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Almost, But Not Quite


Level of Coral Feather
Sep 9, 2002
I just saw on Facebook, a girl, balancing herself, barefoot on a chair , with her bare ass positioned toward the camera

Hmm.. Maybe one day soon I will find a girl on an actual ladder like that.

Sorry, I've been sick for three weeks with a bad cold, and I'm just having "random thoughts"
I’m happy to see you still love your ladders :)
As long as they don't fall off the ladder and hurt themselves. Tickling that ends in pain or serious injury is unfortunate.
I sympathize Mitchell. Myself, my little sis, my little sis's wife, my mother, and my stepfather all recently got BAD food poisoning after eating at my stepfather's favorite resturant. We've all been telling my stepfather that the resturant's food as really gone downhill in recent years but my stepfather is super cheap so he only eats at really cheap resturants. We all pretty much put our foot down after this. We're never eating there again and if my stepdad wants to eat there he'll eat there ALONE! God we all threw up SO MANY TIMES!
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