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A Small Circle of Friends (My Laughing Professor Sequel): Chapter Six (F/F Intense)


2nd Level Red Feather
Jan 23, 2004
And the beat goes on…


A Small Circle of Friends


T.T. Gore

Chapter Six: The Other Woman​

As Janice Adams hunted for the traitor who threatened to bring down Margaret Stanley and all her cohorts, Sandy Vernon was searching for a way to wiggle out from under the thumb of Dagmar Frost. The long-legged vixen found herself in a tight spot. If Dean Stanley ever found out that she’s been consorting with an outsider there would be no limit to the buxom brunette’s wrath. Sandy shuddered at the thought of the hilarious torments she’d be forced to endure. So Dagmar would have to be silenced. But how?

Sandy made her way across the campus with a slightly furtive air. She was bound for Crane Memorial Library, a grim granite pile whose disused top floor was the perfect venue for illicit assignations. As a member of the inner circle Sandy had had no trouble in obtaining keys to a side entrance that enabled her to come and go unobserved. Climbing the stairs was a bit of a chore but once on the top floor with the door locked behind her the long-legged vixen felt reasonably secure. The elevator no longer went to the top and the library staff had been instructed to keep out due to “safety concerns.”

Sandy passed between the sagging stacks of dusty tomes, stepping carefully to avoid the occasional book that lay on the floor. Dim afternoon light filtered in through the high, grimy windows. She reached her destination, a corner office that had once been occupied by an assistant librarian, opened the door, and slipped in.

The office was sparsely furnished with a cot, a couple of folding chairs and a battered metal storage cabinet. Three metal rings had been screwed securely into the wall opposite the single window, one pair about two inches off the floor and the other just below the ceiling. All had lengths of rope twined through them. The sight of these preparations loosened the muscles in Sandy’s thighs.

She hadn’t intended to stray from the rules laid down for Dean Stanley’s intimates—it was just one of those things. The very first time she’d laid eyes on Carmen McCallum in English class, Sandy had known what would happen. There was a gleam in Carmen’s eyes, a special something in the way she smiled, that told the long-legged vixen all she’d needed to know. It was inevitable that they’d become exceptionally close and intimate friends…inevitable that Sandy would introduce Carmen to Unknown University’s underground culture of tickle torture…inevitable that in the throes of passion, secrets would inadvertently be whispered…

As Sandy unbuttoned her blouse, she recalled how, during their last meeting, Carmen had writhed against the wall. The girl possessed a trim, toned figure, short dark hair and bold, aquiline features. Her breasts were pert, her belly was taut, her legs were slender—and best of all, she was very, VERY ticklish!

But today it was Sandy’s turn to be tickled to orgasm. She wondered which venue Carmen would choose: the cot or the wall. The sensuous sweetie had a particular preference for Sandy’s sensitive, beautiful feet. The long-legged vixen suspected that she was destined to be tied to the cot for an extended bout of foot tickling. Well, it would be a relief to have her mind taken off that demanding bitch, Dagmar. A girl needed some playtime, after all!

Sandy was just wiggling out of her short, tight skirt when the office door opened and Carmen slipped in. At the sight of her partly naked playmate, she smiled, then crossed the room with swift strides to bestow an affectionate peck on Sandy’s already flushed cheek. Then she stepped back to watch and admire as the long-legged vixen unhooked her bra and freed her large, firm breasts.

“I’ve been thinking about you all week,” Carmen said. “I wish we could meet more often, darling.”

“Me too,” Sandy replied. “But it’s SO dangerous!” Her panties slid down her legs and she kicked them aside. At a nod from Carmen, she assumed her position on the cot. The sensuous sweetie went to the storage cabinet and took out several lengths of rope.

“Oh, well, I guess we shouldn’t complain.” Carmen wrapped a length of rope around Sandy’s ankles, pulled it tight, and passed the ends under the cot. “Things could always be worse. Take my roomie at Lambda.”

“Heather? What about her?”

“The silly cow got busted for dealing pot,” Carmen said. “She’s lucky she isn’t in JAIL right now, but I suppose Daddy made the charges go away. Either that or she spread her thighs for the arresting officer.”

“Heather’s a walking blonde joke,” the long-legged vixen agreed. “Girls like her are the reason people think big tits equal a low IQ.”

They both laughed as Carmen wrapped another length of rope around Sandy’s legs, just above her knees.

“All right, darling, arms under the cot,” Carmen commanded. Sandy complied and the sadistic sweetie tied her playmate’s wrists together. The long-legged vixen was now securely bound in position for the fun and games to come. She waited patiently while Carmen stripped down to her scanty scarlet silk panties and knelt at the foot of the cot.

“Ummm, they look delicious!” the sensuous sweetie breathed as her eyes devoured Sandy’s bare wiggling feet. The long-legged vixen’s toenails were painted a subtle shade of coral. “And I missed lunch today…”

And with that, the Carmen sucked Sandy’s right big toe into her mouth!

“GAAAA-HAAAA!!!” the long-legged vixen squealed as Carmen’s tongue swirled around her toe, producing an exquisitely unbearable tickling sensation. “YAAAAAA-HAA-HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA-HAA!!!” Her bare body writhed on the cot and her nipples began to stiffen.

Carmen shifted her attention to Sandy’s left big toe, sucking and licking until the long-legged vixen thought she’d go mad. There was something HORRID yet absolutely WONDERFUL about the way in which Carmen pleasured Sandy’s feet. The tickling was of course unbearable, but its counterpoint was an urgent, lustful sensation that crept up Sandy’s legs to invade her loins, belly and breasts.

PLEEE-HEEE-EEEEEE-HEEE-HEEE-HEEESE!!!” the long-legged vixen shrieked as Carmen brought her sharp nails into play. “EEEEEE-HEE!!! EEEEEE-HEE!!! EEEEEE-HEE!!! EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEE-HEE!HEE!!”

As for Carmen, she was becoming increasing aroused by Sandy’s screams and struggles. As her nails and tongue probed the tender places between the long-legged vixen’s wiggling toes, Carmen’s nipples extended themselves. And from time to time, her hand crept down to stroke herself through her rapidly dampening panties.

Finally, having subjected Sandy’s toes to a thorough tongue lashing, the sensuous sweetie shifted to a new line of attack. Gripping both of Sandy’s big toes with one hand, she bent them back and with her other hand began to stroke the helpless girl's delicate soles!


“Oh, you poor BABY!” Carmen cooed. “Tickle, tickle, TICKLE! Who likes to be TICKLED?”

“EEEEEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HIIIIEEEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEE!!!” Sandy screeched. Her firm, full breasts swayed and jiggled as she squirmed on the cot in response to Carmen’s unbearable ministrations. Goose bumps roughened her skin. Her sides and belly ached with the effort of laughing and laughing and LAUGHING—!

“I think I just might keep tickling and TICKLING your precious feet until you’re tickled PINK!” Carmen exclaimed. “What do you think of THAT, Sandy-Candy? Would you like me to do that?”

The long-legged vixen responded to this suggestion with another scream of manic laughter.

“Or would you rather be tickled someplace ELSE?” the sensuous sweetie purred. “Maybe you’d like it if I tickled your BOOBS!”

But despite this interesting suggestion, Carmen continued to torment her victim’s feet until Sandy’s laughter faded to a dry, throaty croak. Only then did she grant the long-legged vixen a brief respite. While Sandy lay gasping and wheezing on the cot, Carmen went to the cabinet and rummaged around until she found a stiff, pointed feather. She drew it across her own rigid nipples, shuddering at the sensation, then returned to the side of her naked playmate.

“Poor Sandy-Candy,” the sensuous sweetie whispered, kneeling and laying a gentle hand on the long-legged vixen’s heaving belly. “All that foot tickling has simply EXHAUSTED you, hasn’t it? What you need is a change of pace!” Carmen held up the feather. “Look what I have! Now just WHERE should I USE it, hmmm?”

Sandy moaned and wiggled her torso.

“Yes,” Carmen whispered, stroking the long-legged vixen’s belly with her sharp nails. “That’s what I was thinking, too. You want me to tickle those big beautiful BOOBS, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes!” Sandy cried. “YES!”

“Say please,” Carmen ordered.


"Please what?"

"Please tickle my BOOBS—!"

“Very well, then,” Carmen agreed. “Since you say please.” And she brought the feather down to Sandy’s naked breasts!

The long-legged vixen gave a guttural grunt of pleasure at the first touch of the feather. Its maddeningly gentle caress sent a burst of excitement through her already-stiff nipples. The sweet sensation made her LONG to spread her quivering legs! Carmen’s free hand was still stroking her belly, and Sandy willed her playmate to go lower, down past her bikini line, to tease the crisp blonde curls that peeked from between her thighs…

“Mmmm, you LIKE that, don’t you?” Carmen shook her head. “You are SUCH a naughty little girl, aren’t you, Sandy-Candy? Imagine actually ENJOYING it when your special friend strips you NAKED and puts you in BONDAGE and TORTURES you with TICKLING! Goodness gracious me, what would people SAY?”

“Oh GOD! Don’t STOP!” Sandy cried.

“Don’t worry about THAT!” the sensuous sweetie snickered. “I don’t plan on stopping for a long, LONG time!” And to punctuate her promise, Carmen dipped a well-honed fingernail into Sandy’s belly button!


“That’s right, Sandy-Candy.” Carmen licked her lips. “LAUGH for me!” She tossed the feather aside and began to tickle her squealing victim’s ribs. “LOUDER, Sandy-Candy! Laugh your empty little HEAD off for me—!”

Sandy tried her best to do just that! Her belly convulsed with the effort of forcing out howl after howl of belly-busting laughter! Her face turned bright pink and her body broke out in a delicate erotic sweat. She was deliciously conscious of the way in which the room’s tiny air currents caressed her bare, jiggling breasts.

Carmen kept up this merciless assault for many minutes, but eventually her own lust grew too strong to deny. She let the hand that had been tormenting Sandy’s belly slip down to wiggle into her own panties. Her other hand crept from the long-legged vixen’s ribs to her breast, and began to tease the tumid nipple. And with a sigh of delight, the sensuous sweetie bent to bestow a lavish kiss on Sandy’s other breast…

“Oh YES!” The long-legged vixen cried. “ YES! Omygod YEEEEEEEES—!”

Sandy knew that eventually her ankles would be released and that she’d then be tickled in the most sensitive spot of all. But Carmen could be such a BITCH! She might prolong the torture for HOURS before permitting Sandy to achieve the release she so desperately craved! And in the meantime, Carmen herself would cum two or three times!

It was so UNFAIR—!

But the unfairness of it was precisely what both Carmen and Sandy LOVED about their clandestine friendship. As the long-legged vixen squirmed and wiggled on the cot, and the sensuous sweetie trembled on her knees at the brink of orgasm, they both knew that next time the tables would be turned, and that Sandy would be just as mean and bitchy as Carmen…

If only she hadn’t TOLD Carmen certain things, the long-legged vixen reflected to herself in the brief interlude between the sensuous sweetie’s first orgasm and the resumption of tickling. But Carmen wouldn’t say anything to anybody—Sandy was sure of that. Still, it might be a good idea to interrogate her on that subject next time, when the ticklish tables were turned…

(To Be Continued!)​
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