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American Agent's Ticklish Ordeal! M/M


1st Level Red Feather
Mar 5, 2012
When US Agent Lewis awoke from the chloroform attack in the underground car park in Moscow, Russia he found himself secured to the bed with ankles tied together whilst blindfold and gagged to completely helpless and vulnerable!

"Agent Dan Lewis, divorced, 6'2", Pisces born February 27 1980 in New York City, CIA Operative, my name is Vladmir and valued interrogator for the KGB and my methods vary but prey on the weakness of the individual I am assigned to work over and you of course aware of yours as I am, severely ticklish on your size 13 feet which you sense are minus shoes but remain socked and smell like feet, a rich aroma as I am close enough to them to smell them and to feel the natual heat emanating from them!"

Vladmir leaned forward and sniffed Agent Lewis's socked soles and toes and fondled and felt them up and the tickling proved instant as Dan Lewis threw his head from side to side as Vladmir lightly stroked the length of both feet in black sheer Armani socks, being silk the feeling was like the agent was being electrocuted as his body went rigid. Vladmir stroked up and down the length of the socked soles and across both high arches and up to the ball of each foot and tickled faster and soon the laughter emerged like an explosion! Vladmir smiled as he stroked the socked toes facing him loving seeing Agent Lewis being driven demented gagged but yelling and squirming and thrashing around on the bed as he kept stroking up n' down each large sole in turn and then slowly peeled off each sock!

The sole emitted a rich funky footsmell from the heat and seat and Vladmir relished stroking the length of each newly bared sole up n' down and repeated this tormenting touch several times; down and up, down and up as Agent Lewis screamed the laughter of a man in a desperate fight for survival being driven to the brink of sanity as Vladmir's experienced fingers came into play, lightly caressing the lightly soft ticklish soles then stroking harder on both hopelessly ticklish feet. His teasing tickling fingers moved up and down the US Agent's soles until they stopped to tickle torture the base of his toes and raked over both soles then slid his fingers up to and under the Agent's toes and scraped them again down the horribly ticklish soles.

"Agent Lewis your feet insanely ticklish so delightful to enjoy, tickle torture such an effective technique yet rarely employed as a means of interrogation but I find personally amusing to subject my selected victims to enduring using tickle tools, the feather, electric toothbrush as well as indulging in manual and oral tormenting and teasing, a maddening tickling delivered guranteed, revolving bristles of the sonicare tickle defenseless bare feet like yours maddeningly and my nibbling your toes and sucking them intense and perfectly emasculating as an experience you will always remember; your straight feet another man's foot feast and one who got off on their masculine and raunchy smell and ripe taste appealing to his lust and insatiable appetite and nibbling and sucking both your feet trying to satisfy their hunger!"

Vladmir's tickling growing more and more intense making Agent Lewis thrash wildly desperate to evade his feet being taunted and tormented but failing in success of this instead the quill of a feather scraped the length of his bare soles He took the feather and began to stroke it over his victim's bare soles and across both arches before sliding in between each and every toe resulting in the American agent's struggling! Vladmir encouraged by this desperate reaction using the soft end of the feather brushing back and forth from heels to toes and toes to heels of both bare feet and sliding tortuously in between Agent Lewis's toes!

From feather to fingers gently stroking the lengths of both bare feet and stroking in-between the US agent's toes, holding each toe as he tickled them before lightly stroking over both super-sensitive arches again followed by the introduction of the plastic tined hairbrush on the very sweaty so naturally lubricated soles as this tickle tool proven highly effective in tickling any information from a captive spy and exercising using flourishing movements Vladmir swept the tool over the soles of Agent Lewis's size 13 bare feet as even muffled he shrieking with laughter.

The Russian Interrogator ran the tines over the American Agent's arches and soles of his feet, working over each foot individually weakening him with every stroke delivering an insidious tickling eliciting prolonged muffled laughter from the captive ticklee as Vladmir excelled in his love of torturing the bare, ticklish soles of his victim and alternated between using the feather, the hairbrush and his fingers over the extremely ticklish feet presented to him! His wiggling fingers stroking both tender soles as Dan Lewis desperately tried to pull his feet away from attack and a big mistake as Vladmir's all business attitude kicking in and he seriously concentrated on each doing the best job he could tickling the helpless feet facing him! Tickling in earnest, delivering a merciless and relentless tickling of both soles so Agent Lewis was going nuts, laughing and squirming around as the tickling got so intense that he really couldn't stand it and was given reason to try to move his feet away from Vladmir's tickling fingers but he an evil tickler just kept going and going, never letting up, never stopping the tickles for ten minutes and then giving exhausted Dan Lewis a break to catch his breath!

"Agent Lewis Mmmm your feet so appealing, I love a masculine foot smell and it is wonderful for me that you are so ticklish so I am imagining horribly licklish and never inviting any woman to orally enjoy your soles and toes but most especially not another man but a first time for everything. Great your feet reactive to a light scraping across your arches, under your toes, across the tops of your toes and along the sides of your feet from heels to toes and over the arches! Drawing random patterns and strokes over each foot pleasing and pleasuring me Vladmir; your fiendish tickler!"

Vladmir took the break-time to psychologically torment the US Agent telling Dan Lewis he'd be using both hands to constantly tickle both of his trapped and helpless bare feet for a long time! Every time you laugh or make a sound you will invite me to tickle your feet more to give you reason to laugh, the soft feather stroked over the soles of your feet and across the base of your toes and gently sawn in between them one after the other and gently tickling the very sensitive bases of your toes. The strokes back and forth across the base of your toes will feel more and more ticklish! Vladmir smiled hearing muffled moans from the American Agent hearing how tickle abused he was going to be!

He then used the feather again sawing it in between each of Dan Lewis's toes being so vulnerable and smiled hearing Agent Lewis's attempts to not laugh out loud as his increased breathing indicative of his trying to stifle his laughter making Vladmir intent to breaking the Spy's resolve to not give in to the tickle and ran the feather in between the agant's toes loving hearing Dan Lewis's gaping and panting fighting to not laugh! He stroked the soles of both feet and over the balls of the US Agent's feet and across both arches and then ultimately breaking Dan Lewis's resolve and determination of non -reaction as bodily shaking a gasp escaping from him and then a torrent of uncontrollable and muffled laughter!

"That's better Agent Lewis, no sense in trying to be brave, a big and strong Macho man when the odds so heavily stacked against you being ticklish as a girl. such a weakness of these two masculine looking and smelling feet but one begging being explored and exploited!" taunted Vladmir!

Having broken US Agent Dan Lewis, something Vladmir would enjoy taking complete and sadistic enjoyment of as he gently and lightly ran the feather across his toes and loving the discovery a gentle tickling the most effective technique! Vladmir explored both helpless arches using a frustratingly light tickling of them and having tried valiantly to not react and laugh in reaction to the light tickling suddenly the ticklish sensations to his tender arches getting to him and resulting in his uncontrolled laughter!

Vladmir placed the tips of the feather against the balls of his American victim's large size 13 feet and gently raked the quill end up n' down the middle of both soles and from the balls to the heels, several times very quickly tracing random patterns across both secured soles having the US Agent losing any sense and degree of self-control and howling! Again the plastic tines of the hairbrush applied to both ticklish soles, very softly and slowly and gradually building in intensity, until dancing madly all across each of the bare and defenseless soles delivering unbearable sensations making the agent gasp and laugh!

Vladmir's deliberately light and gentle tickling terchnique becoming more and more unbearable for his captive ticklee Spy, relishing in the fact the light tickling of his helpless feet is getting to him. Through your moans of pain and bursts of laughter, he begging and pleading to be released as again Vladmir's fingers resume exploring both ticklish soles. The agent fully aware he has no control as the tickling stops and both feet are rubbed thoroughly! Then an oral attack and Vladmir licking both soles so made slick! Fingers then slid over them as sensing the US Agent's disliking his feet licked, stopping using his mouth to afford the US Spy a false sense of security! Fingers gliding smoothly over both saliva lubed soles! Initially slowly and lightly but increasing the speed, pressure and corresponding intensity! Attempts to stifle his laughter futile as rendered helpless and vulnerable, muffled laughter erupting from US Agent Dan Lewis!

"I imagine an unexpected and clearly unpleasant intimate intrusion on your feet, my mouth and lustful tongue, I'd not think something you would encourage even invite a woman indulging in doing so virgin territory and likely I would think ultimately being subjected to enforced rape with a salty and tangy taste which I am sure to find proving addictive!"

The malicious Vladmir next used an inkless biro pen to tease his victim and commenced drawing spiral designs round and round on one sole and then the other, the pattern getting bigger gradually covering the entire soles especially effective over the balls of his feet as the teasing quite unbearable and another surprising item used as a tickle tool, the jagged side of key run the length of each super-sensitive bare sole drew agonised laughter from the US Agent to the Russian interrogator's delight greatly enjoying Dan Lewis's predicament! He then leaned closer to both large and vulnerable feet and took pleasure in humilating and embarrassing the American Agent who prided himself on being a lady-killer as having handsome looks due to his mother's Maltese roots, he slightly tanned with dark brown wavy hair and dark brown sultry eyes and with an alpha-male attitude women found irresistible but the attraction for Vladmir was the tangy taste of both size 13 feet which je indulged tongue bathing slowly and sensually, sucking hard on each toe as a Gay man would suck a man's dick and sensed how wonderfully emasculating this happening being for the captive and vulnerable spy!

"Mmmm your feet so delicious Agent Lewis, tickle torturing them works up quite an appetite in me that needs satisfaction which they provide me with and feet sweaty so smelling like feet and known that many men can't bear the sensation of their feet licked so goats often used to torment a ticklish prisoner's feet but why should a goat have all the fun when my tongue available. Saddam Hussein's son Uday for personal amusement would see a selected handsome young man secured to a plinth and his feet coated with salt and a goat then licking the feet inducing uncontrollable laughing and crying at first and building into a loss of control of the nervous system! I driven many men hysterical licing their feet and sucking and nibbling on their toes and grazing my teeth along the sides of their feet. Like you I know a sensation arousing them so later will be employed again when I will have assistance as simultaneously he will feather tease your hardened dick and balls and togther we drive you demented, our tickling seeing you going ballistic and eventually having cum you being even more ticklish and licklish as he does enjoy sucking a straight man erect and expert at doing so being practiced as working as a male escort in Moscow protected by the government as he provides for certain officials a discreet personal service!"

Vladmir having tongue bathed both feet for over an hour then resumed stroking both soles and in between each toe with the feather which delivered an extreme tickling sawed in between each super-sensitive toe! Feather stroking both soles making the agent squirm placing the tines of a metal fork against the balls of each foot in turn just under the toes and slowly raking it down to the heels them down to the heels and up again so back and forth and back and forth driving the US Agent insane with each trip his forks took across his soles, slippery and sensitive from being licked. He taunting Dan Lewis that he would be orally enjoying both feet throughout the night as he loving their rich taste and witnessing the reactions of the spy to having his feet lickled intending having him laughing and crying uncontrollably! When his tongue tired using his fingers and then fearther, hairbush, electric toothbrush, feather or fork! brushes and feathers.

Both feet just inches from his nose, Vladmir indulged slowly tracing the outline of US Agent Dan Lewis's feet and increased the intensity of the tickling as expertly he ran his fingers faster over both soles and toes relentlessly and mercilessly teasing and taunting the large feet he found completely addictive soon going wild with the plastic tines of the hairbrush delivering an evil tickling to two freshly saliva lubed soles and toes as having called for his assistance attractive 23yr old Petrov arrived ready and prepared to with Vladmir unite in tortuously working over the US Agent Dan Lewis in every way imaginable for Mother Russia!
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