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bowling wager


TMF Regular
Oct 27, 2002
Yesterday, my wife and I decided to go bowling together since it is something we enjoy and haven’t done it in a while. We are just your average bowlers, somewhat decent, but definitely not professionals.
Anyhow, we usually bowl 2 and in the car on the way over someplace trash, talking started with things like “I’m gonna beat your butt tonight” to which I responded “oh yeah? Care to make it interesting?” She asked what I had in mind and I said that we will Each of our scores and add the total sum together and then see who has the bigger score differential. Whoever has the bigger score differential after the games gets to the other for that amount of time when we get back home.
Her eyes lit up and said enthusiastically “YOU ARE ON!” Again, we are both pretty average bowlers, yet very competitive, but I seriously thought I would win this one.
Well… the first game was very close and I won by a total of 8pins. I then let my mouth get me in trouble by taunting her saying that I was also going to win the second game and add much more time to her tickle torture. Well, that was a big mistake, because in the next game, she Ended up getting a total of 4 strikes and a couple of spares.l throughout the game. She whooped me good in the second game and as each frame went by where she was doing well and I was not, her wicked evil smile got bigger and bigger.
The second game definitely went her way completely and at the end she beat me by 55 pins. So she had a net better score of 47 points, which means she was going to tickle torture me for 47 minutes when we got home. It was about a 15 –20 minute drive home and she was taunting me the entire ride back. I was getting very nervous, but very excited. I knew I was in for a good dose of her tickle treatment.
When we got home, we wasted no time getting up to the bedroom. She strapped me down tightly to the bed and made sure that I could not move very much at all. She set a timer on her cell phone for 47 minutes and before she started it, she asked if I had any last words. I said “please be niice” and she replied that she would definitely be nice by maybe…MAYBE giving me short breaks during the torture. I questioned her and asked her “maybe give breaks” and she told me “yes maybe”. She cooed me by telling me that this is a punishment tickle for losing a bet. I must serve my punishment by enduring her tickle torture. There will be absolutely no safe words. Begging and pleading for mercy will do me no good.SHE will decide whether to show any mercy or not, and reminded me that she does not have to. She told me that she was in control and I could do absolutely nothing about it and that was a punishment that I had to endure.
With that, she started the timer on her phone and immediately started digging her fingers into my upper body and sides, and we were off! She tickled the hell out of me and gave me very very little breaks. This was a true tickle punishment. She exposed all of my sensitive and weak spots and, exposed them to the fullest. She showed very little mercy and rarely slowed down much at all during the tickle session. I was completely exhausted by the end of it, but honestly enjoyed every minute of it. She really enjoyed punishing me and I did enjoy taking it even though it was pure torture most of the time. She was relentless. But that’s what I signed up for. She most definitely won that round of tickling.
I think very soon we are going to have a rematch!
Doing a scene for losing a wager is such a fun and playful way to earn a punishment. It was a pleasure to get to read about your experience. I do wonder if she would have gone easier on you had you chosen not to talk smack during your bowling game. Never give your tormentor extra reason to torment you...unless that's what you quietly want. Earning punishments is half the fun after all.
Sounds like fun! Wagers were how I gained a lot of experience lerring 😂
wagers I don't have a good track record, so glad I not bet any tickling wagers XD like ever! thanks for sharing
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