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A Small Circle of Friends (My Laughing Professor Sequel): Chapter Ten (F/F Intense)


2nd Level Red Feather
Jan 23, 2004
She's baaaaaack. . . .


A Small Circle of Friends


T.T. Gore

Chapter Ten: Enter the Brunette


With a triumphant smile, Professor Gabrielle Potzdorf closed her cell phone. The final elements of her plan were now being maneuvered into place. And before long, she reflected with pleasure, Dean Margaret Stanley and her pathetic little cabal would be yesterday’s news.

Ever since she’d been captured, stripped to her panties, placed in bondage and tickled silly by the Margaret’s minions, Gabrielle had been plotting her revenge. She wasn’t ABOUT to let the buxom brunette lord it over her! No! Margaret Stanley would receive the summary and condign punishment she so richly deserved—and Gabrielle would replace her as the all-powerful sovereign ruler of Unknown University!

She glanced at her watch, saw that she had some time to kill, and sashayed over to the bed. “Well, dear,” the big-breasted beauty chuckled as she stripped down to her shockingly brief pink panties, “How shall we spend the next hour, hmmm?”

“UMMMMPH!!!” a naked and trembling Valerie Prescott grunted through the balled-up panties with which she’d been gagged. The slender virgin tugged against the ropes that bound her to the bed rails. Her eyes were wide with fright.

Gabrielle smiled and ran a gentle hand along Valerie’s tense thigh. “Don’t worry, dear,” she whispered. “Once I’ve deposed Margaret Stanley and assume control of Unknown University, you will be at my side. Would you like that?”

Valerie made a throaty sound that Gabrielle chose to interpret as assent. “They excluded you from the inner circle, Valerie, didn’t they?” she whispered. “They treated you as an underling—a mere MINION!” She laid a hand on Valerie’s pert breast. “Well, dear, all that’s about to change. Soon they’ll all come crawling to YOU!”

The touch of Gabrielle’s hand made the slender virgin squirm. Her trim tummy tightened. Her nipples extended themselves.

The big-breasted beauty smiled down fondly at her prisoner. “And of course, dear, you’ll be compelled to come crawling to—especially now that you’ve been so kind as to provide me with the formula for your secret chemical cocktail. No wonder that ridiculous bimbo, Margaret Stanley, was able to lord it over the entire CAMPUS! But soon she’ll be dancing to whatever tune I choose to whistle!”

Gabrielle rolled Valerie’s rigid nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The slender virgin writhed in her bonds and made a desperate, yearning sound into her gag. “Ah, so you LIKE that do you?” Gabrielle chortled. “Oh, Valerie, you are SUCH a weak-willed little TRAMP, aren’t you? That’s why it’s so easy for someone like ME to control you! And now I suppose now you’d like to CUM, wouldn’t you?”

Valerie nodded eagerly.

Gabrielle chortled again. She climbed onto the bed to kneel between Valerie’s wide-open legs. She bent down and planted an ardent, lingering kiss on her prisoner's pert breast. But then her hands darted out and her sharp-nailed fingers plunged into the slender virgin's defenseless hollows!

“WWWWMMMMPH!!!” Valerie grunted forcefully. Her body convulsed in reaction to this sudden ticklish assault. “WMMMMPH!!! BMMMMPH!!! UMMMMPH!!! GGGGRRRRUUUUMPH!!!”

“I’m going to tickle you and tickle you and TICKLE you until you get goose bumps all OVER your body!” Gabrielle exclaimed. “What do you think of THAT, Valerie? Does it sound like a PLAN?”

What Valerie thought was that being tickled until her smooth skin crawled with goose bumps was exactly the kind of torture that she hated—and loved! That was a PLAN, all right! Oh, how many times had she MASTURBATED in the wee hours of the MORNING while fantasizing about suffering such hilarious pangs at the hands of Margaret Stanley? But the brunette has cruelly spurned Valerie in favor of Janice Adams and Sandy Vernon!

“Poor Valerie!” Gabrielle giggled. “Shall I tickle you MORE?”

“HNNNNNNGH!!!” Valerie grunted frantically as Gabrielle’s sharp-nailed fingers swirled over her breasts, belly and thighs. “GGGGUUUURRRRK!!!”

“Yes, you LIKE it, Valerie, don’t you?” Gabrielle suspended her ticklish assault. She raised her hand, tweaked one of her own erect nipples and shivered deliciously. “Well, as long as you’re a good, obedient little ninion for me, I shall continue to favor you with these little sessions.”

Gabrielle darted a finger into Valerie’s belly button. The slender virgin’s tummy rippled.

“I’ll even let you maintain your special relationship with Janice Adams,” the big-breasted beauty promised. “Yes, once I’ve taken control of things around here, you shall tickle that little tramp to your heart’s CONTENT!”

Valerie wiggled her hips.

“Soon now, darling,” Gabrielle gloated. “Very soon. That cute little detective is hot on the trail of Margaret Stanley and her gang. Dagmar has seen to that. Yes, that’s right—Dagmer Frost. She was most eager to assist me, you know. Once I’ve taken charge of this place, Dagmar will be restored to her former position. She wants a piece of Janice, too. But even more, she wants a piece of Margaret STANLEY! And she shall have it. Indeed she shall.”

“FWUUUUMMMMPH!!!” Valerie exclaimed.

“But that’s enough chit-chat for now, my dear.” Gabrielle smiled down at her squirming prisoner. “We have some time to kill before my plan is consummated. How do you suggest we spend it, hmmmm?”

Valerie wiggled her hips again.

“Yes, I thought that’s what you’d suggest.” Gabrielle’s smile widened. “But I don’t think you’re QUITE ready to cum yet, are you dear?”

Valerie arched her back.

“Now, now, let’s not RUSH things!” Gabrielle licked her lips. “I think you need to loosen up first, dear—and I know JUST the way to do that!” She gave a throaty giggle, leaned forward—and began to stroke the slender virgin’s defenseless armpits!

“UGH-UGH-UUUUUUGH-GGGGRRRRUUUUGH!!!” Valerie grunted into her gag. Gabrielle’s excruciating caress made her guts churn, her limbs tremble and her skin crawl! She realized that it was likely to be a long time before she’d finally be allowed to cum…but Valerie knew from experience that a ticklish orgasm was always well worth the wait…



“Just like the good old days, Janice, isn’t it?” Margaret Stanley wiggled her sharp-nailed fingers in the sexy secretary’s defenseless armpits. “Yes, you’ve been a naughty, NAUGHTY little girl and I find myself compelled to PUNISH you!”

“EEEEYAAAA-HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA-HAA!!!” Janice howled. Her bare breasts jiggled and bounced as she strove vainly to wiggle away from the buxom brunette’s tickling fingers. “EEEEEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HIIIIEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!”

“I trusted you, Janice,” Margaret whispered. “I relied on you to keep things here at Unknown University under control while I was away.”

“HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA-HAA!!!" Janice screeched. Her sheer silk panties—a fetching shade of coral red today—were riding lower and lower on her hips as she squirmed and struggled in a perfect frenzy of anguished hilarity! She was going MAD! Oh, she couldn’t STAND this—! “PLEEEEEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEESE!!!” Janice begged. “NO MOOOOOORE-HORE-HOOOOOORE!!!"

But Margaret paid no heed to her prisoner’s pleas. Coldly, relentlessly, she stroked the sexy secretary’s delicate hollows until poor Janice was pink-face with laughter, trembling like a leaf and covered with oily sweat. And it was no more than the treacherous little tramp deserved, the brunette told herself. Indeed, before she was quite through with Miss Janice Adams, the weak-willed little trollop would be tickled to BITS—!

She’d placed the Janice in the optimum position for a prolonged session: kneeling, arms stretched high over her head, naked except for her scanty panties. Margaret, who’d also stripped down to her panties, knelt face to face with the sexy secretary. Occasionally her nipples brushed Janice’s breasts, producing a thrill that the brunette found rather…distracting. But she was too angry with Janice to lose her focus for long.

There had of course been no difficulty about getting the sexy secretary out of her clothes and into bondage. From the moment she’d been zapped with that first shot of Margaret’s nefarious compound of narcotics and aphrodisiacs, Janice had been the brunette’s reliably obedient sex slave. Whenever Margaret called, Janice came running as quickly as her shapely legs could carry her.

Nor had it been difficult to procure the incompetent little fool's confession. Janice was incapable of lying to the woman she so slavishly adored and worshipped. Confronted with the evidence of her guilt, she'd promptly thrown herself at Margaret’s feet and begged for mercy.

But Margaret was in no merciful mood.

“Silly little Janice!” she sneered during an all-too-brief respite while the sexy secretary gasped desperately for breath. “Did you REALLY think that I wasn’t keeping tabs on your extracurricular activities? That’s right, dear, I know all about your pathetic affair with Valerie Prescott. And I have HER card marked, too—don’t you worry! I’ll deal with THAT mousey little twerp in due course. She will RUE the day that she set herself up in opposition to ME!”

She paused to roll one of Janice’s stiff nipples between her thumb and forefinger. The sexy secretary made a wheezing sound deep in her throat and trembled all over. She felt the muscles of her thighs and buttocks tighten in lustful anticipation.

“Perhaps you imagined, Janice, that you were my only trusted confidant.” The brunette shook her head. “Heavens, but that would have been foolish! No, there’s someone else, dear.” The brunette tweaked Janice’s nipple again, relishing the sexy secretary’s ardent response. “There has ALWAYS been someone else!”

Margaret allowed her hand to slip down from Janice’s breast to her loins. Ever so gently, she petted the sexy secretary’s curl-covered mound through her panties, noting with amusement that the fabric was already erotically damp. She sniffed, taking in the scent of Janice’s musk with a smile of pleasure.

Janice moaned and moved her hips in a tight circle as her yearning cleft was caressed by the brunette’s languid fingers.

“Now normally I wouldn’t have made too much of your dalliance with Valerie,” Margaret went on. “Girls will be girls, after all. But Janice, Janice, Janice! You were supposed to be keeping an EYE on things for me!”

“Oh PLEASE Dean Stanley!” Janice blubbered. “I’m so SORRY!”

“Well, I should HOPE so!” The brunette patted her prisoner’s cheek. “You failed me, Janice. But I forgive you.”

At that, Janice wept with gratitude.

“However, dear, there does remain the matter of your PUNISHMENT!” Margaret favored the sexy secretary with a gloating smile. “Surely you understand, Janice, that I could not POSSIBLY overlook such gross dereliction of duty!”

With that, she reached behind her for the small vial of oily liquid that was the true source of her power. She tipped a little pool of the stuff into the palm of her hand. Working quickly, she anointed Janice’s nipples, navel and bikini line. The sexy secretary moaned and wiggled her curvy derriere as her skin drank the liquid in. An immediate, potent thrill shot through her breasts, belly and loins. As a final embellishment, Margaret placed a drop on her finger and touched it to the bridge of Janice’s nose.

“There!” she said brightly. “I think THAT should keep you interested, Janice! Now, are we all set?”

Janice responded a throaty, passionate grunt as the nefarious chemical cocktail raced through her bloodstream like a runaway freight train!

“Oh, Ms. Stanley!” the sexy secretary cried. “Oh Ms. Stanley PLEASE!”

“Now just bear with me for just a moment, dear. Before we proceed, I really must make this call.” Margaret patted Janice’s cheek, picked up her cell phone. “Alice? Oh yes, I have her under control, all right! No, she’ll cause us no trouble. Indeed, yes, I think it’s high time you took care of HER for me! And there’s no particular reason why you should cut her any slack, Alice. Understand? Good! Yes, I’ll deal with the other two. Oh, and Alice? I’m EXTREMELY pleased with the way you’ve handled things. Yes. Yes, we will. We most certainly will. Goodbye, darling.”

The brunette favored Janice with a smirk as she closed the cell phone. “That’s right, dear, it was poor little Alice Dorpe, formerly Professor Adrienne DeCarlo, who’s been keeping tabs on things for me.”

“Alice Dorpe?!” Janice gulped. “Adrienne DeCarlo?!”

“Exactly,” Margaret nodded. “Oh, it’s true that once upon a time, Adrienne and I were deadly enemies. After all, it was HER little scheme that gave that bitch Dagmar Frost the ammunition she needed to ruin my career. But I paid Adrienne back—with interest. Now, of course, she’s my dutiful, adoring servant. And a better one, I must say, than YOU’VE proved to be!”

Janice shivered with shame.

“Thanks to HER vigilance, I learned about this plot against me in the nick of time,” the brunette went on. “Yes, Alice has been SUCH a good girl! So good, in fact, that I believe I will allow her to replace you as my confidential assistant. And YOU, Janice, should look quite fetching in a maid’s uniform! Oh, and of course Alice will be permitted to take her REVENGE on you for the ordeal you put her through recently. I believe that she’s quite looking forward to a session with you, Janice. But all that’s for the future. Right now, you and I have some unfinished business!”

And with no further ado, the buxom brunette darted her keenly filed fingernails into Janice’s exposed ribcage!

"WAAAAAA-HAA-HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAAAAAA!!!" The sexy secretary’s svelte belly convulsed with the effort of forcing out screams of demented laughter. “EEEEYAAAA-HAA-HAA-AAAAH-HAA-HAA-HA!!! NO MOOOOOORE!! OH MERCY PLEEEEEE-HEE-HEEEEEESEASE!!! OH-HO!!! OOH-HO!!! OOOOH-HO!!! OOOOOOH-HO-HO-OH-NO-OH-HO-OH-HO-HO-HO-HOOOOOO!!!”

But Margaret smiled, shook her head, and carried on tickling…

(To Be Continued!)
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