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Anyone know what happened with TheSoleExperience?


Registered User
Apr 15, 2022
There was a studio I found on C4S a long time ago called "The Sole Experience". They have a lot of videos featuring Priya, and I believe the studio has a lot videos of being tickled on a bus/train. Pretty amateur style of tickling, which I love. I wanted to check out their other videos as well because there were some I recalled being interested in, but the studio is gone on the website. It's possible they just quit but why delete the studio entirely? Was just wondering if anyone here knew what happened to them and/or if I can find the studio's videos anywhere else.
Ah, I noticed some similarities in their content. Never put two and two together lmao. While they're missing some videos they originally had on their C4S, this info is still really helpful. Thank you!
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