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Animal lick tickling thread

I seem to recall a TV game show from Mexico, name escapes me but it had a Goose as sort of an emblem, and one of the stunts contestants sometimes had to do was to be locked into stocks and let goats lick their feet. And the idea was that they had to remain perfectly still during the ordeal to get the points. Sometimes, some of the women lost it, and couldn’t resist the urge to laugh in response to the tickling.
This was a Failed video, and I have others, it happens to be quite hard to do those videos
kingmaker, the people's need this tickle lick videos if you dont want this clip in your store please release other cat lick tickle videos in your store.

and if you have a dog this tickle lick works be easy dogs loves lick anything and dog tongue much better about tickling :)
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I dont know if the people need it, as I never got customs request for these. It will end up on GT one day, maybe a compilation or something, but right now it's not in the plans
did you have another photos from tickle paradise ? great photos senpai tickler &#55357;&#56397;&#55357;&#56397;
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