. Over, and over, and over. Do you remember how long you let me stand out there in the hallway?” Ellie asked, her tone serious.

“I… Ellie I’m sorry…please please I am sorry!” Stacey begged.

“How long was it?” Ellie demanded.

“Please Ellie I don’t know… it was a while…” Stacey whimpered.

“It was 27 minutes to be exact.” Ellie answered, her face serious.

Stacey’s eyes widened in horror as she looked at her sister. She knew without asking what Ellie’s intentions were with that number.

“Ellie, I’m begging you…. We can talk about whatever you want. You can stay in my apartment for a few days. I’ll go stay with mom and dad. I’ll go back to school!” Stacey pleaded.

“I know you will.” Was all Ellie said.

Ellie ignored the pleading from her sister as she climbed off the bed and walked to the end. Stacey’s cries grew louder as Ellie reached down by her feet but then trailed off as Ellie ignored her feet and grabbed something off the floor.

“What are you doing Ellie?? You can’t do this!” Stacey implored to deaf ears.

Ellie placed another strap on the bed and then connected each end to one of the ankle cuffs.

“Seriously Ellie?? What the hell?? Did you go to the fucking adult sex store??” Stacey asked in disbelief.

Ellie continued to ignore her as she worked on the straps. Once the middle strap was secure she loosened the ankle straps.

Stacey immediately felt the tension give way and started kicking her legs with all her might.

Ellie usually had cooperative customers for this part and was caught off guard. Before she could reach the middle strap one of Stacey’s ankle cuffs struck her in the wrist. The metal ring contacted her bony wrist and sent pain ringing up her arm.

Stacey didn’t even notice she had landed a blow as she was kicking and struggling to get away. The hope of getting her legs free giving her newfound energy.

Ellie cursed herself and then more carefully reached for the middle strap and gave it a sharp tug.

Stacey’s legs were pulled closer together and she suddenly lost nearly all her newfound mobility. She continued kicking desperately but one more pull from Ellie and her legs pulled together again, eliminating all the slack in the straps.
“Arrgghh! Noooooooooo!” Groaned Stacey as her hope started to vanish.

Ellie performed the same maneuver again, being more careful this time. She loosened the straps holding the ankle cuffs down and then pulled the center strap tight, again pulling Stacy’s legs closer while eliminating any extra slack.

Stacy angrily kicked her legs when she felt the straps being adjusted but wasn’t fooled into thinking she could escape again.

Ellie sat back and looked at her alteration. Stacey’s legs were now about 6 inches apart and securely restrained at the base of the bed.

She looked down at her wrist and rotated it gingerly. She would have a nice bruise tomorrow but she would be fine. She flexed her fingers and hands with renewed intensity and then noticed Stacey’s bare feet suspended in front of her.

“You’re sick you know that? Trying to play the holy big sister and all. Who actually buys theheheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Stacey’s complaining was interrupted by something brushing up and down her soles. Her eyes bulged as she screamed and tugged desperately with her legs but the restraints were just as tight as before. She didn’t know what was being used on her feet, only that it was worse than the nails.

Ellie hadn’t planned on using any of her “torture devices” but had changed her mind after getting kicked. She saw the brush in her bag and after giving it a little test on her sister, she couldn’t resist. She grabbed Stacey’s left big toe to steady the foot and then vigorously scrubbed the brush across her sole.


Ellie’s lips split into an evil grin.. now THIS was torture little sister. She spent about 30 seconds on the left foot and then paused.


Stacey gasped for air then felt the brush on her other foot. She shook her head and exploded into more laughter. She tugged and kicked trying to pull her leg away but only succeeded in making her body bounce a bit on the bed.

Ellie looked up and watched her sister turning red while screaming with laughter. She was truly amazed at how ticklish her sister really was.

Ellie had again eliminated most of Stacey’s movement but could still see her muscles straining and her limbs shaking against their restraints. She was glad she had decided to use the brush, she hadn’t even planned to tickle Stacey’s feet any more. She stayed on the right foot for about 30 more seconds.

“…..El…lie….please….you have….to stop.” Stacey forced out while gulping air.

Ellie climbed up on the bed and crawled up her sister’s trembling body. She straddled Stacey’s legs and then gently knelt down with a knee on each side of her hips. She looked down at her sister’s terrified face.

Stacey’s bangs were wet with sweat, her blonde hair messy on her forehead. Her struggling had caused one side of her t-shirt to ride up and it now was bunched under her breast. Her exposed ribs lightly pressed through her skin as she inhaled deeply.

“Ellie please…. I get it. I’m sorry, you know I’m telling the truth. Please, no more.” Stacey begged.

Ellie believed her now. Part of her even felt sorry for Stacey. But at the same time, she had awakened the dominant persona hidden inside her. She had never felt such complete control over someone and couldn’t let it go.

All of her subjects had been willing participants up until now. The rush of power she felt from dominating someone against their will was overwhelming. She couldn’t let such a ticklish prize escape and wanted to see what Stacey’s limits really were.

“I’m sorry sis, but you need this.” Ellie said firmly.

A wave of emotions washed over Stacey. Rage quickly gripped her, followed by disbelief. Finally, the circumstances caused her to be overcome by despair.

“El……please don’t do this.” Stacey begged weakly.

Stacey looked up at her sister and realized it was almost a different person looking down at her now. Whoever this was seemed different than the sister she remembered.

Ellie ignored her sister and looked down at the exposed body laying beneath her. Images of their childhood tickling games ran through her mind and she began scheming on how to best exploit her sisters “spots.” Ellie reached down and set her pointed nails along the top of Stacey’s panty line.

“Nooo oh my god please Ellie! Come on don’t do theeeehehehehe nooohehehehehe pleeeeese!”

Stacey pleaded with her sister but as soon as Ellie’s nails started gliding over her skin she couldn’t stop the giggles.


Ellie softly traced her nails along Stacey’s panty line. With her body weight now on Stacy’s legs, her sister was completely immobile. Ellie kept her touches soft, barely caressing the skin as she slid her nails down the waistline to each of her hips. This simple movement forced Stacey to arc her hips up and away from her fingers.
Ellie danced her fingers back up over Stacey’s tummy and watched her body collapse into the bed. Her muscles flexed and quivered as Ellie scratched her nails over Stacey’s navel area.

Ellie moved to the center of her tummy and saw Stacey suck her belly in. Ellie investigated closer to her bellybutton and felt Stacy fidgeting under her. Ellie grinned and went for her cute oval bellybutton. She gently scratching her nails into the button and out the sloping sides.


Stacey burst into more laughter and tried shifting her middle around to escape the fingers. Ellie’s knees held her in place as her nails continued scratching softly into her bellybutton.

The absurdity of the torment was driving Stacey insane. All Ellie was doing was scratching her bellybutton a little and Stacey was forced to giggle and writhe her body around helplessly under her because it tickled so much.

Ellie continued teasing Stacey’s bellybutton before moving back down to her lower tummy. Ellie slid a couple nails under the top band of Stacey’s panties and felt her sister’s body suddenly squirm under her.

She used her thumbs to lower the panty line as she scratched her nails lower. Stacey didn’t look up but began shaking her head back and forth as she laughed.


Ellie halted her decent with a slight frown and then slowly moved her fingers back up. She didn’t need to go that route to get what she was after anyways.

Stacey could barely form words as she was reduced to a giggling, laughing mess. She couldn’t move at all thanks to the restraints and the weight of her sister. She was absolutely helpless to do anything but suffer the tickling sensations flooding over her body. The silliness of being “tickle tortured” was gone now as she was simply fighting for air and reacting to her sisters nails.

After about a minute of tracing her panties, Ellie slowly marched her scratching nails up along Stacey’s slender sides. She kept her touches light, letting her nails gently glide over the skin.

Stacey yanked helplessly at her arms and her body shuddered at the new sensation running up her sides.

Ellie continued up her sister’s sides, enjoying every giggle and twitch. She reached the t-shirt and slid her hands up under it without hesitation. That was a boundary she wasn’t concerned about.

Stacy felt Ellie’s fingers nearing her armpits and lifted her head, desperately shaking it at her sister.

Ellie smiled back and scratched her fingers up into Stacey’s armpits.


Stacey closed her eyes and buried her head in her arm as she shook with laughter. She was too exhausted to struggle but her body still fidgeted and writhed in defensive reaction to the tickling.

Ellie felt Stacey twist weakly under her as she continued scrabbling her nails into the exposed armpits. She saw a tear drop from the corner of Stacey’s eye but chose to ignore it. She hadn’t even employed her new technique yet.

Ellie scratched around the armpits searching for the perfect spot. She accidentally exposed a breast, but Stacey never noticed. Ellie located the soft spot on the inside middle of the armpit, slightly above Stacey’s wobbling breasts. Without hesitation she drilled two fingers into the inside edge of each armpit.

Stacey erupted in screaming laughter. Her whole body stiffened as her head flailed around senselessly. The ticklish lightening bolts traveling through her armpits were too much for her to handle. She looked desperately towards her sister but tears had begun clouding her vision.

Ellie’s eyes opened in surprise at the reaction and she slowed her assault. Stacey relaxed slightly but nonstop laughter still poured from her mouth.

Ellie maintained the steady torture for a few moments before lightening the pressure. She then curiously wiggled the fingers of one hand deep into Stacey’s left armpit.


Stacey thrashed to the right as she shrieked with laughter. Her body desperately trying to avoid the tickle attack.

Ellie smiled mischievously before switching and increasing the tickling pressure into the right armpit.

Stacey helplessly jerked the opposite way. Her movement caused Ellie to shift slightly on top of her.

Ellie couldn’t hide the pleased expression that covered her face. She started alternating back and forth between the sensitive armpits. Occasionally she would wiggle her fingers deep into both armpits.

Stacey’s body jerked back and forth uncontrollably as her armpits were tickled. Her laughter took on a more woeful tone as she realized Ellie was playing with her. Her muscles were on fire from struggling and her lungs were starting to burn from screaming for so long.

Stacey couldn’t stop laughing and eventually started to run out of air. She desperately tried to inhale but started choked and coughed her breath out as she felt Ellie’s fingers dig back into her armpits.

Ellie heard the choking breaths and reluctantly stopped, not wanting her toy to tap out.

Stacey let out a sharp cry of relief and sucked down a huge gulp of air. Her chest heaved up and down as she fought for breath. She blinked and cleared the tears from her eyes. She looked down at her exposed breast and then up at her sister with a mix of contempt, fear, and confusion.

The two stared at each other silently for several seconds. Ellie watching her victim recover, Stacey too afraid to say anything while she was catching her breath.

After about 20 seconds Ellie broke the silence.

“You ready?” She asked rhetorically.

Stacey’s face filled with alarm as Ellie looked back down to her mostly naked, exposed upper body.

“What???? Ellie! I can’t…breath! Please!! Don’t be mean please!!! Waitahahahahahahahaha!”

Stacey could only watch in horror as Ellie placed her fingers over her lower belly and started tickling under her oval bellybutton. She threw her head back in misery and fell back into helpless giggling.

Ellie didn’t need to take it easy now. She was through teasing her sister, now it was time to break her. She formed her fingers into claws and started wiggling her nails into Stacey’s taut tummy.


Stacey was caught by surprise by the hard tickling. She in no way enjoyed the light tickling but at least she could handle it physically. Ellie’s nails suddenly wiggling into her lower tummy caused Stacey to scream all her air out.

Ellie marched her fingers slowly up her sisters tummy. She wiggled her nails delicately into Stacey’s abs and felt her twisting and jerking under her. Ellie found she could feel Stacie’s muscles flexing as she pressed through the skin of her belly.

Stacey lungs were burning again and as she laughed she felt tears dripping down her red face. Her mind was lost in an ocean of ticklish torment, but through it she felt Ellie’s fingers reach her ribs.

Ellie paused just below her sister’s heaving ribcage. She watched deviously as Stacy struggled to lift her head and stared weakly at her with horror filled eyes.

Ellie held her tearful gaze for a moment then viciously clawed her nails into Stacey’s protruding ribs.


Stacey shrieked with hysterical laughter. Her whole body painfully contracted against the restraints. Her head lurched forward as she screamed into the air. Several seconds of screaming laughter passed before her body’s muscles unlocked.

Stacey couldn’t see as her sweaty hair mixed with the tears falling from her eyes. She fell back to the bed in sobbing laughter and tried wheezing in air.

Ellie was in complete domination and was ready to shift her attack. She quickly moved her fingers out towards Stacey’s sides and dug her clawed hands ferociously into her outer ribcage.


Stacey wailed in ticklish agony. Whatever brief whisp of air she managed was gone. Her whole body convulsed again and her back arched up violently away from the fingers.

Ellie felt her sister’s thrusting body start to relax. She dropped her nails slightly lower along Stacey’s sides and then forced her wriggling fingers back into her ribs.


Stacey’s body painfully strained away from the bed as she howled again. She tried yelling at Ellie to stop but couldn’t get words through her roaring laughter.

Ellie wasn’t paying attention to her sister’s distraught face. She was completely focused on the ticklish operation going on under her finger tips. She reveled in the beautiful laughter as she felt her nails rumbling across Stacey’s ribs.

Ellie watched Stacey’s head flop back down on the bed. She wasted no time and moved her fingers back up on Stacey’s ribs. She positioned her clawed hands under her sister’s fully exposed breasts and then viciously drilled her nails into the red hued skin.

Stacey shrieked one last time before she ran out of air. Her screaming laughter drowned out as her head bobbed in silent agony. She shook her head pitifully as tears fell from her face. Her whole body shook and spasmed uncontrollably as Ellie’s nails pressed into her ribs.

Ellie couldn’t hide the smile that appeared when she witnessed her sister completely destroyed. Her tear filled face surrounded by sweat plastered hair that framed her silently guffawing mouth. She didn’t know such torture was possible.

Ellie was so lost in the moment, she almost didn’t notice the warmth spread out under her knees. She broke from her trance and looked down, confused. She saw that Stacey had peed herself. Not just a little bit like when they were kids. She had totally lost control of her bladder and emptied it all over the bed.

This caused Ellie to stop the tickling as she quickly assessed the discovery. She watched the saturation line slowly spreading out from under Stacey.

Stacey was covered in sweat and not immediately aware of what happened. All she knew is the lightening bolts of ticklish sensation jolting through her body had stopped.

Stacey slumped into the bed weakly and gasped in the longest, deepest breath of air ever taken. She couldn’t see out of tear blurred eyes but felt her sister still on top of her. She quickly sucked in breath and then felt the warmth under her and realized what happened.

“Ooohhhhhuuuuggghhhh…..Ellie… you…. Have to…. Stop… I can’t…handle it anymore…” Stacey moaned weakly.

Her entire body ached and the muscles in her arms and legs hurt so bad she had trouble moving her hands and feet.

Ellie made her decision quickly. She was already kneeling in her sister’s urine. She felt like she had reached the point of no return anyways. Stacey would never forgive her for this. She reached up and located the hollow of Stacey’s sweaty armpit.


Stacey felt Ellie’s fingers drill into her armpits and her body erupted with ticklish explosions again. She shrieked helplessly and felt her body somehow still shake and squirm.

Ellie assaulted Stacey’s armpits for several seconds then jumped over to the ribs. Her nails pressing into the skin and jumping over each rib as she raked them up and down.


Stacey wailed in sobbing laughter as each rib sent a bolt of ticklish lighting through her body. Her body squirmed and jerked weakly as it had reverted to basic primal defense instincts.

Ellie moved her right hand out to Stacey’s armpit and wiggled her fingers back into the soft hollow. Stacey cackled out in surprise and her body curled to the side. Ellie switched hands and watched Stacey wail again as her body rocked to the other side.

Ellie kept this up for about 30 seconds, randomly switching between Stacey’s ribs and her armpits. Sometimes she tickled both at the same time. Stacey sobbed and wailed at each change until she ran out of air again.

Ellie kept her hands digging in the right armpit and left outer ribs as Stacey coughed out her last laugh and then fell into silent cackling. Ellie smiled and began to fill with eager anticipation as she pulled her hands away.

Stacey crumpled into a sweaty mess as she struggled to suck in a weak wheezy breath. Her mind was in disarray as she could no longer wonder about escape or why this was happening. Her entire focus was now on breathing.

Ellie shifted her position back slightly on Stacey’s hips and looked down at her sister’s slender waist. The thin panties were completely soaked. She wasn’t sure if it was sweat or urine. Whatever the case, they were covering her final target.

Ellie grabbed the wet panties and slid them down a few inches. She stopped when they were rolled into a thin line that crossed Stacey’s upper thighs, but still covering her intimate area.

Stacey felt her panties being pulled down and whimpered softly. She was too exhausted to protest at this point. She then felt Ellie’s fingers gently settle on her hip bone, and trace slightly inward to the very top of her hip pocket. Her eyes opened in panic and she fought to lift her head up.

“Nooo…..El….please…….can’t….” Stacey sobbed weakly towards the shape of her sister.

Her desperate plea fell on deaf ears as Ellie forcefully wiggled two of her fingers into “the spot.”


Stacey wailed and writhed in ticklish agony. Her whole body contorted and then shook as it fought against the ticklish fireworks going off in her midsection.

The force of Stacey’s reaction caused Ellie to nearly lose her balance. She squeezed her legs against Stacey’s hips and steadied herself. She was pleased “the spot” was even better all these years later.

Stacey expelled all her air quickly with a long wailing shriek and was soon silent. She shook her head desperately, praying for her sister to stop so she could breath. The fingers vibrating into her lower waist were forcefully driving any and all air from her lungs.

Ellie had no intention of letting up this time. She maintained her pressure in the hip pocket area until she felt her sister’s struggle weaken. She looked down at her sister’s silently laughing face and watched her gaping mouth desperately trying to get air.

Stacey’s already blurred vision started to darken and she saw strange dots appearing and vanishing in her view. She mustered any remaining energy and prepared to fight for a breath.

Ellie saw Stacey’s chest start to rise as she fought for the tiniest bit of air. Ellie rushed her fingers up to the trembling ribcage and ferociously clawed her nails into Stacey’s ribs.

Stacey’s ribs depressed painfully as she choked out a laughing snort. The black dots in her vision duplicated and danced around like her sister’s fingers against her ribcage. She faintly felt the fingers marching along her ribs as the dots finally filled her mind and her vision went black.

Ellie continued tickling until her sister suddenly slumped into the bed. No laughing, screaming, crying, or struggling of any kind. Ellie’s eyes opened in awe as she looked at her sister’s lifeless body.

Her awe slowly morphed into worry until she felt a small twitch under her. The twitch was followed by a sudden gasp, and then a deep draw of air. Ellie exhaled in relief and watched her sister’s natural breathing take over.

“Well Holy Shit,” Ellie said to herself as she relaxed.

Excitement was bubbling through her head at what she had just took part in. She looked down and surveyed the results of her work.

The natural color was returning to Stacey’s face but her hair was a sweaty mess over her forehead. Her face was wet with tears from crying. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly parted as she gently drew in breath.

Stacy’s body looked like it had just been in a fight. Her skin everywhere was moist with perspiration and various shades of red. Several spots were bright red from severe tickling, including her armpits, hips and entire rib cage. The inflamed skin over her ribs was rising and falling softly as she breathed.

Ellie closed her eyes and meditated on what had just transpired. She took note of every emotion, physical feeling, and thought that had coursed through her. She had never experienced anything quite like that!

Ellie opened her eyes and realized that light was beginning to creep around the blinds. She took a deep breath and looked one last time at the ticklish devastation on the bed beneath her.

She wondered if there was anyone out there more ticklish than her poor sister. Well, she thought…... she did know one person.
Ellie then slowly crawled off of Stacey’s body and got to work.


“Stacey? Are you here? Oh hon she is in here!”

Stacey awoke to the voice of her mother and the sound of a door opening. She rubbed her eyes and winced at her aching muscles. Her eyes then snapped open as she realized she was moving her arms. She looked around and realized she wasn’t tied up.

The events of the previous night flooded back into her mind as she sat up. Her muscles screamed at her as she struggled to get into a sitting position. Her thoughts were interrupted as her mom embraced her.

“Oh baby I’m so glad your sister found you!” Her mom exclaimed.

Her dad walked into the room with a concerned look on his face.

“Hey munchkin, is everything ok? Your sister told us what almost happened at the bar.” Her dad asked.

“Yes I’m fine, thanks.” Stacey replied as they both buried her in hugs.

The mention of her sister stirred up a mixed bowl of emotions. Memories of what her sister just did to her made her shiver. It had been a while since she had spent significant time with Ellie, but what the holy fuck?!

She realized she felt surprisingly dry and clean as she waited for her parents to release her. She looked down as they finally let her go and chuckled.

Her sister had somehow removed the restraints, changed the bedding, and changed her into a clean outfit. She did this all while Stacey was unconscious, and before her parents got there. She was now wearing sleep shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Ellie had even combed Stacey’s hair.

“Where is Ellie?” Stacey asked curiously.

“Oh she flew back to New York Hon, she said you two had a great talk and apologized that she had to leave so quick.” Her mom explained

Stacey let that sink in for a bit. Many things about what happened went through her mind. What to say? What to do? What to think? She finally came to a decision.

“Do you know where she lives? We did have a wonderful time… and it’s the least I can do to give her a surprise thank you.” Stacey said with a sly smile.
nice story mate, great detail and nice story line hope there is some revenge on the cards..
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Thanks for the responses! For anyone interested - I am working on a sequel for this!
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