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A Teaser's Ticklish Ordeal (M/M Intense)


2nd Level Red Feather
Jan 23, 2004
Having discovered that his handsome cousin Vince had developed a crush on him, Danny amused himself by teasing the poor guy. A bit of harmless fun, right? Well, Vince didn't see it that way—and there's no one more dangerous than a bi-swinging horndog scorned!


A Teaser’s Ticklish Ordeal


T.T. Gore​

Danny had been having a great summer—up to the moment when he awoke in an unfamiliar bedroom.

It was great being twenty-two, single and rich. It was great spending the summer at his family’s palatial country estate. It was great to be a good-looking blonde: brown-eyed, slender, with skin like silk, shapely limbs and slightly girlish good looks. Women—and, he suspected, the occasional man—found Danny quite attractive. Thus he was never at a loss for female company. And there were other amusing ways of passing the time…

But what was going on? Where was this place? Why did he feel so light-headed? And why…and why…?

“What the FUCK?!” Danny yelled. “Why am I tied DOWN on this BED?! Why am I NAKED?! And why are YOU fucking NAKED—!?”

These questions were addressed to Danny’s cousin Vince: a handsome brunette, muscular and hirsute of chest, who was standing by the side of the bed, leering down at his prisoner.

“Now don’t FRET!” Vince snickered, patting his prisoner’s thigh. “I brought you here because it’s time for true CONFESSIONS, sweet cheeks!”

“What are you TALKING about?!” Danny cried. But as his head cleared he realized that he had a pretty good idea what Vince meant. And the hideous prospect filled him with dread! “Look, I’m not—I mean I don’t—I mean I’m not really that WAY—!”

“No?” Vince replied, raising an eyebrow. “Well, we’ll see! Oh, and I suppose I should apologize for the drug I added to your can of Pepsi. But it did simplify the process of arranging this little session. Recognize this place? It’s the old farmhouse on Dead End Road. Nice and secluded. We’re in the upstairs back bedroom. I hope you find the accommodations to your LIKING, sweet cheeks!”

“Very funny!” Danny shrilled, jerking his limbs in a fruitless attempt to slip the bonds that secured them to the corner posts of the big brass bed. This only caused his captor to chuckle.

“That’s strapping tape,” Vince explained. “Reinforced with nylon filaments. Trust me, sweet cheeks, you’re going nowhere until I decide to set you free.”

“Stop CALLING me that!” Danny demanded. ”And cut me LOOSE, you ASSHOLE—!”

“You’re hardly in a position to be giving orders,” Vince sneered. “If I were you, sweet cheeks, I’d mind my MANNERS!”

“EEEEEEYAAAAAAR!!!” Danny screeched as Vince tweaked a rigid nipple. “You’re HURTING me—!”

“Yes,” the naked horndog sighed. “Don’t we always hurt the one we love…?”

“AAAAAARRRRRRGH!!!” Danny screamed as his other nipple was tweaked. “I fucking TOLD you—I’m not that WAY—HIIIIIIEEEEEEK!!!”

“We’ll see about THAT!” Vince replied, tousling the silk-skinned cutie’s blonde hair. Then he tweaked again!

“YEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!” Danny howled. “Please GOD Vince—just STOP it—!”

“But it’s such FUN to torture my sexy cousin!” Vince tweaked yet again, eliciting another girlish bleat of anguish. “And you DESERVE it, sweet cheeks, after the way you’ve been teasing me!”

“I did no such THING!” Danny blubbered.

“Sure you did,” Vince whispered. “Now I’m not sure exactly HOW you figured out that I swing bi and that I’ve developed a desperate CRUSH on you, but you certainly enjoyed FLAUNTING yourself in front of me!”

“I don’t know what you MEAN—YAAAAAAEEEEEE!!!”

“Parading around the POOL wearing nothing but a SPEEDO!” Vince yelled. “Showing off your hot LEGS and your sexy FANNY! That’s what the fuck I MEAN, sweet cheeks! And that’s why you find yourself in this compromising position!”

Fearful of another tweak, Danny kept his mouth shut. Anyhow, it was futile to deny Vince’s accusation. He HAD been cock-teasing his handsome cousin—and truth be told Vince had come to assume a starring role in Danny’s late-night masturbation fantasies…

But that didn’t mean anything, the silk-skinned cutie insisted to himself! Weren’t most guys just a bit bi-curious? It wasn’t like he ever considered DOING anything along those lines! Sure, he found his dark-haired, handsome cousin with his muscles and hirsute chest rather…attractive. Sure, he’d pretended while jerking off that Vince was under the covers with him…and that they were making out…and that Vince’s hand was…was…

“So this afternoon you’re going to pay for being so CRUEL to me!” Vince went on, snapping Danny back to grim reality. “Now you asked me why you’re naked and bound sweet cheeks!” The naked horndog patted his helpless cousin’s flushed cheek. “It’s because I’m going to TICKLE you!”


“Mmmm, that’s right, I’m going to tickle you SILLY!” Vince giggled “But that’s not the best part, sweet cheeks! I’m not going to STOP until you CUM for me—three TIMES!”

“Omygod!” Danny whined. “You CAN’T! I fucking WON’T—!”

“Sure I can!” Vince shot back. “And you WILL, sweet cheeks, thanks to that VIAGRA I fed to you while you were out!”

“You fucking BASTARD!” Danny screamed. “I fucking HATE you—!”

“Really?” Vince snickered. “Well, perhaps a few minutes of nonstop FOOT tickling will adjust your ATTITUDE in that regard, sweet cheeks!” He knelt at the foot of the bed. “Shall we begin…?”

“Let me GO!” the silk-skinned cutie cried, renewing the fruitless struggle to slip his bonds. “Don’t you TOUCH me! Stop! STOP it! Help! Somebody HELP MEEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HIIIIEEEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!”

Danny writhed and wiggled and bounced his curvy derriere on the mattress, shrieking with laughter as the soles of his fucking FEET were mercilessly assaulted with well-honed fingernails! Thrill after unendurable thrill of ticklish sensation raced up his quivering legs to pucker his asshole and convulse his belly! Danny’s face turned pink—goose bumps roughened his skin—his chest heaved in a gasping struggle for the oxygen he needed to fuel the nonstop hysterical LAUGHTER that fucking Vince was tickling out of him—!

“What’s the PROBLEM?” the naked horndog sneered. “Can’t you even handle a little TICKLING, sweet cheeks?”


“Oh come ON!” Vince admonished him. “You LIKE it, sweet cheeks! I can TELL how much you like it!”

And suddenly the silk-skinned cutie realized what his sadistic cousin meant! His COCK was getting hard! This torture was turning him ON—!

“Look at YOU!” Vince chortled. “You’re getting all EXCITED!”


“But I told you sweet cheeks—you have to CUM for me!” Vince replied as he toyed with his cousin’s squirming toes. “You have to come three TIMES, remember? It’s the only way to make the tickling stop!”

“OH-HO-HO-OH-NO-OH-HO-HO-OH-NO-HO-HOOOOOO!!! Danny howled. But his protests were belied by the state of his fucking PENIS—rigid and erect!

“Now don’t WORRY, sweet cheeks!” Vince said. “I know it’s your first time and I’m here to help!”

“YAAAAAAR-HAR-HAR-AAAAR-HAR-AAAAR-HAR-HAR-AAAAR-HAR-HAR-HAR!!!” the silk-skinned cutie yowled by way of reply. Vince’s maddening ministrations were UNBEARABLE—they were driving Danny BUGFUCK—he couldn’t fucking STAND it—but there was something SO fucking SEXY about it—!

“Mmmm…” Vince sighed, eyeing the evidence of his cousin’s arousal with a salacious smile. “You DO love having your feet tickled, don’t you sweet cheeks? Especially by your handsome COUSIN!”


“Please what, sweet cheeks?” the naked horndog inquired, suspending his ticklish assault. “Please be NICE to you? Are you READY for that? Are you ready to show me how much you LIKE me?”

“Omygod…please…no…” Danny begged with what breath he could muster. But did he really and truly mean no…?

“Now don’t WORRY!” Vince said as he shifted position, kneeling on the right side of the bed. “I’ll be GENTLE!”

“Oh please…don’t make me…” Danny pleaded…somewhat insincerely…

“Thumb and forefinger only!” Vince giggled. “And we’ll take it nice and slow…”

“Mmmmmmmm…” the silk-skinned cutie moaned as Vince commenced his teasing caress. “Mmmm…mmmm…mmmmmmmm…”

“Up and down…nice and slow…over the head and back again…” the naked horndog whispered. “How does it feel, hmmm? Does it make you feel all funny…?”

By way of response Danny arched his back and gyrated his hips.

“I bet you’d like to cum, sweet cheeks, wouldn’t you?” Vince whispered. “But there’s no hurry, is there…?”

“Go FASTER!” Danny commanded. “Oh PLEASE go faster—!”

“But why, sweet cheeks?” Vince sighed. “We have all the time in the world…”

So Danny writhed and squirmed and whined and begged as his tumid boy toy was ever so gently and slowly stroked. Each time Vince’s thumb and forefinger slid over the swollen head of his cock Danny emitted a plaintive bleat. The desperate urge to empty his balls was driving the silk-skinned cutie CRAZY—but he couldn’t quite GET there—!

As for Vince, he was in a VERY manly way himself and occasionally his free hand strayed to his upright organ. He sighed with satisfaction when Danny squeezed out a drop of pre-cum…

So it went for several minutes—and eventually Danny sensed that the longed-for moment of release was drawing near!

“Oh FUCK me!” he cried. “Oh Jesus GOD I’m getting CLOSE—!”

“Should I stop?” Vince whispered, suiting the action to the word.

“Don’t you DARE stop!” Danny sobbed. “Oh please please PLEASE you have to let me CUM—!”

“Well, since you say please…” And Vince resumed his slow insistent stroking of Danny’s quivering boy toy!

Danny whined. He moaned. He trembled. He lifted his bare buttocks from the mattress and wiggled his hips—!

Then the silk-skinned cutie commenced to launch his load!

“UUUUUUNNNNNNGH!!!” Danny grunted, arching his back and wiggling his ass as an absolutely GLORIOUS thrill of total fucking ECSTASY convulsed him! He was squirting all the fuck OVER himself but he didn’t fucking CARE! All that mattered was the unutterably sweet sensation of joy and release that accompanied his muscular spurts! He knew that he was disgracing himself with this disgusting display of weakness—but in the throes of his first same-sex orgasm he didn’t fucking GIVE a shit—!


And then the wonderful moment was over and Danny lay there, utterly spent, weeping with servile gratitude…

“Hmph!” Vince snorted, surveying his prisoner’s cum-covered torso. “You’ve made quite a MESS, you dirty fucking little boy!”

“I couldn’t HELP it!” Danny sobbed. “Oh Jesus GOD! What did you make me DO—?!”

“I think that’s pretty obvious!” the naked horndog chortled. “Don’t expect ME to clean it up, though! Actually I kind of LIKE you this way, sweet cheeks! It’s so HUMILIATING, isn’t it?”

“Oh Vince please DON’T—!”

“Well, all right, all right!” Vince conceded reaching for a towel. “After all, you’re just going to do it again for me, aren’t you…?”

Danny whined and shivered as the evidence of his disgusting weakness was removed.

“Well!” Vince exclaimed when he was finished. “I think you’ve had enough foot tickling for now, sweet cheeks!”

Danny moaned with relief.

“But of course,” the continued, “a sensitive guy like you is bound to have lots and lots of other ticklish places! So let’s see how many we can find!”

“No!” Danny screamed as his captor mounted the bed. “Oh PLEASE no! I can’t TAKE any more—!”

“Sure you can!” Vince shot back as he assumed a kneeling position between the silk-skinned cutie’s wide-open legs. “Anyhow, you have no CHOICE in the matter!”

And so saying, he dug his well-honed fingernails into Danny’s defenseless belly!

“YEEEEEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!” Danny shrieked, bouncing his buttocks on the mattress in a frenzy of hilarious anguish. “HEE-HEE-HIIIIEEEE-HEE-HEE!!! OH-NO-HO-HO-OH-HO-HO-HO!!! YOU’RE KILL-HILL-HILLING MEEEE-HEE-HEE-EEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEE!!!”

“Honestly, you’re such a DRAMA queen!” Vince snickered as he probed his convulsing cousin’s belly button. “As if a little LAUGHTER’S going to hurt!”


If anything this was WORSE than having his feet tickled! Besides the torment of nonstop, gut-busting side-splitting LAUGHTER there was the horrid feeling of HELPLESSNESS with Vince kneeing there, grinning down at him with sadistic satisfaction. How much the naked horndog was enjoying himself was obvious from the tumid condition of his penis. And the louder Danny laughed, the more desperately he writhed and wiggled, the more Vince liked it—!

“Tickle, tickle, TICKLE!” Vince sang. “Someone likes to be TICKLED!”


“That’s right, sweet cheeks!” Vince cheered. “LAUGH for me! Laugh your pretty little HEAD off for me! Laugh your sexy ASS off for me, you cock-teasing TRAMP—!”

And Danny did his level best to obey his cousin’s imperious command! He writhed and squirmed and sweated and laughed like a fucking LUNATIC and arched his back and gyrated his curvaceous derriere until the bed was shaking! Burt Vince was merciless! His fingers scampered to and fro over the silk-skinned cutie’s torso, tormenting belly, ribs, armpits and nipples until Danny was so drained of energy that he could do nothing but shiver and croak. Yet still the torture continued!

“Ah, you’re beginning to get it UP for me again!” Vince exclaimed as he probed his cousin’s armpits. “Yes, sweet cheeks, you’re becoming quite EXCITED, aren’t you? Mmmm, I just KNEW that you’d like my tickles!”

“UUUURRRR-UUUURRRR-UUUURRRRK!!!” Danny croaked. His sides and belly ached like a mad BASTARD—his skin was damp with sweat, his eyes were full of tears—and he was so fucking HORNY that he couldn’t fucking STAND it—!

“Well,” Vince chuckled, “I think it’s time for another demonstration of your true FEELINGS for me! But this time I’m not going to make it EASY for you!”

So saying, the naked horndog opened the drawer of the night table that stood next to the bed. From it he extracted a long, stiff, pointed feather—white with a black tip. Smiling salaciously he flourished it in front of Danny’s face.

“Tell me, sweet cheeks,” Vince whispered. “Do you think it’s possible to be tickled to orgasm…?”

“YEEEEEEEE-HEEEEEEEE!!!” Danny squealed by way of reply as the feather descended to stroke the swollen head of his rigid joystick! “EEEEEE-EEEEEE-EEEEEE-EEEEEE-EEEEEEK!!!”

“Slowly and gently…” Vince sighed. “Because there’s no hurry, sweet cheeks, is there…?”

And as the indescribable sensations of ticklish eroticism convulsed his body, as a plague of goose bumps roughened his skin, as his balls quivered and his cock throbbed and his asshole performed rapid spasms—Danny prayed that the handsome horndog would take his time—!
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