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Being tickled by a couple? Vice versa?


TMF Novice
Jun 17, 2007
I put this on discussion with not many responses

Just curious if anyone had the experience of being tickled by a girlfriend/boyfriend husband/wife?

Doesn’t have to be a session or anything just like a fun, playful experience?

I’ve never been in that situation but it sounds super fun

My wife is bi, kinky, and a tickle-switch (no, I'm not dashing handsome, or tall, or rich, just incredibly fortunate) which has enabled a handful of amazing scenes:

○ Her and me tickling a woman together
○ Me tickling her and another woman at the same time
○ Her serving as my assistant, handing me tools and verbally taunting the 'lee while I tickle the 'lee

I should probably write up some of those stories... it's been a while since I penned one for the TMF.
Wife and I have tickled 3 or 4 models together over the past 5 years. It's always interesting to tickle one spot at the same time, verses both of us picking somewhere different and getting an escolation in laughter and pleading.
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