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Batgirl Captured pt. 3 (finally)

E' magnifico! Fantastico! Benissimo!

*ahem. A very satisfying conclusion to a well done comic. Can't wait to see what you got for us next Umo!
well done. Simple but massively elegant!
I'm lovin ur art style man. You really capture Catwoman: the cat-like canines, her facial expressions as she pleads for mercy, and laughs her head off. That feather-glove you drew looks so tickly looking; I almost regret that it hasn't been used on batgirl lol.

You can really draw an active tickling scene. It all just comes to life.

Love the foot domination btw, nice touch :)

Hope things workout with you and ur fam btw (rushed the post and forgot to ad d this note)
Last edited:
God this series is so damn good. Please tell me you'll make more! Because stylewise you're among the best!
Without a doubt you have just finished "The Killing Joke" of tickling fiction
(I hope you're familiar with said Batman adventure)
Best Regards
have you thought about a prequel?
Thanks guys. The response I'm getting from this is plenty worth the days I reluctantly worked on it. Once I was working on the fourth page, which was how long it was supposed to be, I realized I couldn't end it there, so I did another... and eventually... another.

@Budweiserbob!- You guessed it, I am. You can start sacrificing virgins in my name now.

@rtl- Thanks. You wouldn't notice it after I fixed it up, but I redid several of the panels before I got it right, or at least close to what I was going for. This was probably the most effort I put into anything all summer. Actually, it's the 2nd... but still!

I appreciate the support too.

@Darth Vegeta- Make more?! As in continue this batgirl/catwoman thing? I ended this series already. I might make a comic involving the Joker and Harley, since I like them almost as much as batman. Even if it's not a comic though, I will make something involving the Joker, since he's perfect for this.

@Darth Godflesh- I'm familiar with it, but I don't know anything other than it was a famous series in the batman comics, and that the joker's involved. Was that the one where he kills Robin? Thanks though.

And no, I haven't considered a prequel. If anything it would probably have to be non tk, leading up to how batgirl got captured. I don't think I will though. I have other stuff in mind right now.
I'd love to see one featuring Batman though. Cartoonstyle/comic style.
Harley and Poison Ivy would be very good though.
It shows Umojar, that you definitly take pride in your artwork and have a fetish for tickling/feet (if not you sure fake it well). Lookin forward to your next projects; I'm diggin' the western art style u used for this comic so I hope to see it again :)
This comic is definatly one of the better ones around. Like the style very much.
Oh... My... Giddy... Aunt!!! That was awesome. Now THAT'S how to fight some crime! Keep the comics coming man, you're a natural. I can't worship you enough! = P
@rtl- OMG, how did you know my fetish?! ...You must be Batman! Get outta my head Batman!! o_O

Well Ribbotang, if it's worshipping you're going for, I suggested sacrifices earlier. Just start with smaller animals and work up from there. Maybe you could start something up with Budweiserbob.

And hey, a post from LK. I was wondering if you were still around. :tounge:

Anyhow guys, I appreciate the compliments. There should be more from me sometime this week.
Thanks for your reply
I love your work
Have you thought about a color version?
About the "Killing Joke" apart from an ass-kickin' band is a comic, I mean Graphic Novel, if you haven't read it, in it Robin doesn't die but Batgirl's body/mind gets serious damage and is ...
I'd rather not spoil it for you, since you obviously enjoy the characters, try to get it and if you wish let's discuss it
Best Regards
Darth Godflesh
Well, since it had "killing" in the title, I assumed it was that one. So I'm guessing it's the one where... *Spoiler in white for anyone that cares!*
the 1st batgirl gets shot by joker and ends up paralyzed in a wheelchair.

In any case, Joker's a psycho. Batman should've snapped his neck a long time ago. A no killing policy should have limits, especially when he kills one of your partners and damages another for life.
I haven't followed the batman comics for ages; but one recent one I flipped through really showed Joker to be a total maniac; I mean gone is the clowny look and the purple suit, and in are tatoes, beerstained undershirts and whatnot... *shudders* the new comics really manifest his deamon side rather well.

I kinda missed the clean-cut version tho; it sorta kept me on edge, where as now its just in your face.
Well he's been that clean cut version so long, they must've did that to keep him interesting and new. That sounds like a bit much though...
Ya I'll see if I can find a scan of him. It kinda shocked me, taking a leap from the ol' comics to 2000'something. I prefer the old style art tho, I see some comics are trying to bring that style back.
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