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angelina jolie

Excellent foot shots of Angelina! Thanks!

I'm getting "file not found." What was the gist of it?
From the site in question:

Angelina Jolie

Birth Name: Angelina Jolie Voight
Birth Date: 4. June 1975
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: USA
Occupation: Actress

Shoe Size: 42 (Europe); 8 (UK); 10 (US)

Current Rank: 6.
Highest Rank: 6. (October 2005)
Lowest Rank: 78. (August 2003)

Angelina said:
in 'Rolling Stone': 'I have a foot thing'

There are also medium-sized thumbnails of pics of her barefoot, and wearing shoes, nylons, and boots (you have to click on them to view the full-size pics). Hope this helps, Jeff. Thanks for the link, pury. I didn't know she had a thing for feet. :D
Thats great that she has a foot thing cos her feet are amazing!!
Do we know which ish of "Rolling Stone" this was in? .......... 'cause I kinda have an 'Angelina-thing'.
It doesn't have anything to do with her being ticklish (or not), but some of those are nice pictures.
I have actually heard this before that she had a foot thing. I don't think it's a rumor.
i have a "foot thing" also.......must mean me and her are meant for each other :lovestory

:D :D :D
I thought this thread would be on Angelin Jolie's ticklishness. There is no tickling related info here, so what is it doing here?
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